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Found 5 results

  1. Dear processwire community, i have a problem in loginRegister module, i could not add custom field in login and register page. i read from plugin documentation. they are saying. " By default, the email and password fields are required for both forms. You may want to add more fields. To do this, you’ll need to add fields to your “user” template. You can add fields to your user template in the admin by going to “Setup > Templates > Show system templates > user”. but i could not find similar scenario like “Setup > Templates > Show system templates > user” i can see just "Setup > Templates" not seeing "Show system templates > user" in my admin panel. Please help me in this case that how i can add custom field in these two page. Regards AbdulQayyum
  2. I have my own register-login-profile/account page system. I know that Ryan recently released an official module for this, but there may be an advantage to having my own custom solution. Anyway, it seems to work well. But, I have been getting annoying Russian hack attempt accounts, mostly as 'guests' that don't bother to use the activation link. Most if not all of these accounts have this in the name field: No Subscription Detected Not Recognized ...which makes them relatively easy to filter out from real name accounts. Where do these "strings" come from? I can't find them in Processwire's source. Are the hackers using some kind of tool that inserts these for some reason? Or is it a PHP thing? Does anyone recognize them? Does it mean they are using some kind of backdoor instead of the registration form? In general, what are the best practices to secure my registration form, prevent spam accounts, etc.? I'll start with adding a check to block IP addresses that try to register with 'Not Recognized' etc. in the name field I guess.
  3. Have set up a front-end registration form and it all seems fine but rather than giving them a link to "Click here to login!", I'd like to log them in automatically. I was thinking that as the login takes place after the new user has been saved that it ought to work but it doesn"t seem to be working at the moment. Is this even achievable without a page reload? Here is my code currently: <?php include("./header.inc"); $headings = " <div id='register'> <div class='row'> <div class='twelve columns'> <h3>Register with us</h3>"; $form="<form action='./' id='registration' method='post'> <div class='row'> <div class='four columns'> <label for='username'>Username</label> <p class='help'>Please ensure your username contains no spaces</p> <input type='text' name='username' value='{$input->post->username}'> <label for='first_name'>First name</label> <input type='text' name='first_name' value='{$input->post->first_name}'> <label for='last_name'>Last name</label> <input type='text' name='last_name' value='{$input->post->last_name}'> <label for='email'>Email address</label> <input type='text' name='email' value='{$input->post->email}'> </div> <!-- /.four columns --> <div class='four columns'> <label for='company_name'>Company name</label> <input type='text' name='company_name' value='{$input->post->company_name}'> <label for='company_url'>Company URL</label> <input type='text' name='company_url' value='{$input->post->company_url}'> <label for='company_phone'>Company phone</label> <input type='text' name='company_phone' value='{$input->post->company_phone}'> </div> <!-- /.four columns --> <div class='four columns'> <label for='pass'>Password</label> <p class='help'>Please ensure your password is at least 6 characters long and contains at least one digit and one letter</p> <input type='password' name='pass' value='{$input->post->pass}'> <label for='pass_confirm'>Confirm password</label> <input type='password' name='pass_confirm' value='{$input->post->pass_confirm}'> </div> <!-- /.four columns --> </div> <!-- /.row --> <input class='button success small' type='submit' name='submit_registration' id='submit'> </form>"; $message = "Please fill in the form below if you would like to register in order to receive exclusive access to our brochures and latest information."; $usernames = array(); foreach ($users as $u) { $usernames[] = $u->name; } if($input->post->submit_registration) { if (empty($input->post->username) || empty($input->post->email) || empty($input->post->pass)) { $message = "Please fill out all fields marked with a *"; echo $headings; echo "<h5 class='error'>$message</h5>"; echo $form; } elseif (in_array($input->post->username, $usernames)) { $message = "Sorry, that username is already taken, please choose another."; echo $headings; echo "<h5 class='error'>$message</h5>"; echo $form; } elseif (filter_var($input->post->email, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL) === FALSE) { $message = "Please include a valid email address"; echo $headings; echo "<h5 class='error'>$message</h5>"; echo $form; } elseif (!preg_match("/[0-9]/", $input->post->pass) || strlen($input->post->pass) < 6) { $message = "Please ensure your password has at least one digit and is at least 6 characters long"; echo $headings; echo "<h5 class='error'>$message</h5>"; echo $form; } elseif($input->post->pass !== $input->post->pass_confirm) { $message = "Please ensure that your passwords match"; echo $headings; echo "<h5 class='error'>$message</h5>"; echo $form; } else { echo $headings; $message = "Congratulations! You have successfully registered and have been logged in"; echo "<h5 class='success'>$message</h5>"; $u = new User(); $u->of(false); $u->name = $sanitizer->username($input->post->username); $u->first_name = $sanitizer->text($input->post->first_name); $u->last_name = $sanitizer->text($input->post->last_name); $u->company_name = $sanitizer->text($input->post->company_name); $u->company_url = $sanitizer->url($input->post->company_url); $u->company_phone = $sanitizer->text($input->post->company_phone); $u->email = $sanitizer->email($input->post->email); $u->pass = $sanitizer->text($input->post->pass); $u->addRole('registered'); $u->save(); $u->of(true); require_once("./scripts/PHPMailer/class.phpmailer.php"); $form_contents = array( 'username' => $sanitizer->username($page->username), 'First name' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->first_name), 'Last name' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->last_name), 'Company name' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->company_name), 'Company URL' => $sanitizer->url($input->post->company_url), 'email' => $sanitizer->email($input->post->email), 'Phone Number' => $sanitizer->text($input->post->company_phone), ); $to_name = "My company"; $to = "me@me.com"; $subject = "New registered user"; $form_message = ""; foreach ($form_contents as $key => $value) { $form_message .= "$key: $value\n"; } $from = "$form_contents[email]"; $from_name = "$form_contents[username]"; $mail = new PHPMailer(); $mail->CharSet = 'UTF-8'; $mail->FromName = "$from_name"; $mail->From = "$from"; $mail->AddAddress ($to, $to_name); $mail->Subject = "$subject"; $mail->Body = "$form_message"; $mail->Send(); $name = $u->name; $pass = $u->pass; if ($session->login($name, $pass)) { $session->redirect("../"); } } } elseif ($user->isLoggedin()) { echo $headings; echo "<h5>No need to register " . $user->get('first_name|name') . ", you are already are! <a href='{$config->urls->root}'>Click here</a> if you would like to return to the homepage.</h5>"; } else { echo $headings; echo "<h5>$message</h5>"; echo $form; } ?> </div> <!-- /.twelve columns --> </div> <!-- /.row --> </div> <!-- /#register --> <?php ?> <?php include("./footer.inc"); Thanks.
  4. Hello @ all, I am trying to check a users input on the register process: if($input->post->email){ $em = $sanitizer->email($input->post->email); var_dump($validMail, $checkMail->count, $em); echo "<br>--------------<br>"; $checkMail = $wire->pages->find("template=user, email=$em"); if($checkMail->count !== 0){ $validMail = 0; } else { $validMail = 1; } } int(1) int(0) and some mailstring is returned in the var_dump below this code, as the mail address is in the DB, it should return int(0) int (1) for valid email = 0; Can anyone assist me please? Thank you in advance!
  5. I am using PW from 1 week and Love this , its really simple and amazing and development time is so less. i am developing one application which show links (URLS) and admin will post these links from admin panel. now i am trying to have a user section where user will login and after login user can save these URLS in his FAV box. i am searching on forum from last 3 days and found so many codes but i can't figureout how to get what i want. i want normal user register / login / profile / logout / forget password section. in user profile, user can update its details , change password and see FAV links which he saved before. i will really appreciate any help with code or appropriate link or module etc. Thanks
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