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  1. Saving only 200 items with the method in the previous post takes several minutes in production. How do we optimize this and where is the repeater api reference page ? Someone has a clue ?
  2. Hi everyone, I have a repeater inside a repeater (two nested levels). These repeaters are populated via the api. $page->of(false); for ($x = 0; $x <= 10; $x++) { // first level repeater item $repeaterItem = $page->repeater->getNew(); for ($y = 0; $y <= 10; $y++) { // second level repeater item $nestedRepeaterItem = $repeaterItem->nestedRepeater->getNew(); // edit item $nestedRepeaterItem->someField = "some datas"; // save item $repeaterItem->save(); // $nestedRepeaterItem->save(); // $repeaterItem->nestedRepeater->add($nestedRepeaterItem); } // save item $repeaterItem->save(); // $page->repeater->add($repeaterItem); } // save page $version->save(); To obtain the expected result, I oddly had to use this command (twice) : $repeaterItem->save(); Commented lines are what I thought would be right, but if I do I end up with several times the same repeater items. @Soma your example suggest: ... $item->save(); // add the repeater item to the page $mypage->teasers->add($item); ... But it didn't work in the nested situation above, any idea why ? The only answer I see is that ->getNew() takes care of adding the item inside the repeater (maybe a recent addition to the api). Cheers
  3. I don't know why multiple instances (repeater_repeat_columns1, repeater_repeat_columns2, ...) of my repeater field are displayed inside Template field (see image). Is there a way to clean/reset it ?
  4. Hi, based on the work of @microcipcip and @gebeer (see their posts here and here), I put together a Processwire + React boilerplate (profile). Github repo: https://github.com/lapico/process-react Cheers, K
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