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  1. Super so yeah now it works! So thank you all, For your great help! This is really nice for building one scroll pages. Then you could use diffrent template to create diffrent variations, when scrolling down. Here is the working code for those finding this in the future! $children = $pages->find('template=onecolumn|twocolumn, sort=sort'); foreach($children as $child) { echo $child->render();
  2. $children = $pages->find('template=onecolumn|twocolumn, sort=sort'); foreach($children as $child) { echo $child->render; } So i tried this.. But now i just says (on the page) Render page Rander page. So it does render it two times (it only should find 2 pages) So that's good something happening. but it does not render the code i want. Do "render work with the "pages" (more that one) array?
  3. Hi! I want to make a small site, a one page site. And i have this idea about doing 2 to 3 diffrent template that i can load into the index / home page. I want to do this with an array so that i can keep creating more topics (with the template) id needed. <?php include('./head.inc'); // include header markup ?> <?php $children = $page->get('template=onecolmn|twocolumn, sort=sort'); foreach($children as $child) { include($child); } ?> <?php include('./foot.inc'); // include footer markup ?> As you can see i have to template wish i want to control from the backend. I know include does not work this way, put what is my other option to make an array that loads the whole page on an other pages.
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