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  1. Just that the site will need to go live before PadLoper2 is ready. We sell tickets to an annual event, so if 2021's event sales (which launch immediately after the event in 2020) could be on the new system, I could set it up within the same site. Sounds like there'll be a lot of fiddling to changeover, so since there's a conflict I'll probably clone the site and work on it then switchover for 2021. Thanks! Really looking forward to the new version!
  2. @kongondo So excited to see you actively working on this (I had only been watching the private access forum, whoops!). I'm developing a shop with the current full release of PadLoper and will need to launch it without waiting for your new release. We run an annual event and backup/purge the previous years' data so I know I'll at least be able to work with PadLoper 2 eventually! When it does come out, will I be able to run the PadLoper 2 module alongside the current module or will that cause conflicts?
  3. Ah well that's embarrassing. I didn't read down that far because I thought the pipe was the solution I had to use.
  4. That did it, thank you OLSA! I haven't seen that style of selector before!
  5. Apologies if this has been covered. I tried a search but didn't hit the usecase I'm after. I currently have category pages listing their children products. Someone asked me to put a product in multiple categories, so I created a Page Reference field called prod_othercategories which lets a user pick multiple product category pages. When I try to output a list of products for a category page, I came around to the following selector: $pages->find("prod_othercategories|parent=$page, template=prod_series, sort=title, prod_status_pages!=1554|1559|1560|4242"); Only the first selector item is giving me trouble, but I'm including the entire string in case something is conflicting and I'm not realizing it. The output is currently only outputting matches for "parent" and ignoring prod_othercategories. I tried listing parent first in the selector but it had no effect. Appreciate if someone could help me with this! Thanks!
  6. That's what I figured. It's faster than it was before the Apache/PHP upgrades but it's still long enough that I get a script warning from jquery on the page for the first run. The page loads like a dream with ProCache. I just want to improve it for the poor sucker that hits it for the first time each expire. (or is there a 'never expire' setting in ProCache I've missed that will allow me to reload it manually and be that sucker, myself?)
  7. As the site propagates across the world's servers, the first question I get is "where's that page with all the downloadable files for each product?" This was, of course, the slow page that began this whole thread.
  8. Yes, roughly. There is also a Page reference (single value) field that defines the product per our company's stages of production (preliminary, new release, worldwide, NA only, EMEA only, and obsoleted). So the 255 is further refined by the page id values of those fields. But I still wouldn't expect it to be a serious draw on resources to double check those. But if you think it would save PWire brainjuice, I could switch to a standard Options field, instead. The call is: ///in my header.inc... $productCatList="prod_series|prod_series_ethernet|prod_series_access|prod_series_accessories|prod_series_fiber|prod_series_pwr_supplies|prod_series_pwr_systems|prod_series_wireless"; $getCurrentProdOptions="template=$productCatList, prod_status_pages!=1554|1559|1560|4242"; // and then wherever I need it... $products = $pages->find("$getCurrentProdOptions");
  9. There are 245 potential matches for any product search, but right now my largest display on any pages, the way they're called, is 37. I *do* want to offer a complete list in two spots on the site, but that didn't seem wise with the lag we were experiencing. The site has sped up considerably since my host upgraded the PHP, and PHP-FPM seems to have also been a speed boost. I'm going to be more careful with my find()s, but I'm going to be looking at how best to add those two find()s resulting in 245 back in. One can have pagination (though the pages with pagination seem to be where I got those memory errors, though I haven't investigated more at this point), but the other should be a very basic list of the pages with links to the files they contain, and the point of that page has always been a quick reference without having to click through multiple pages. But maybe I'll add a search bar to that page instead if it still loads slowly.
  10. Thanks! I'm hands-off for the moment so I don't lose anything in the account switch to allow for PHP-FPM. Then I'll take a peek at that module. You guys have saved me hundreds of hours of beating my head against my desk, and probably added a few years back to my life by alleviating stress. I can't thank you enough. With the update to PHP 7 the server is already running far faster. I was able to put back in those feat_icon_imgs that I yanked out yesterday, even! Now it's just a wait to see if there's fallout from the next step, and then I'm in the home stretch!
  11. Okay! Hosting went through each module for PHP 5.6 and installed/enabled the 7.0 equivalent. They also increased the allowed_memory size to 512M when they experienced the same issues. I'm going to have to work on the news section. I don't know if it's Pagination or my code, but that's eating up resources like Halloween candy. Okay.. that storm past, I will hold my breath and start the PHP-FPM.
  12. Now getting (silently failing) errors with FormBuilder (latest ver): Call to undefined function __() referring to this line: <html lang="<?php echo __('en', __FILE__); // HTML tag lang attribute
  13. Okay... things are starting to look stable for the moment. Someone with godlike powers is just having a good tug on me today.
  14. $this->_() corrected it in the front end. For a minute. Then I went looking for more errors in the admin, and after accessing the , I see And, as a bonus: File: /public_html/wire/core/Modules.php:2360 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 266240 bytes) in /public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/TracyDebugger/tracy-master/src/Tracy/BlueScreen.php on line 217 Error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 266240 bytes) (line 217 of /public_html/site/modules/TracyDebugger/tracy-master/src/Tracy/BlueScreen.php) This error message was shown because: site is in debug mode. ($config->debug = true; => /site/config.php). Error has been logged. I cleared my cache and sessions directory. I am running the latest stable PWire install. So I manually shut down the Siblings editor module and gained access to the back end again. Searching for more errors, now. Found some: That memory size message. Error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 21119000 bytes) (line 812 of /site/modules/PageImageManipulator/ImageManipulator02.class.php)
  15. I tried clearing my cache files and it got worse. From the front end: Error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function _() in /public_html/site/modules/ListSiblingsTab/ListSiblingsTab.module:12 And in the backend: 3: /** 4: * Add "Siblings" tab to page editor. 5: * 6: */ 7: 8: class ListSiblingsTab extends \ProcessWire\WireData implements \ProcessWire\Module { 9: public static function getModuleInfo() { 10: return array( 11: "title" => "Page Edit Siblings", 12: "summary" => _("Add siblings tab to page edtior"), // <--- This line 13: "version" => "0.0.1", 14: "autoload" => true 15: ); 16: }
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