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  1. Normally i would do a page where all "children" or specific template where found to give the viewer and overview of what they can click on (im often doing portfolio websites). Then the end-user only need to do new "under pages", and their new project will automatic come on the front page (I think that is nice, and a feature i love about processwire) I find the block system very intuitive and have made it with this now. Maybe you could make a lock block feature one day in the future. Anyway, you are talking about how to create reuse of blocks and how they can have variation we also see this in the demo, and i can see it in the prebuilt block, tought i never used .latte is there anywhere you can direct me to how you do this in php, is there any guide for this? I think your variations are this in the .latte files (or a part/start of it): {var $maxw = "maxw-".$block->settings('maxw')} {var $width = $block->thumbWidth()}
  2. When working with the rock page builder if i know i want some markup untouched such as i want to do a array finding all children and putting and image, can i do this on a "template" as i normal would in ProcessWire or du i need to do it in the block? If doing it in the block the enduser could move it around (not a big problem for the case i am working ATM). But im quorious should everything go in the blocks now?
  3. Okay works like a charm now!!!! So the thing were - I did a fresh install but before i installed RockMigration & RockFrontend i moved the RockPageBuilder into the module folder and i think that RockFrontend somewhat installed RockPageBuilder or so it seemed... So by first moving the RockPageBuilder into the module folder after installing the other modules made it work. Thank for your help! The installation part is always the most stressful for me and the one I never get right, hehe. But now to the fun part!
  4. Thanks for the quick awser @bernhard You were right i just updated MAMP and did not se that the php were 8.2. But now im running into some other problems. It's like the blocks does not get installed correctly. Can you undestand - is this also MAMP MySQL?
  5. I just bought this great RockPage Builder plug-in. Have been following the instalment video to try installing it. But when installing is done it keeps telling me: Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property ProcessWire\ProcessWire::$mainMenuSelector is deprecated in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/site/assets/cache/Latte/templates-sections-header.latte--e1675f1ce4.php on line 85 Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property ProcessWire\ProcessWire::$mobileMenuSelector is deprecated in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/site/assets/cache/Latte/templates-sections-header.latte--e1675f1ce4.php on line 86 And i can add any of the blocks. Can you tell we why this is happening?
  6. Hi I am looking for an image field that can be added and keep adding so that you can control the fields from back end and therefore have the same template but the output of field will be diffrent. What i am trying to do is a portfolio for a photographer and i want to give him 2 to 3 presets on how he can upload his images. For example one preset with fullscreen image or one with 2 beside each other. He needs to be able to add these as he wishes for each side. Is this possible or do any of you have a suggestion on how to give the photographer a nice intuitive way to do this? I have seen this in wordpress but have no idea how to do this in process wire is this possible.
  7. It work now... ? But I haven't done anything. Maybe it just needed some time. Now i need to try it out on another page. I wish i could say what I did to the community but i really don't know. Again thank you a lot for the help!
  8. (1) if you are using the textformatter, then you do not need to module init in _init.php Okay I deleted it. (2) There is no CSS being output on your page, so the players will not look right Okay, I put it to automatic and now it works but the play boston pause a second after pushed. (3) If everything is automatic, then it should just work, and you shouldn't have to do any code in the header or footer. If you want to use the $config option, then you need to put the foreach for the $config->styles and $config-scripts in the header and footer respectively. I have removed everything and did the automated function. It did work yesterday evening now it does not. (4) What does your shortcode look like in the CK editor? [smplayer tag=replace type=bar-ui bar-ui=full-width] (5) If you are using Tracy Debugger then you can check the contents of the variables to see what is going on and trace the issue. I will try to install this module and se what it says never used it ? I feel like im close hehe but maybe I will need to use Plyr in the end but and the site looks ver good buy the way ?
  9. The _init.php is located in the template folder - I have never touched it before so i guess that the place it goes. Only thing it says is: <?php include_once("./_func.php"); // include our shared functions $sm2 = $modules->get('TextformatterSoundmanager'); ?> The Auto version do somewhat work while it does have problems with Pause and play and will start the song over from the beginning and play it when you wish to pause. And what do you mean by getting the JS file to output? I have the code in the footer I tought that was enough - is this where the problem lies? For now I will only have the CKeditor on the page. Lets focus on that. The text formatter is applied for "Soundmanger2 audio for process wire" under details. And thanks for helping.!
  10. @Macrura $sm2 = $modules->get('TextformatterSoundmanager'); Should it not go in the _init.php its already there... - I have now changed to use the config have also changed the assets option to "$config class" //In Header foreach($config->styles as $style) echo "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='{$style}' />\n"; // In Footer foreach($config->scripts as $script) echo "<script type='text/javascript' src='{$script}'></script>\n"; Again it looks like fining the javascript and creating some sort of css script. Now on the page there is only CKeditor input. It sill does no show up correctly. It find the file and all but won't show the play correctly where is it i miss to put what in?
  11. Okay! So Now I Edited the name in the directory and reinstalled the module. And i see it does find the Scripts now. Never the less I am not with you with the whole. It will not work without the CSS: In the head i wrote: <!-- SoundManager2 --> <?php foreach($sm2->cssFiles as $style) echo "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='{$style}' />\n"; ?> And it does output something see IMG You are saying something with the module and i toggled around a little to se if anything helped. Can you see what i dit wrong?
  12. Hi I have a problem on this simple side: http://physicalplaces.com/work/un-common-spaces/ I tried to create the API player and the Ckeditor player and both just link to a file and does not really look like players at all, as you can see. If im checking if the "java script" link work in the inspector it does not show to code as with other scripts, it does show and "page does not exist"-page. Is there are problem here? I can see it links to "/site/modules/TextformatterSoundmanager/soundmanager2/script/soundmanager2-nodebug-jsmin.js" but in my directory the folder is called "textformatterSoundmanager-master" can this be the problem? When changing the name nothing works anymore - should i try to delete the module and install it again with out the folder called "-master"? Or can any of you see another problem?
  13. Processwire version: 3.0.123 © 2019 - which site profile did you use on installation? I used a blank profile - where did you try to add a new page in the page tree (Home or other page)? I tried hope and other pages all of them say the same its a fairly small webpage. - which templates did you create apart from home and basic-page? I'm doing a one pager where i use diffrent templates to do diffrent stuff in the flow. So I have Home , Onecolum, twocolum. and that's it.? Maybe it will be easier to re install. - did you change the 'Family' settings of any of the templates? I don't think so only home said you can't use templates on other pages. Otherwise look at photo ? Thanks for helping
  14. So im doing a website. and i put on multi language on the website and uploaded some new images when i decide to make a new page... This i can't do anymore... It sais : Add New The process returned no content. Unknown template. Well the website is showing fine, but i can't make new pages ? Do any have any idea what to do?
  15. Super so yeah now it works! So thank you all, For your great help! This is really nice for building one scroll pages. Then you could use diffrent template to create diffrent variations, when scrolling down. Here is the working code for those finding this in the future! $children = $pages->find('template=onecolumn|twocolumn, sort=sort'); foreach($children as $child) { echo $child->render();
  16. $children = $pages->find('template=onecolumn|twocolumn, sort=sort'); foreach($children as $child) { echo $child->render; } So i tried this.. But now i just says (on the page) Render page Rander page. So it does render it two times (it only should find 2 pages) So that's good something happening. but it does not render the code i want. Do "render work with the "pages" (more that one) array?
  17. Hi! I want to make a small site, a one page site. And i have this idea about doing 2 to 3 diffrent template that i can load into the index / home page. I want to do this with an array so that i can keep creating more topics (with the template) id needed. <?php include('./head.inc'); // include header markup ?> <?php $children = $page->get('template=onecolmn|twocolumn, sort=sort'); foreach($children as $child) { include($child); } ?> <?php include('./foot.inc'); // include footer markup ?> As you can see i have to template wish i want to control from the backend. I know include does not work this way, put what is my other option to make an array that loads the whole page on an other pages.
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