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  1. We frequently end up with people creating either multiple logins (one per year, with a different employee now in charge of managing the account) or different accounts for different aspects of their engagement (one as a speaker, one as a sponsor/customer), and we'd like to come up with a way to merge the users into one login. It probably doesn't matter for the method, but the customer user would be the login we want to keep, so that they remain associated with their PadLoper order. Aside from opening the users in two different windows and copy/pasting one to the other (or building an API code to do this -- CAREFULLY), does anyone have a method for merging two pages/users that already exist? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you so much, that's very helpful!
  3. Oh, and I saw you mention that someone using Padloper 1 may continue to use it as they like if they didn't feel the new software was worth the asking price (a whole other rabbit hole there, that's not in question for me). Do you foresee any compatibility/aging/EOL issues with future versions of PW/php/mysql, etc., that might come up for someone who sticks with the original (mostly a decision made due to the amount of customization that's been done to it)?
  4. Is it possible to run Padloper 1 and 2 simultaneously? In other words, I was thinking of working on getting Padloper 2 set up in the background while leaving our Padloper 1 shop running on the live site? I know Padloper 2 was described somewhere as a whole new entity, but are they incompatible/intertwined at all? I'd love to build a test site and move over all the files when done but I don't want to overlook dB things that will be building in the meantime (orders, users, etc.) and I've never migrated a live site that's had active users other than the admins.
  5. What is the best way to sell subscriptions? Is this handled in the data that is transmitted to Stripe, or is there support in the module(s) for monthly charges?
  6. I'm finding that non-superusers cannot access this module, even if they are selected through the module setup. Is this intentional? The two users in question need to handle all the user errors that are reported but don't want or need full superuser access.
  7. Perfect, thank you Robin! And thanks for the bit to consider, adrian!
  8. In things like PageLister and Form entries, date fields are displayed as relative (2 seconds ago, 22 hours ago, 3 days ago). Is there an easy way (a universal setting) to toggle these to display the actual date and time?
  9. Thanks for creating this Module, I know I'm going to be using these actions a lot now that I've discovered them. I tried to use Field Set or Search and Replace but received this error: I entered a text string and did not check the RegEx box.
  10. Thanks! Somehow the directory associated with a domain on our hosting account was deleted (still not clear on how that happened), resulting in a 500 error when visiting the site. I restored the folder and all its contents, which only rewarded us with a 403 error as I described in my original post. When I reached out to my host's support, they said "Reviewing, it looks like the ownership of the folder was not correct. We adjusted this and the website is now online." Hopefully that helps if anyone else's directories randomly go missing! Wish I knew how it happened.
  11. I did. It turned out to be a setting on the webhost's end and they were able to fix it. Thanks! Sorry for taking up space here, but I was in a bit of a panic.
  12. Not entirely sure what happened (I'm blaming a mouse with a low battery for grabbing the wrong folder in the middle of a file drag, it's all I can think of), but we noticed our entire site directory was missing earlier today (resulting in a 500 error). I restored it using Server Rewind via cPanel, but am now getting a new error: "You don't have permission to access this resource.Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." The .htaccess file is there. I've also restored from an older backup and replaced the /site and /wire folders with no change. Anyone ever deal with this error and know how I can fix it?
  13. I will preface this by saying I have checked (multiple times) per template (both parent and child, to be totally sure) that they are set to allow pagination. What's happening is that my first page of results keeps displaying, despite /page2/ being in the URL. The pagination markup also indicates I am still on page one. This is happening across multiple types of paginated pages. $pagination = $pager->render($results, $poptions); The options are just markup... $poptions = array( 'numPageLinks' => 5, 'listClass' => 'uk-pagination', 'linkMarkup' => "<a href='{url}'>{out}</a>", 'currentItemClass' => 'uk-active', 'separatorItemLabel' => '<span>&hellip;</span>', 'separatorItemClass' => 'uk-disabled', 'currentLinkMarkup' => "<span>{out}</span>", 'nextItemLabel' => '<i class="uk-icon-angle-double-right"></i>', 'previousItemLabel' => '<i class="uk-icon-angle-double-left"></i>', 'nextItemClass' => '', // blank out classes irrelevant to Uikit 'previousItemClass' => '', 'lastItemClass' => '', ); In the header, I call for the module and the options include: $pager = $modules->get('MarkupPagerNav'); include_once("pagination.inc"); Aside from the usual "check that you allowed pagination" advice, what issue might these symptoms indicate?
  14. I didn't realize it was that out of date (I tend to trust any module of Ryan's). I will upgrade to the Pro. Thanks for weighing in, everyone!
  15. The email and password fields are required, but I don't see a way to require other fields when I add them to the module in Modules > Configure > LoginRegister. The site I'm working on uses LoginRegister as a first step in the checkout process with PadLoper and if they create the account with this info, it will autoload in the checkout process. PadLoper doesn't save the data entered to the User's page, so it seems simpler to require it during registration with Login/Register/Profile. This seems like it should be simple. The fields are required in the user template but that doesn't seem to affect anything.
  16. That's correct. My thread was moved out of the module-specific forum. I think because the moderator believed I was talking about the Core Password reset module—which I'm not naming so as not to provide search hits.
  17. I also have trouble with the registration code failing to send in many instances. Is there a way to disable the email confirmation and just have them type their email twice?
  18. Hi Dean, Hopefully you've already found the answer, but you need to also visit Modules > Configure > LoginRegister and add those new user fields to "Registration form fields" so they display during registration.
  19. Bumping this thread, as the issue is still occurring. (Or rather, not occurring, as described in original post.) Thanks!
  20. I have set up Login/Register on our site but the "Forgot Password?" feature, in all reported cases and all my own tests, does not send a link to the user. Is this a known issue with a simple solution (I hope)? L/R version 0.0.2 and Processwire version 3.0.148
  21. The timing on this update saved me tons of work, thanks @ryan! I'm using the guide to importing users from page 3 of this topic, but I am having no luck pulling the roles in. How should I format these in my csv? I tried spelling out the name of the roles as well as using the ids, with and without spaces inside the quotes. EDITED for solution: within the "", each role name is spelled out on its own line, so: "guest login-register team-member download"
  22. Can also confirm that the latest version affects email addresses entered in a FormBuilder field, so the visitor gets an "Invalid content" error but can't see any reason why they should.
  23. I wasn't able to correct it, but the website had to launch so I uninstalled the Module and am using the direct API for Snipcart in the php templates and their dashboard for managing orders. Before I uninstalled, I couldn't find a single logged error anywhere.
  24. I have another issue to report. When I: use "+ Add New" buttons to add a new page with my product template (as children of any of the three allowed parent templates) enter the page Title on the admin /page/add/ hit Save I get the error "New page '/page/path/' must be saved before files can be accessed from it" If I uninstall SnipWire, the error message goes away. The product templates are my own, not the default SnipWire templates.
  25. Thanks for your attention on those hookable methods, Gadgetto. Those will definitely be necessary for launching this site (the subscription pause button will get us in a lot of trouble otherwise!) Another item for the list: when a user role with snipwire-dashboard permissions clicks on the additional tabs (Orders, Subscriptions, Abandoned Carts, Customers, Products, Discounts) within the Dashboard, they reach the 404 page instead.
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