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  1. @ryan The custom color doesn't seem to work for nested repeater matrix fields. 😕
  2. I typically work with three hosting environments: local, stage (on external server), and live. PW currently supports config-dev.php and config.php. I'd love to see support for an additional config file such as: config-stage.php config-test.php config-review.php config-local.php config-localhost.php or something similar. It would make it much easier to manage three hosting environments, each with their own database.
  3. I've personally found the Font Awesome icon options for fields very limited since most are for some sort of online service. What are the chances that it could be replaced with Google Material Icons, or even a subset of them? https://fonts.google.com/icons
  4. @elabx Fantastic, this solved the problem! Thank you so much!
  5. I'm having issues with using markup regions and including field templates. I'm using a PageTable field to add "stacks" to a page. For example, I'm including this in my _main.php file: echo "<main id='main' data-pw-id='content'></main>"; And this in my home.php template: echo "<div data-pw-id='content'>"; echo $page->render('stacks'); echo "</div>"; My fields/stacks.php field template looks like this: <?php namespace ProcessWire; if (wireCount($value)) { echo "<div class='stacks'>"; foreach ($value as $stack) { if (!$stack->isHidden()) { echo $stack->render("fields/stacks/{$stack->template}.php"); } } echo "</div>"; // stacks } Then the code for each stack is located in separate field template files like this: fields/stacks/stack-intro.php fields/stacks/stack-events.php fields/stacks/stack-spread.php fields/stacks/stack-promo.php Unfortunately this approach is not rendering the stack field templates. I'm wondering if the echo $stack->render("fields/stacks/{$stack->template}.php"); line is causing issues? When I comment that line out and just replace it with a simple echo, the markup region works correctly. Debugging shows the following errors, although I'm not sure how to interpret this:
  6. Does PW have functionality like the preconfigured image tags used with the image field, but for text (or other) fields? I'm drawing a complete blank of what it is called or where to find it, but I swear I saw something at some point. https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-3.0.67-upgraded-file-and-image-tags/
  7. For some projects, I have lots of tags assigned to lots of fields. It would be great to have the tags listed at the top of the Fields page and linked as anchors to the corresponding section below.
  8. I would love to see additional help text added to the Page Status field description for admins that aren't technically proficient. This may seem obvious to those of us who use PW every day, but additional help text could increase the confidence of new admins with PW.
  9. @teppo Thank you! I'm going to keep an eye on the sitemap files to make sure that each path that is represented works properly. Not an ideal situation, but at least in the end the client will be on PW and not WP.
  10. @teppo I appreciate your detailed response. What makes this a risky approach? @LostKobrakai I did find a way to host both WordPress and ProcessWire in the same directory: 1. I changed the WordPress index.php to index-wp.php. 2. I added the following to the ProcessWire .htaccess file (removing the WordPress .htaccess file). The directories here will use WordPress, anything else uses ProcessWire. RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/(news|category|tag|about) RewriteRule .? index-wp.php [L] The only caveat to this is that I can't get WordPress to display as the default Home page. But maybe this is a less risky approach to using a proxy service?
  11. A new client of mine has an existing WordPress site. Because the WordPress site is so large, the client wants to migrate the site section by section into ProcessWire. So as one section in WordPress gets removed, it will be replaced by a redesigned section in ProcessWire and will keep the same urls. Can WordPress and ProcessWire coexist on same site? I'm assuming they can't coexist in the same folder on the server, but is there a way to migrate content from WordPress into ProcessWire while keeping the same urls if ProcessWire is installed in a subfolder? Once all of the WordPress content is moved into ProcessWire, then the WordPress installation will be completely removed. Looking for advice from someone who has come across the same situation.
  12. @adrian I just came across this module for the first time and it works like a charm! Thank you!
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