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Found 47 results

  1. I added some custom styles to the CKeditor menu bar using the example mystyles.js and the PW tutorial. This worked fine for fields when editing on the frontend. But none of our custom styles showed in the backend editor dropdown unless we edited the core copy of mystyles.js in wire/modules. Is this correct behaviour, a bug or a mistake on my part? Tried clearing cache, logging in/out etc but the backend ignores our custom styles in the site/modules path.
  2. I don't know why multiple instances (repeater_repeat_columns1, repeater_repeat_columns2, ...) of my repeater field are displayed inside Template field (see image). Is there a way to clean/reset it ?
  3. Short description of the issue Since PW 3.0.88: When I try to retrive a croped file using the api filesManager() and it's basename, I get the original version instead of the croped variation. Expected behaviour Looking up a variation using the path and filesManager should return the variation file. $page->filesManager->getFile("/path/to/filebasename.400x400.jpg"); // $file->basename > filebasename.400x400.jpg Actual behavior The variation is returned. $page->filesManager->getFile("/path/to/filebasename.400x400.jpg"); // $file->basename > filebasename.jpg » Is this a bug or do I miss something here? Code: dump($page->filesManager->path.$input->get->filename('f')); $file = $page->filesManager->getFile($page->filesManager->path.$input->get->filename('f')); dump($file); dump($page->filesManager->path.$file->basename); Output: "/home/ubuntu/workspace/www/site/assets/files/-1579/colin-rex-434063.400x400.jpg" (79) ProcessWire\Pageimage #796f pageimages protected => ProcessWire\Pageimages #d195 original protected => ProcessWire\Pageimage #796f { RECURSION } variations private => null imageInfo private => array (2) width => 0 height => 0 error protected => "" pagefiles protected => ProcessWire\Pageimages #d195 data protected => array (6) basename => "colin-rex-434063.jpg" (20) description => "" tags => "" formatted => true modified => 1516025386 created => 1516025386 useFuel protected => true _instanceNum private => 870 localHooks protected => array () trackChanges private => 2 changes private => array (1) formatted => array (1) 0 => null _notices protected => array (3) errors => null warnings => null messages => null _wire protected => ProcessWire\ProcessWire #28d0 in .../www/site/templates/app/utils/download.php:29 "/home/ubuntu/workspace/www/site/assets/files/-1579/colin-rex-434063.jpg" (71)
  4. Greetings from germany, i develop a shop for a customer and wanted to give them the opportunity to find products without any images so they could easily fill this empty sites. The problem is, that this images are placed inside a repeater. So the structure for the repeater field is: title bild (where 1 image can be placed) bildrecht (another repeater for placing the copyright text) But here comes my problem. I designed a selector that should show me all sites where the repeater count is 0. Like : template=sorte|artikel,bilderrepeater.count=0 But it also shows me results, where the repeater count is still 1 or even greater. If i save one of these bad results, the selector works fine. Is there a way around it ? I use pw 3.0.76.
  5. One of my clients found a bug when viewing the PW admin on chrome using windows - the admin tab nav doesn't appear, they could only see the tool icon either though they were a superadmin user. When viewed on Edge the tabs where present. The site is running on PW 3.0.62 with the default admin. I was screen sharing with my client when we found the bug, I don't actually have anyway to test this and see what's wrong myself as I dont run windows and dont currently have a cross broswer testing suite. Could someone please look into it briefly?
  6. In PW 3.0.80 I've experienced a bug when using multiple Page Ref fields. The Select button keeps fading in and out again. I've made a video to illustrate the problem. Any ideas how to solve this? video showing the error: PageRefError.mov greetings, d.
  7. Hi everyone! And thanks again for a perfect product. It appears there's a small bug in the implementation of fieldset. If we rename a field of type FieldsetTabOpen, the auto-created field of type FieldsetTabClose won't auto-rename. E.g. if we create a fieldset called "noises", two fields will be created -- "noise" (type: FieldsetTabOpen) and "noise_END" (type: FieldsetTabClose). And when we later rename the field "noise" to "acoustics", the field "noise_END" still keeps its name. The auto-generated field description will also remain unchanged. This is only a minor bug, but removing it could make the Processwire even better. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello, I found the following bug: If you have two or more different text fields on a page, which use the same CKEditor-custom-js-style-set and one of these text-fields is located in a repeater-field, the style-set doesn’t work anymore. Has anybody discovered this problem before?
  9. What I did edit the default 'body' field (textarea, ckeditor) field > body > input: "enable ACF" checked "yes" by default field > body > input: "extra allowed content" ... The instructions indicate "Example: img[alt,!src,width,height]" in order to enable a tag with attributes you want to allow through the filtering. a[class] I wrote the above expecting that now i would be able to class my a tags in the editor, maybe make one a "button" style or whatever. However, this doesn't actually work as it seems Extra Allowed Content doesn't actually do what it indicates. I've tried a dozen different variations and after googling here and seeing some responses in other threads, I think this should be addressed. The box is a nice way to enable a few attributes the user might want to allow for clients or themselves, I don't see why one would require making a module or going above and beyond the tools and text areas already provided in order to simply allow a few attributes. I could turn ACF Off entirely, but that doesn't really address the problem: I want to filter the input for clients but still configure some tweaks that I deem would enhance and not break the site. Simply: it's there, it's nice to have, should work right, but it doesn't seem to. Help?
  10. Hi everyone! this is my first topic and I need to say thanks to @ryan and all the other contributors for this incredible framework that changed my life as a web dev! But now I go to the point. I developed a project with pw 2.7 and it worked like a charm. Today i'm trying to update the project to pw3 on a local environment, to test that everything will continue working after the upgrade, and that's not the case. The major bug I'm encountering is that repeater field doesn't work properly. Existing Repeater field This is what I see when I try to edit a page that already has a repeater field (Brand concepts) with some elements: If I click on one of the "... blocks" nothing appens. New repeater field If I create a new repeater field and assing it to a template, when I open a page with that template I see the new repeater field, but the "Add new" link, to add a new element, doesn't work. I click it and nothing appens. I never had this kind of strange behaviours in PW, and this is one of the reasons why I consider it the best cms/framework I've ever used. I hope you can help me. Thank you!
  11. This is in response to the following posts: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5083-possible-bug-page-fieldtype-with-custom-selector-to-find-selectable-pages-returns-error-while-saving-page/ https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5683-inputfield-page-with-selector-rolesrole-page-1022-is-not-valid-for-field/ I am currently working on a site where I am using a Page field to assign multiple "products" to an individual "part". The "products" Page field stopped working recently and instead produces a "Page {ID} is not valid for {FIELD}" error. (Unfortunately, I'm not sure when it stopped working, but a design partner reported it to me today.) I created a second Page field that used the exact same settings. The second Page field worked with no problems. When I exported both fields to compare them, I noticed that the original Page field had a parent_id of 1052 assigned to it. When I manually changed that parent_id to 0 to match the working Page field via phpMyAdmin, the original Page field started working correctly again. Below are two exported fields. The first ("products") is the Page field that was giving me errors. The second ("products_test") is the test field I created that worked with no problems. I looked in my database and did not find any record of 1052, so I can only assume that it must have been a page that was deleted at some point. If it was deleted, then perhaps that id value wasn't removed from the Page field at that time? { "products": { "id": 147, "type": "FieldtypePage", "flags": 0, "name": "products", "label": "Products", "derefAsPage": 0, "parent_id": 1052, "labelFieldName": "title", "inputfield": "InputfieldAsmSelect", "findPagesCode": "return $pages->find(\"template=product,sort=title\");", "allowUnpub": "", "collapsed": 0, "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "template_id": "", "findPagesSelector": "", "defaultValue": "", "addable": "" }, "products_test": { "id": 172, "type": "FieldtypePage", "flags": 0, "name": "products_test", "label": "Products (TEST)", "derefAsPage": 0, "parent_id": 0, "findPagesCode": "return $pages->find(\"template=product,sort=title\");", "labelFieldName": "title", "inputfield": "InputfieldAsmSelect", "allowUnpub": "", "collapsed": 0, "showIf": "", "columnWidth": 100, "required": "", "requiredIf": "", "template_id": "", "findPagesSelector": "", "defaultValue": "", "addable": "" } }
  12. Hey all. I just came across a potential error in the FieldtypePassword. I have a password field added to some templates to protect the pages. However, whenever I want to save a page, I get the error of "required fiield missing"...that the password field is required and missing. But, the field is not set to required. Can anybody confirm that and/or has a solution? Best, Lukas
  13. Hi, i don't understand why this problem only appears when im trying to edit the root page (home). All subpages are working. I made a video of the problem: Video My boss made an update yesterday from php version 5.3.29 to 5.6.17-1~he.2 (At the moment i am not able to downgrade the version) Maybe this is the reason? My Processwire Version: 2.7.2 MySQL-Version (PHPMYADMIN) MySQL-Version (phpinfo();)
  14. I just noticed when I try to do this in the ready.php that it can not retrieve the page. This works perfectly in the init. But since I need my languages I'm forced placing it in the ready. I'm just trying to get the child from a page. $pages->get("name=settings")->child(); Var_dumping that gives me a Nullpage. (and yes the name is correct since it does work in init.php but doesn't in ready.php) So I have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I was guessing maybe it's a bug?
  15. I'm using PW 3.0.30 and there appears to be a bug. If the parent template for some children pages has the 'Sort settings for children' configured to a custom date field (or perhaps any field) I can still manually move/drag and drop the children articles on the Tree. I'm pretty sure this isn't correct and also that this isn't how it worked before v3? Thanks!
  16. I have been plagued by this issue since day one. I cannot access or use any image I have uploaded. I can see them in the directory on the server and when I click on an image I can see a preview in the editor but as the video Video in my dropbox shows it doesn't provide me with a way to utilize those images. I can't see anything obvious. I did upgrade to 3.0.34 and have left the site pretty bare bones until this issue is resolved. Thanks in advance! processwire-images-bug.mp4
  17. I have the actual version of pw, I had my pw installation at my localhost and copied 2 days ago everything to my production server, everything ok... but today I noticed that all *view page* links in the admin are showing to my localhost...
  18. Folks, I may have discovered a) a bug or b) that I can't write code for shit. I have this hook setup: $pages->addHookAfter('Pages::saveReady', function($event) { $page = $event->arguments(0); $repeater = $page->collections_detail_images; foreach ($repeater as $row) { $row->of(false); $row->collections_detail_image_page_title = $page->title; $row->collections_detail_image_page_type = $page->collections_detail_category->name; $row->collections_detail_image_page_pattern = $page->collections_detail_pattern->name; $row->collections_detail_image_page_designer = $page->collections_detail_designer->name; $row->setAndSave(); } }); For each repeater row on a page I am editing, upon save, it fills in the desired fields with content required. This all works well, however, the issue/bug is this... Each repeater row also has an image field (limited to 1), which I have been dragging and dropping an image to, for each row in the repeater, then saving. I tend to add 5-10+ rows (each with an image) at once then save. This is where the issue occurs. Even though it looks like the image is there and saved... it's not appearing on the front-end. If I do one row at a time and save, it works fine, it's only if I do 2 or more in one 'save session'. This only happens with drag and drop too. If I remove my hook, shown above, I don't seem to get any issue. Any thoughts?
  19. [Posted this in another post, but realized it's doesn't really pertain to it, so I've moved it to this new topic -- again sorry] Hi Ryan (and everyone else!), Just starting using PW and I'm loving it... I've got a site build that requires a bunch of CSV loading and would like some help with API Importing, as I am running into some glitches with page fields. So far I have a bunch of CSVs that work fine with my php code, but I have one that crashes, unless I put in the pageID. I think it may be something larger as I have tried using both BatchChildEditor & ImportPagesCSV modules with a modified CSV, and both get the same error as my code. So, here's my code, it does the following: Reads a page field to get CSV filename Reads 1st row of file to figure out what template and parent to use Reads 2nd row for field titles Processes the remaining rows as data, it also echoes out what it is doing -- not elegant, but it's only for my use // If no filename exit if ($wire->page->getUnformatted('section_slogan') == '') throw new Wire404Exception(); // File Pointer $myfile = "http://" . $config->httpHost . $config->urls->templates . "loaders/" . $wire->page->getUnformatted('csvfilename'); $content = "<p>Using Loader File '{$myfile}'</p><hr/>"; // Read The Data File if (($handle = fopen("$myfile", "r")) !== FALSE) { // Get the Setup Info if (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $myTemplate = $templates->get("$data[0]"); $myParent = $wire->pages->get("path='$data[1]'"); if (($myTemplate->id == 'NullPage') || ($myParent->id == 'NullPage')){ throw new Wire404Exception(); } } else { throw new Wire404Exception(); } // Setup the parent $newItem = new Page(); $newItem->template = $myTemplate; // Tell User what's going on: $content .= "<p>Adding New Pages based on the '{$newItem->template->name}' template to parent '{$myParent->title}' path: '{$myParent->path}'</p><hr/>"; // List out the fields in the template $num = count($newItem->fields); $content .= "<p> $num fields in template</p><ol>"; foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { $content .= "<li>" . $itemfd->name . "</li>"; } $content .= "</ol><hr/>"; // Read header record and match-up fields to template $fieldmatchup = ''; if (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data); for ($c=0; $c < $num; $c++) { foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { if($data[$c] == $itemfd->name) { $fieldmatchup[$itemfd->name] = $c; } } } } // Show the File's Field Array $content .= "<p>Display the Field Array</p><ul>"; foreach($fieldmatchup as $item_key => $item_value) { $content .= "<li>['" . $item_key . "'] = '" . $item_value . "'</li>"; } $content .= "</ul><hr/><h4>Reading File</h4><hr/>"; // Now add the data $row = 0; $newItem = ''; while (($data = fgetcsv($handle, 0, ",")) !== FALSE) { $num = count($data)-1; $row++; $mySel = "parent=" . $myParent->id . ", title='" . $data[$fieldmatchup['title']] . "'"; $dupPage = $wire->pages->get($mySel); if($dupPage->id == 'NullPage') { $content .= "<p>newItem (" . $mySel . ")<br/><b>-- Creating from File</b>.</p>\n"; // Setup blank WireArray based on a template $newItem = new Page(); $newItem->template = $myTemplate; $newItem->title = $data[$fieldmatchup['title']]; $newItem->parent = $myParent; $newItem->save(); } else { $content .= "<p>Duplicate Found (" . $mySel . ")<br/><b>-- Updating from File</b>.</p>\n"; $newItem = $dupPage; } $content .= "<p> {$num} fields in record {$row}: <br /></p>\n"; $newItem->of(false); foreach($newItem->fields as $itemfd) { $key = $itemfd->name; if ($key != 'title') { $value = $data[$fieldmatchup[$key]]; $content .= "[{$key}] = [{$value}]<br />\n"; $newItem->set($key, $value); } } $newItem->save(); $content .= "<b>-- Saved: </b> <a target='_blank' href='" . $newItem->editUrl . "'>" . $newItem->title . " [" . $newItem->id . "]</a><hr/>"; } fclose($handle); } $content .= "<b>{$row} records added/updated</b>"; And here's a sample of data that works: (associated_stat & special_category are page fields) skill,"/systems/sol/" title,associated_stat,multiplier,special,special_category,body Alien Archeology,Int,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Tech,Tech,4,,,"Skill description" Alien Weapons,Ref,4,1,Weapons,"Skill description" And the file that's giving me issues:(pc_role_category, associated_book, sa_skill are page fields, career_skills is a multiple page field) cp-role,"/systems/sol/" title,pc_role_category,associated_book,page_no,verified_via,sa_skill,career_skills,body "Merc","Combat Related","Book Name","8","Book Review","Combat Zen","Athletics|Alien Tech|Drive|Shoot","Role Description" It's the associated_book field that's giving me the issue, if I blank it or put in the PageID it works, but with anything else it errors out with this: Fatal Error Call to a member function __unset() on boolean search Source File: ...\core\wire\modules\Fieldtype\FieldtypePage.module:439 431: if($value instanceof Page) { 432: // ok 433: } else if($value instanceof PageArray) { 434: $value = $value->first(); 435: } else if(is_string($value) || is_int($value)) { 436: $value = $this->sanitizeValueString($page, $field, $value); 437: if($value instanceof PageArray) $value = $value->first(); 438: if($value->_FieldtypePage_remove === $value->id) { 439: $value->__unset('_FieldtypePage_remove'); 440: $value = null; // remove item 441: } 442: } So, looking at this field, and the associated page template, everything is setup the same as all the other page fields, except that the page template in question (books) has a field that references a page field (associated_system) that I'm not even referencing, so I'm not sure if that's the culprit or not, but that is the only thing that separated this template from the others is this custom label code and that the pages are outside of the parent: And yes, I've removed the custom label and it still has the same error. With my luck it's something simple, but I can't see it... Any help would be appreciated
  20. I think I've found a bug. Unless I've done this incorrectly. I have a repeater set up that has three fields; a PageField and two Options fields. When you add a new repeater row; you choose your 'page' (PageField) then you choose a 'type' (first Option field) which has four options. I have the second Option field ('width') set up so it only shows if you select the third option from the first Option field. The second Option field has two options (100% and 50% with it being a required field and the default being 100%). If I remove the 'show if' functionality on the second Option field ('width') it shows/works fine but if I add this functionality back in; even though the action of showing/hiding work... when I click 'Save' it doesn't remember the option I choose and it defaults back to 100%. Any thoughts?
  21. Hello, I am using custom styles: CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add('mystyles', [ { name: 'Box', element: 'div', attributes: { 'class': 'box' } }, { name: 'Subheader', element: ['h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6'], attributes: { 'class': 'subheader' } }, { name: 'No margin bottom', element: ['h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6'], attributes: { 'class': 'no-margin-bottom' } }, { name: 'Intro nav', element: ['ul', 'ol'], attributes: { 'class': 'intro-navigation' } }, ]); The thing is: I see my custom styling in the editor (via contents.css) and my styles are selectable and savable. So I style text and save and it works. On reopening the styles won't apply, even if it was successfully saved (right HTML in database), so when I then save, all styles are gone. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Hello guys, I have a Page field for my own global media gallery. When I select one page, I get following PageArray via the API: object(ProcessWire\PageArray)#287 (7) { ["hooks"]=> array(2) { ["PageArray::render"]=> string(60) "MarkupPageArray->renderPageArray() in MarkupPageArray.module" ["PageArray::renderPager"]=> string(56) "MarkupPageArray->renderPager() in MarkupPageArray.module" } ["count"]=> int(3) ["items"]=> array(3) { [0]=> string(29) "/files/unpublished/" [1]=> string(25) "/files/animals/" [2]=> string(23) "/files/sloth/" } ["total"]=> int(3) ["start"]=> int(0) ["limit"]=> int(0) ["selectors"]=> string(0) "" } So I select 1 Page and get 3 Pages in return? How can this happen? From the interface here, everything looked fine: Here is the stuff that created the field (if needed): $data['getFileField'] = new Field(); $data['getFileField']->type = $this->modules->get('FieldtypePage'); $data['getFileField']->name = 'fooBar'; $data['getFileField']->label = $this->_('File select'); $data['getFileField']->parent_id = $files['page']->id; $data['getFileField']->inputfield = 'InputfieldPageListSelect'; $data['getFileField']->labelFieldName = 'title'; $data['getFileField']->allowUnpub = 1; $data['getFileField']->description = $this->_('Select one file or folder. If folder is selected, the first file inside of it is used.'); $data['getFileField']->icon = 'file-o'; $data['getFileField']->save(); Is this a bug? EDIT: Now I am pretty sure it is a bug in PW (3.0.10): If I select a page via the Page field, the PageArray is only with this page. If I change the page via the Page field (and save), I get the old one plus the new one. So somehow it does not get reseted on new selection.
  23. Hello, I am using a media manager based on pages (1 file = 1 page). I would like to move the dummy file page "Dateityp" to the page folder "Jo!". In PW, I can move this file outside the current folder and into a folder, when there is at least one other file in it. I would like to have the feature of dragging a page onto another page (because my media manager does not really have folders, they are all pages) to be inside this dragged-on page. I think PW does not implement this because of some possible issues if the "Family" for these templates/pages isn't configured right (e.g. does not allow children). A ugly workaround is going to settings of this page and changing the "Parent". This works, but is not nice UX... I hope anyone can help me with that. Is this a bug or a feature?
  24. Hello, thanks for the help the other day. I continued to configure/code my page like I want it. Now i was going to add comments. I installed the Comments Manager Module under "processwire/module/edit?name=ProcessCommentsManager". It got installed and I can see the menuoption under "setup", called: Comments. Problem: It does not matter what link I press. Everyone shows the following error. Even uninstalling shows this error. Page: /processwire/setup/comments/ Error: Fatal error: Class 'Comment' not found in /var/www/testsite/wire/modules/Process/ProcessCommentsManager/ProcessCommentsManager.module on line 80 I am using Processwire 2.7.2. Is anyone here who can help me sorting this problem out? Best regards EDIT: I just realized that this might be the wrong section of the forum. If so, please move this thread. Thanks!
  25. wireRelativeTimeStr($page->published) returns weird results for me, i.e. "8 hours ago" for a page I just published on a site with +9:00 as its timezone (and -5:00 as the server / MySQL timezone, but I'm not sure if that matters.) When I looked into the code, I saw that WireDateTime->relativeTimeStr() uses the numeric timestamp when that's what it's given; $page->published returns a unix timestamp, so that can't be the problem, right? Then I checked the database, and the page table stores published in MySQL's datetime format (which lacks timezone support.) It seems that the application timezone setting was not taken into account somewhere during converting the database datetime field to the internal time representation (integer unix timestamp) in the PHP Page object. "By the way," (and sorry to propose another change; people here will get tired of me so fast) wouldn't it make sense to switch to a simple integer fields, storing the unix timestamp, for the database? No more need to switch back and forth between the internal representation and MySQL's, which is sadly broken whenever timezones matter. And just, less work, right? (well, no more "current_timestamp" default value for modified, but I think there are workarounds for that ) p.s. Why is "published" uses the datetime MySQL type while created and modified use timestamp? Timestamp (which is stored as UTC in the database) would probably make more sense for "published" as well (if only for consistency) -- that is, if we wanna stick to a native time column. As a note to this specific problem, looking up the "modified" field returned damaged results as well. Edit: it's on pw 3
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