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  1. Macrura

    The admin search is JqueryUI Autocomplete. there are some Extension Points such as _renderMenu and _renderItem that are using some custom logic to return the required markup. (look at the AdminThemeUikit/scripts/main.js, as well as the _search-form.php. It does work well and looks nice, but can achieve the same basic look and functionality for a front end site with possibly less work using typeahead.js and with the Bloodhound using local storage, it could mean for faster lookups.
  2. Macrura

    sounds familiar; I switched some sites over to a KnownHost VPS and so far it has been good. I can definitely say that their support is great, any support ticket is answered very rapidly, and this applies to both VPS and for their shared hosting plans.
  3. Macrura

    i just use a function to output the code from realfavicongenerator function favicons($options = []) { $defaults = array( 'appleColor' => '#4d9db4', 'msColor' => '#da532c', 'themeColor' => '#ffffff', 'path' => null ); $options = array_merge($defaults, $options); $folder = 'site/templates/favicons/'; if($options['path']) $folder = $options['path']; $folderUrl = wire('config')->urls->root . $folder; $filePath = wire('config')->paths->root . $folder; if(!is_dir($filePath)) return; $out = <<<OUT <link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="180x180" href="{$folderUrl}apple-touch-icon.png"> <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="{$folderUrl}favicon-32x32.png" sizes="32x32"> <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="{$folderUrl}favicon-16x16.png" sizes="16x16"> <link rel="mask-icon" href="{$folderUrl}safari-pinned-tab.svg" color="{$options['appleColor']}"> <link rel="shortcut icon" href="{$folderUrl}favicon.ico"> <link rel="manifest" href="{$folderUrl}site.webmanifest"> <meta name="msapplication-config" content="{$folderUrl}browserconfig.xml"> <meta name="theme-color" content="{$options['themeColor']}"> OUT; return $out; }
  4. you might be misunderstanding this. Context help for templates means you need to add a template select field to the page holding the content to be shown on that template. Notice how you are missing that whole setting - you need the fieldtype, then the field and add it to the doc page template, then select the template where to show the doc.
  5. i understand it may be more work, but as far as i know there is no way to magically create virtual admin process pages on the fly, each 'page' in the admin that you want to be viewable and access controlled needs to have a real page.
  6. you need 1 process page for each displayable doc page.
  7. @jmartsch (1) did you select a page to display and is the field containing the content populated on that selected page? yes, it is, but you'll need the other module, called ContextHelpTemplate, and that module can work with PD
  8. Macrura

    did you set the enclosure field in the module settings; i know the module says you can set it from the api, just wondering what effect that has; also make sure the feed is not cached...
  9. Macrura

    one of the great things about ui-kit is the namespacing; you always know which classes are controlled by uikit, and if you namespace your custom css/overrides it's clean and easy to see what's going on...
  10. Macrura

    looks correct
  11. Macrura

    yes, you need to enable URL Segments on the homepage. then, if you do the hook, when you click "View Page" from the editor, it should go to the new URL off the root. So if you have a page that is posts/name-of-page, that would now be /name-of-page
  12. I use DBPowerAmp for ripping, there are a lot of advantages to using that, it handles cover art fetching very well, and the accurate rip is also very useful
  13. sure, no worries, i wish i did know how to do it, but we've never had the need for that yet, but it may be required in a project soon..
  14. i haven't integrated PW with Foxy, in terms of users..
  15. also depends on the type/scope of the site – in a vast majority of websites, the page tree is probably irrelevant, esp. when editing a page. But UiKit Admin Theme the page tree is a mouse hover away. Most sites i build now the users interact only with a custom dashboard and listers.