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  1. Lance O.'s post in Pages not showing up in site search was marked as the answer   
    I upgraded to ProcessWire 3.0.15 and it looks like the changes in that version have fixed the problem. 
  2. Lance O.'s post in How to display a page's closest parent with uploaded template in find results? was marked as the answer   
    Thank you Soma, adrian, and horst! This seems to work:
    foreach ( $results as $item ) {     if ( $item->matches("template=resource-category|resource-subcategory|resource-file|resource-link") ) {         foreach ( $item->parents() as $parent ) {             if ( $parent->template->filenameExists() ) {                 $url = $parent->url;                 $title = $parent->title;             }         }     } else {         $url = $item->url;         $title = $item->title;     }     echo "<a href='{$url}'>{$title}</a>"; }  
  3. Lance O.'s post in Admin header and footer not loading? was marked as the answer   
    Ah, I just found the solution on the PW forum!
    As discovered by Sylvio, Media Temple Grid has PHP by default as FastCGI and this doesn't go well with PW. Changing it to CGI (stable) solved the problem.
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