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  1. you have to follow the format: mystyles: /site/modules/etc.. you only have the path; also make sure to change the name of the styleset to add, so it doesn't conflict with the core.
  2. @benbyf just a shot in the dark, but have you considered that with the 2.7.2 version, when you submitted it, Apple was not validating the byte-range request support?
  3. Module

    for some reason the 'include theme based files' stopped working, so i added AdminCustomFiles/AdminThemeReno.css to the dependencies, and it works.. @Peejay that might solve your problem...
  4. cool, yeah i'm trying to sort out using images on the ProcessGeneralSettings module, and will be hopefully working out how to do this soon...
  5. the way to do it would be to have the module create template/field/page to hold the image(s), and then in the module, reference that page..
  6. it depends on how you setup the logic to replace the anchor tags, but it should be doable for sure; would require more changes to the module though as you'd need to have config to select the files field, possibly a setting to enable looking for files; and then all of the logic to cycle through the anchor tags and check to see if they have a specific extension; seems that if you were going to allow file imports, you'd want to make it configurable for the file extension, in case you wanted to import some other filetypes..
  7. seems like @Christophe's or @abdus would both work, unless you need to enable editing of that block within the editor of the other one.. in that case you would probably use some hook to include a link to edit that included block, and maybe a page reference on the block to select which templates to show it on..
  8. the question is also, when you say editable, should the edits made to the reusable block be singular across the site (meaning if you edit the block on one page, should it change for all pages), or did you mean that the reusable block, if edited, that those edits only apply to the page where you have edited it. if the former, then the answer to this: would be a page reference field.
  9. you should post in the correct place:
  10. this also may help:
  11. There is no module i know of that can import external content, it is also somewhat complicated unless you know that the contents of the wikipedia page have some structure you can parse and get only the main text; typically for something like this you would use the simple html dom parser and using a module/hook on save for that template and then put those contents into your body field... you'd have to probably write some logic to get only the part you need, using the dom parser api another concept is to copy the page and paste it into your body field manually, and if you use the ImportExternalImages module, it should grab all of the images and add them to your local site.
  12. yep, that's what i forgot to recommend.
  13. one way would be with jquery; another way would be with a textformatter applied to the rte field, in which you could use something like simple html dom parser, to wrap those....
  14. numbers do work fine in url segments; there must be something going on with your selector, and either some type mismatch, or other issue with the selector; do you have tracy debugger installed? you can run a series of tests on your selector to make sure it is returning results, and also dump/log the segments or sanitized segments to see what is going on
  15. what version of PW are you running, and have you tried removing the namespace from the functions file.. you could also just modify the function.. renderNav(ProcessWire\PageArray $items) or just renderNav($items)