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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, One thing that I really would like is a group fieldtype. This group fieldtype is just for grouping other fieldtypes. E.g.: "dates" as group field has "dateStart" and "dateEnd" (both datetime fieldtype) as fields. This would be a great feature! Is something like this currently possible?
  2. Just one of those things I often find myself wishing for: Could a future update add a "Siblings" list tab (or make a "Children & Siblings" combined tab) to /page/edit/? Save + Next is a godsend, but in many cases I need to jump around instead of cycling through. Sometimes I just want to reference how I titled other pages under one parent to keep the naming consistent. Other times I'm deep enough in my page tree that it's a half-dozen or so more clicks than I'd like to get back to where I was. So far my workaround is to right-click on the parent's name in the Breadcrumb nav,
  3. Hello, just another wish on my list: Multiple instances for same field. E.g. I have got a simple "text" field that's just a CKEdtior textarea. If I want to use two or more text fields, I need to dublicate the "text" field to something like "text2". I know that every field is unique because of the database structure behind. Is is still possible to make something like this for this problem? Maybe save everything to same table in database but somehow add a "instanceNumber" field that separates "text1" from "text2"? It isn't a big thing, because cloning is easy. I really like to keep redunda
  4. It occurred to me that a good addition to the forums would be some way for PW users to indicate support for a module idea. Similar to the Wishlist subforum but for functionality that belongs in a module rather than in the core. I'm thinking mainly of commercial modules, although if someone wanted to take up a module request and release it freely that would be cool. So users could propose a module idea, then others would vote for it (using likes or some special voting option) so that a vote means "I'd buy that", with the expectation of pricing in the general ballpark of Ryan's pro modules a
  5. If not that, at least display the latest specified compatible version in the list view. I think this would be a nice and helpful feature to have, especially for some module categories (such as Admin Themes) with few listed as being compatible with 2.5... For now you have to open each module's page individually to view this info, and not only that but that brings up another minor annoyance in my experience with the modules directory, which is that trying to open a module's page in a new tab actually loads it in the source tab as well. I mean, the site does load swiftly, thank you guys for uph
  6. Still pretty new to all of this, I am looking to build a website with a catalog component showing products in various categories with various options. I assume most of these, if not all, will be set up as pages (allowing maximum flexibility?). The structure isn't concrete yet but that is the loose plan for now. The client has since requested a scope change that any user looking at the site could... add a browsed item to some kind of wish-list functionality "build a quote" that they could... review what they selected on one page (potentially removing or changing quantities i assume) and then
  7. Building off of this discussion, it would be extremely helpful if there was automatic backup of db files AND site template files, either via a module or built into processwire. Backups could be scheduled and work in the background. The wordpress plugin BackWPup is superb at this. A user can automatically backup to several different places: the current server, another server, dropbox, by email, amazon services, etc.
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