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  1. I have set up Login/Register on our site but the "Forgot Password?" feature, in all reported cases and all my own tests, does not send a link to the user. Is this a known issue with a simple solution (I hope)? L/R version 0.0.2 and Processwire version 3.0.148
  2. The timing on this update saved me tons of work, thanks @ryan! I'm using the guide to importing users from page 3 of this topic, but I am having no luck pulling the roles in. How should I format these in my csv? I tried spelling out the name of the roles as well as using the ids, with and without spaces inside the quotes. EDITED for solution: within the "", each role name is spelled out on its own line, so: "guest login-register team-member download"
  3. Can also confirm that the latest version affects email addresses entered in a FormBuilder field, so the visitor gets an "Invalid content" error but can't see any reason why they should.
  4. I wasn't able to correct it, but the website had to launch so I uninstalled the Module and am using the direct API for Snipcart in the php templates and their dashboard for managing orders. Before I uninstalled, I couldn't find a single logged error anywhere.
  5. I have another issue to report. When I: use "+ Add New" buttons to add a new page with my product template (as children of any of the three allowed parent templates) enter the page Title on the admin /page/add/ hit Save I get the error "New page '/page/path/' must be saved before files can be accessed from it" If I uninstall SnipWire, the error message goes away. The product templates are my own, not the default SnipWire templates.
  6. Thanks for your attention on those hookable methods, Gadgetto. Those will definitely be necessary for launching this site (the subscription pause button will get us in a lot of trouble otherwise!) Another item for the list: when a user role with snipwire-dashboard permissions clicks on the additional tabs (Orders, Subscriptions, Abandoned Carts, Customers, Products, Discounts) within the Dashboard, they reach the 404 page instead.
  7. Just heard from SnipCart support that subscription events only fire in live mode. I’ll change the hook to order completed for testing.
  8. Ah, thanks! Now... Could I please get some help with the hook? I've written the following (site/ready.php) but see nothing in the logs and no email arrives I suspect I'm starting wrong in how I retrieve the SnipWire/SnipCart order data SnipCart is currently in TEST mode I've confirmed the SMTP settings in the WireMail SMTP module configuration I'm operating on the assumption that the $event returned for this Hook contains the subscription information as shown on: https://docs.snipcart.com/v2/webhooks/subscription-events $wire->addHookAfter('SnipWire::handleSubscriptionCreated', function($event) { $snip_input = $event->arguments(0); $event_json = json_decode($snip_input); $mail = $wire->modules('WireMailSmtp'); // calling WireMail SMTP to send a notification since SnipCart doesn't $clientEmail = $snip_input->getChildByName('user')->email->value; // Fetching customer's email $clientName = $snip_input->getChildByName('user')->fullName->value; // Fetching customer's Full Name $products = $snip_input->getChildByName('items'); // Fetching an array of the items in the cart foreach($products as $p) { // For each product in the cart, we send the corresponding coach an email $coach = $p->getChildByName('Coach')->value; // The coach selected at checkout $kvcoach = $wire->pages->get("title=$coach"); // Coach will have a matching page on the site $coachEmail = $kvcoach->email; // get email from that page's fields $to = array('user@domain.com'); // including the admin (me) in the TO for testing array_push($to,$coachEmail); // add coach's email to array $cart = $p->getChildByName('name'); // product name from this order item try { $body = $coach . ", you have a new client! " . $clientName . " (". $clientEmail.") has subscribed to: " . $cart . "<br /><br />" . "<pre>" . var_export($event_json, true) . "</pre>"; $subject = $clientName . " (". $clientEmail.") has signed up for ". $cart; $mail->to($to); $mail->from('no-reply@domain.com'); $mail->subject($subject); $mail->bodyHTML($body); $mail->send(); } catch (\Exception $e) { $error = "Email not sent: " . $e->getMessage(); $mail->log($error); } } });
  9. Has anyone here worked with SnipCart's webhooks yet? I can't find an example in their docs of a fully formed webhook file, nor am I quite sure how I would imitate their examples along with the PW API to call things so I don't have to manually enter every product, for example. Their webhook examples also seem to contain hardcoded info that should be drawn from the session? I'm trying to set up both gift cards, and extra notifications for subscription events. https://snipcart.com/blog/creating-a-gift-card-application-with-snipcart-php https://docs.snipcart.com/v2/webhooks/subscription-events
  10. Thanks! Will SnipWire allow for multiple product templates? Right now I have several products that are subscriptions, several that are short-term access, and others that are one-time purchases. These are all for services, with nothing to ship. They are each a different (non "snipcart-") template at the moment but if SnipWire would only allow one, I can go back in and build a lot of dependent fields based on checkboxes or select dropdowns. Thanks for your pre-launch guidance on this!
  11. Just to be clear, SnipWire is not yet ready, correct? As long as I develop with SnipCart's code and don't rely on your module, I can safely plan to add SnipWire to the site after its stable release, correct? I'm just trying to plan ahead for that date. 😉
  12. @Gadgetto this module looks fantastic! I'm looking at using SnipCart to create an ecommerce site because it seems very user friendly (important for when I pass this site off) and it has support for some of the features I need. One of those features is subscriptions. Do you have advice for setting up monthly subscriptions vs one-time purchases? I'm new to both your module and SnipCart and I didn't see anything obvious after the initial install and a bit of poking about in the admin but I do see it in the Module's page under Setup and references to subscriptions in the module files. Am I overlooking something, or do I just need to add custom fields to the snipcart-product template (and output them in the markup) to correspond to the button attributes listed in https://docs.snipcart.com/v3/setup/products ? Thanks!
  13. Thank you, Pixrael! That got me to the solution! $loadLogo = $getKV->exhibitor_logo; $logoresize = $loadLogo->pim2Load('ig')->canvas(1600,895,array(0, 0, 0, 0),'c',0)->setOutputFormat("png")->pimSave()->httpUrl; $exlogo = $logoresize; $filename = $getKV->name . "_instagram.png"; $background = "https://domain.com/site/templates/images/Exhibitor-Graphic-BG-Platinum.jpg"; $logo = file_get_contents("$exlogo"); $bg = file_get_contents("$background"); $im = new \Imagick(); $im->readImageBlob($bg); $im2 = new \Imagick(); $im2->readImageBlob($logo); $im->compositeImage($im2, \Imagick::COMPOSITE_ATOP, 100, 350); $im->setImageFormat("png24"); $im->scaleImage(1024, 1024, true); $im->writeImage("../downloads/$filename"); $im->clear(); $im->destroy(); $file = "https://domain.com/site/downloads/$filename"; echo "<img src='$file' alt='$getKV->name' />"; Now I just need to bring in the code to start with a different background graphic based on the order history in Padloper. In THEORY, I'm almost there! 😅 Thanks so much for your help!
  14. header("Content-Type: image/jpg"); $im = new \Imagick(); $im->readImageBlob("https://www.ketocon.org/site/assets/files/1130/ketovangelist-lockup-w-tag_glc-lg.1500x0.png"); Still getting a blank square. (doesn't work if I put 'png' for the header, either, or try the other half of the image I'm trying to composite, which is a jpg) Here's my imagick install (from phpinfo):
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