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Found 24 results

  1. I have my own register-login-profile/account page system. I know that Ryan recently released an official module for this, but there may be an advantage to having my own custom solution. Anyway, it seems to work well. But, I have been getting annoying Russian hack attempt accounts, mostly as 'guests' that don't bother to use the activation link. Most if not all of these accounts have this in the name field: No Subscription Detected Not Recognized ...which makes them relatively easy to filter out from real name accounts. Where do these "strings" come from? I can't find them in Processwire's source. Are the hackers using some kind of tool that inserts these for some reason? Or is it a PHP thing? Does anyone recognize them? Does it mean they are using some kind of backdoor instead of the registration form? In general, what are the best practices to secure my registration form, prevent spam accounts, etc.? I'll start with adding a check to block IP addresses that try to register with 'Not Recognized' etc. in the name field I guess.
  2. Hello I've got off to a bad start trying to install PW on my local offline server, I must be doing something wrong as I have a bit of experience with Wordpress and it's running fine on my server, but I like the look of PW and hope to try it. Anyway I downloaded and unzipped the PW installation, the installation seemed to go right through ok, everything passed on the check lists. I selected the Default profile, and then when I try to click on Admin access or view the site I get "Not Found - The requested URL /processwire-master/about/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.10 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80" Simply because the /about folder does not exist! It seems the profile has not been installed by the installation process despite everything else being ok? If I type localhost/processwire-master in the browser I get the Minimal Site Profile "What is ProcessWire?" page but the links work "About" & "Site Map" don't work as the folders are not there. Bit confused as to why this is missing. Please put me out of my misery if it's something obvious I am doing / not doing! Many thanks - rushy
  3. Hello, I have a custom member user template with quite a lot of fields and would like to organize the fields of the profile edit page in tabs. I created tabs and they work just fine in the page edit screen. I enabled all the tab fields for the profile edit page in the ProcessProfile module Admin > Modules > User Profile. But on the profile edit page they do not appear as tabs. I found that wire/modules/Jquery/JqueryWireTabs/JqueryWireTabs.js and JqueryWireTabs.css do not get loaded on the profile edit screen. EDIT: even if I manually load in JqueryWireTabs.js and JqueryWireTabs.css, the tabs are not displayed. Is this intended behaviour or a bug?
  4. What are your experiences with profile/color consistency when using Image Magick for resizing? I know @horst is probably the person with the most experience on this, (hope you can chime in here Horst) Problem: I noticed that In some cases Image Magic resized jpgs appear darker than the original, and after some digging it appears to involve various factors concering both the image preparation (Photoshop's save for web and even general profile handling before that) and the way the Image Magic resizing process is setup. - Images with an embedded (srgb) profile that were exported via Photoshop's "save for web" function with "convert to srgb" and "embed profile" ON, somehow result in muted colors and a darker image, (actually it looks very much like when you would assign an srgb profile to an image that was already converted to srgb before, not dramatic, but quite noticeable with e.g. reds and cyans.) - I tried multiple variations, with embedded and excluded srgb profile, "convert to srgb" on and off, but the result appears to be the same darker, muted image. Need to find time to do more structured testing though.. Possible causes: - The way the srgb profile is embedded in the jpg - The way the Imagick module detects/ignores profiles - Colorspace handling changes between imagick versions - One of the above plus these rather involved technical reccomendations (tldr: convert to linear RGB, resize, convert back) Would be nice to get a discussion going here. I am out of my league with this, technical knowledge wise but I'll try to keep up Cheers guys, Phil
  5. Foundation 6 Minimal site profile for ProcessWire This profile is based on the "minimal site profile (intermediate edition)" and bundled with Foundation 6. This precompiled version can be downloaded at github. Features Foundation 6 framework Font-Awesome MeanMenu Slick Carousel (Why not Orbit ?) Render / helper functions for : Simple ul navigation Foundation Multi-level topbar MeanMenu - Responsive menu for mobile device Slick Carousel Foundation Accordion Foundation Callouts Jumbotron Dependencies jQuery How To Install Download the zip file at Github or clone directly the repo with git clone and skip the step 2. Extract the folder site-fdn6-precompiled into a fresh ProcessWire installation root folder. During the installation of ProcessWire, choose the profile "ProcessWire Foundation 6 profile". References Foundation 6 documentation ProcessWire documentation MeanMenu documentation Slick Carousel Documentation Credits The ProcessWire staff Screenshots
  6. Bootstrap-4 Minimal site profile for ProcessWire This profile is based on the "minimal site profile (intermediate edition)" and bundled with Boostrap v4.0.0-alpha.2. The precompiled version can be downloaded at github. Features Bootstrap SASS Font-Awesome SASS MeanMenu Render / helper functions for : Simple ul navigation Bootstrap Multi-level navbar MeanMenu Responsive menu for mobile device Bootstrap Carousel Bootstrap Cards Dependencies jQuery Tether (Tooltips and Popovers) Prequisites You'll want to install the following on your system before proceeding: Bower Compass How To Install Download the zip file at Github or clone directly the repo with git clone and skip the step 2. Extract the folder site-pwbs4-master into a fresh ProcessWire installation root folder. During the installation of ProcessWire, choose the profile "ProcessWire Bootstrap 4 profile". After installation The last step is to install all assets and dependencies with Bower. Open a terminal in site/templates and execute the following command-line: bower install References Bootstrap v4 documentation ProcessWire documentation MeanMenu documentation ProcessWire Forum: bootstrap tag ProcessWire Forum: bootstrap related posts Credits The ProcessWire staff Inspiration from @gebeer and his Bootstrap 3 profile post Members who contributed in various post about Bootstrap navigation and code (see code-source for refs). Screenshots
  7. HELLO! Finished a simple Artist Profile for Processwire similar in scope to Indexhibit. On github: Demo:
  8. Hey all. I ran into a strange problem. I am using the module Export Site Profile to migrate from one server to another. I did this before and everything worked fine. With this page, I had a strange problem. The installation with the site-profile worked fine (except that I had to uncomment the "RewriteBase /" in htaccess to get to admin). The installed site modules (I installed most of them using ModulesManager) have been missing at first but got installed after refreshing the modules (Navbar: Modules -> Refresh). But once the modules are installed, I can not edit the Home-Page (page id=1, so root of pagetree) anymore. In firefox I get a blank page, Chrome at least shows a 500 Error. All other pages are editable as before, only Home stopped working. Does anyone of you has an idea what is happening there? Thanks a lot!!
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first post here, please be gentle to me I am using ProcessWire for a the second time, running it for a project site that has a little trouble on its way. It is my fist time to work so intense with the user profiles in PW. I have extended the user template with additional information (avatar, postal address,etc.) that the user can fill in. The user have the roles of one of these: member member-x member-y The information from the profile has to be shown on various pages, even on the home page. So, if I get the profiles like this: $profiles = $users->find( "roles^=member-, limit=4, sort=random" ); // get only "...-x" and "...-y" member The output should show some profile information, but it does not. Only logged in as superuser the profiles are shown. Now my question: how can I output information from the user to a guest/visitor/everyone? For now I have created for the test site a /profile/ page and duplicated the user profile into this, so the information can be found by a simple $pages->find(). This is working for now, but makes the maintenance troublesome. On another part of the site there is a little confusion situation. Here the background: Every user can create a calendar (event) post. The structure is like this for the calendar page: /calendar/ | - /calendar-1/ (by user1) | - /calendar-2/ (by user2) | - ... (by userX) I can get the posts in /calendar/ by: $calendarPosts = $page->children("sort=date_start"); foreach ( $calendarPosts as $calendarPost ) { //... $member = $users->get( $calendarPost->created_users_id ); // get the user information //... //HTML output with user information echo $member->lastname; //... } Here the user information is reachable for the guest. For now this is quite "dirty" code (or maybe clean?) but it is working. Could this be a bug or is it because of "get()" and not "find()"? So I can get a user profile information about another page but not directly from the profile itself. Is there a solution to get the profile information from the user without creating a additional profile page or is the additional profile page a better solution? PS: Originally my client wanted this to be on Joomla, but that would bring a lot of other trouble That is why I like PW a lot! So simple, clean, mighty. Love it!
  10. Hey all. I just created a new "Avatar" user-image field in the user-template. Unfortunately, it is only showing in 'Access->Users->user-xyz' and not in 'Wrench-Sign->Profile user-xyz', so on the page http://localhost/testsite/admin/profile/ Does anyone of you know what to change that this new field is also shown in the profile-page? Thanks a lot!
  11. Hey, Been using this starter theme for a little while now and thought I'd open it up on github - It has all my favourite modules installed, .less, some hany .js libraries and a set of blog templates for a simple news / blog setup. The theme is built on the simple theme from PW with additional setup. For more info see the file on github. See it here - Thanks everyone for your continued work and fun using PW.
  12. Hello, I exported a profile of a running live site (PW 2.5.2) with ProcessExportProfile module. Then cloned latest stable branch 2.5.3 to my local vagrant box dev server, copied the exported profile folder into PW root and installed. Everything went smoothly so far. All my templates, fields, modules and template files are there. I can access all but one specific page of my site. That page always throws a 404 error. The page sits under /profile and has template userprofile assigned. It is published and not hidden. The template file site/templates/userprofile.php is there. Only difference to the working pages is that this /profile page requires login before it can be accessed. After successful login the user is redirected to the /profile page with if($user->isLoggedin()) $session->redirect($pages->get('/profile')->url); But also if I enter the URL path manually, I get the 404 error. On the live site /profile only throws a 404 if you enter the URL path manually and are not logged in. So on my local install the /profile page acts as if the user was not logged in even if the user is logged in. I checked that the user really is logged in with if($user->isLoggedin()) echo "LOGGEDIN"; and has the correct roles with if($user->isLoggedin()) echo $user->roles; I haven't made any changes to my userprofile.php or any other files in the fresh install. And the code in there is working perfectly fine on the live site and on a copy of the live site that runs in the same dev environment as the site I'm having problems with. Now I'm really lost and don't know which steps to take for debugging this (debug is set to true in config.php - no messages or errors). Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I also installed the site on a different non local server to be able to rule out server environment issues. But same behaviour. Still get 404 for profile site
  13. I have a page field "office" that should appear only on users with the role "broker". So, I put under Visibility for the field, Show this field only if roles*=1075. It doesn't show without the asterisk. But when I try to update a user with an office selected, I get error message up top: "Profile not saved". Anyone know why? Update: See replies #5 and 6
  14. I am using PW from 1 week and Love this , its really simple and amazing and development time is so less. i am developing one application which show links (URLS) and admin will post these links from admin panel. now i am trying to have a user section where user will login and after login user can save these URLS in his FAV box. i am searching on forum from last 3 days and found so many codes but i can't figureout how to get what i want. i want normal user register / login / profile / logout / forget password section. in user profile, user can update its details , change password and see FAV links which he saved before. i will really appreciate any help with code or appropriate link or module etc. Thanks
  15. Hi, We're building a website for translators. Each member of the company has his page with a lot of fields. I would like to associate this page to the userID of each member. I don't see a way to include a field in that profile to choose the userID. Each member of the team will be also able to write blogs. I have seen the Blog module and, in there, several fields have been added to the profile page. How is it feasible?
  16. Today I wanted to add some settings and extra fields to my user template (which went fine) and realized, that if an editor uses the profile link in main navigation, he doesn't see the extra fields i or other plugins added. In this view are only password, mail address, language and admin theme available. But if this user has the right to administer users, he could go to his "other" profile page (/processwire/access/users/edit/?id=123) and see all the additional fields and edit them. Why is it not possible to edit all fields in the profile view. I can't give all my editors user admin rights, but I want the to be able to edit their profile with all the additional fields (in the backend). How could i accomplish this? Thanks!
  17. Dear all I have created a website for a local newspaper and I am trying to make its search field to work using as input greek words (letters) but in vain. I tried to figure out what is going on and even to borrow any idea from the recent multilingual profile which is optional during new installations...but also on this one I tried to search english or suomi or deutsch words but neither it, was functioning.... I would much appreciated your kind assistance and support
  18. Hello, I would like to publish a site profile. My template is ready but I would like to know how to “build” the /install folder. As I can see here, it contains a basic database profile and dummy content right? What is the procedure to do generate install.sql? Is it a plain database export?
  19. Hello, I'm using Processwire 2.4 and I need to export the profile for migrating. But the site is a little heavy and Export Module hangs in the middle creating corrupt files. How I can recreate what Export Module does? The Sql dump is generated, but not the complete install profile. Thanks
  20. Hello everyone, I'm working on a project where people can create their own pages on the site. Whenever anyone registers, a page with same name as username is created. Currently I'm having set up as follows: Home - Profiles - - somename - - someothername But what I need is people should be able to get a URL of their own such as Is there any way I can have to display I suppose this has something to do with Hooks & routing but I'm no expert so I guess you guys can help. And happy new year to all of you. Thanks.
  21. How can I add fields to the user page in the PW Admin? I'd like to add a field for a user's full name. The blog profile created by Ryan uses a similar field named "Display name (first and last name)," but I can't figure out how that field is added to the page. I've combed through the forum and I can't find the answer to my question. Is this something done through the PW Admin or through a script?
  22. Hi all, I've just pushed a new fully responsive site profile to Github: Unsemantic Site Profile for Processwire 2.3 After having tried seven zillion responsive grid systems, boilerplates, frameworks etc. I finally opted for Unsemantic Grid System. Mainly because it supports IE7, is lightweight and includes Compass/SASS. I've designed the profile as a starting point for development according to my needs. This includes almost no styling, an easy-to-use solution for placeholder images and three teaser boxes on the front page. In addition, I converted the .sass files that come with Unsemantic to .scss because I like the syntax better. Glad if you give it a try and find it an improvement for your workflow. You can see a preview here. Download from Github:
  23. delegate profile Basically the home & basic-page template have the same fields. Home » home template Basic-Page » basic-page template Search » search template Widgets » widgets template » status:hidden widget-one, Left, Left widget » widget-one template widget-two, Right, Right widget » widget-two template [*]404 Page Not Found » basic page template » status:hidden [*]Admin Settings » settings template » status:hidden » no file » access:guest view pages Position left or right » settings template » status:hidden » no file » access:guest view pages Left setting template » no file Right setting template » no file [*]Trash The home & basic-page templates include ./include/ on top and on the bottom ./includes/ The is the file for common defaults, scripts & variables. Also there's living for commonly used functions & the 12 column classname generate thingy. the 12 column grid On the home & basic-page pages you can check to disable the left & right widgets. If there are no left-widgets to render, then there's no use to render the column at all on the page. The content column then receives the width of the left-column. There are in total 12 columns, say the right column has a width of 3 and the left has a width of 4, then the leftover for the content column is 5. So if there are no left widgets, then the content colum is 9. Those numbers are set to their written equals or set to FALSE. $column['one'] could be FALSE or one, two, three, four, five, etc. $column['two'] could be FALSE or one, two, three, four, five, etc. $column['three'] could be FALSE or one, two, three, four, five, etc. The is the main markup file. In this file I'll check if "template-name.css" & "template-name.js" exists and the append them to the syles & scripts array before I output them with a foreach loop in the page head. This way I know that basic-page.css for example is always the last file & can overwrite previously set styles. The grid uses the same source ordering approach as the zurb foundation grid uses. For mobile it's often a pre that the content column is showed first but on desktop there's plenty space to have a left column first. Thereby I think that Google loves content higher in the source more then if that content is a latecomer. widgets The widgets are just chunks of HTML without <head>, <body> etc. So they can be rendered with the build in Processwire render() function. Nothin' special there. download delegate profile
  24. I have a client that wants the following functionality for an intranet site: The intranet must be password protected. Each employee must have their own individual username and password. There may be a total of 100 employees who would have access to the site. A small group of employees need to have full admin rights to add, modify, and delete pages, posts, and images. They must also be able to add and delete non-admin employees. Admins and non-admin employees must be able to modify their personal profile on the site. Profile information may contain name, email, password, bio, photo(s), and links to external social media sites. The login and profile pages should *not* look like the PW admin. Employee profile pages should be available to other employees. In other words, the site should support an employee directory. Employees must be able to comment on existing pages and posts on the site. (Not sure how to implement this requirement.) Images that are uploaded should be viewable in a slideshow gallery format. I've developed one site in PW so far, but nothing like the above requirements. I'm 90% confident that PW can handle these requirements, but thought I'd check with the PW community first before making a commitment to using PW. I could build the site in WordPress, but it may be more work than to build it in PW. If someone else has built a similar site, I am interested in hearing about your experience.