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  1. Macrura

    mod sec?
  2. Macrura

    I just upgraded core and the settings do still work; What PHP version are you running? Do you have TracyDebugger installed? Would be good to see what bd($f) is around line 136
  3. Macrura

    I think you actually need to have more than 1 tab if you're going to use wiretabs (?) you said you tried it with the wiretabs-example.php ?
  4. Macrura

    Yep, working great, thanks again!
  5. Macrura

    whoah that is super amazing! Thanks – yeah i have 2 sites with random capitalizations of words in a certain field and am case changing them all... sometimes editors use all caps for things..
  6. Macrura

    Hi @tpr - as always thanks for this module. I wanted to add a feature request, which is to make the case changer something that could be used on other text fields (not sure how feasible that is); using that one a lot and is really helpful; i hacked my own 'other field' usage for the moment.. (using AdminCustomFiles)
  7. Macrura

    ok thanks @Zeka and @adrian, the module has been updated.
  8. Macrura

    @Zeka I think the 2 things that need to happen are (1) change the selector and not have to iterate, that was not efficient, but the process does not appear to be queryable; if the process was able to be part of the selector that would solve this issue completely, but for some reason it doesn't work which is why it ends up being an in-memory find; if we add a field to the module that sets the parent of the settings pages under admin, that would reduce the pages loaded, tested this and it did reduce that by a lot. $adminPages = $this->wire('pages')->find("template=admin,parent=2153"); $settingsPages = $adminPages->find("process=ProcessSettingsFactory"); $adminPages->uncacheAll(); (2) not sure if the uncacheAll() call here is correct, but it also seems to further reduce the pages loaded. If you want to hack the module and see if these changes work in your setup (make sure to change the parent=id to the id of the parent of the settings process pages), I'll carry on testing and researching here; If anyone out there knows why the process is not queryable by the selector engine, that would be good to know, would help on another module also..
  9. Macrura

    right, ok thanks for the report – i have an easy fix for this, will post update soon.
  10. Macrura

    oops, this server is running 7.1.19, so this is a warning... I got rid of the warning, had to downgrade to an earlier version of 2.7.3 (dev) and then hotfix the files field to get the images working again...
  11. Macrura

    wire/core/Password.php:169 it doesn't seem to effect anything, but the error is there; maybe i try downgrading PHP on this one...
  12. How do I get rid of this message? Just started showing up after migrating a site to a new server running PHP 7.2; 7.1.19 I'm also getting mcrypt errors, PHP Deprecated: Function mcrypt_create_iv() is deprecated and i had to modify some part of the images field to prevent some error; is there a php 7.1 compat version of 2.7.3 with the 2 issues fixed (?) TIA
  13. Macrura

    ok thanks for trying it – i will put this in the next update, in the meantime if you can make that fix, you should be able to use it (?)
  14. Macrura

    @tpr - thanks, no idea what the issue is, it works fine here, but i can make that change, as this issue was reported on another module, i think it is multilang related
  15. Macrura

    An update was made to the module to fix this; Please proceed cautiously and if you experience any errors or unexpected behavior let me know and revert to the previous version. bunch of things got moved around in the module; testing was done and all seems to work fine, but due to the large number of changes in this update, caution is advised;