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  1. Macrura

    Aaron Copland

    @MarkE - The events just have a page field multiple where you select the works being performed. Some events come in through Boosey and those have a reference ID we store so those are auto assigned. Works pages just have a section that searches for upcoming events and outputs them. But there are a ton of other ways that works are connected to each other, using versions, members and custom taxonomies that focus the relationships that are specified...
  2. On one of the sites, the host put this in, so if you figure out the ID of which rule is being triggered, you would add this, in addition to the more general snippet. <LocationMatch "/"> SecRuleRemoveById 77218500 </LocationMatch> If you have access to the Formbuilder forum, there are around 4-5 posts about this similar issue with various examples of htaccess rules, remove by ID etc.
  3. in root; you can also exclude certain rules , ill check some of the other sites
  4. I have a hosting account that runs litespeed, and i use this snippet in the .htaccess, which was recommended by Ryan. <IfModule security2_module> # Allow ModSec rule processsing without disruptive action SecRuleEngine DetectionOnly SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </IfModule>
  5. Macrura

    Aaron Copland

    In an ongoing effort to provide a sort of case study, and more info about this, I'll post random screens and info about the various features of this site. (1) Custom Dashboards The site uses a custom module that supports multiple dashboards. Any given dashboard is configurable and access controlled also. This is the main dashboard: (2) The admin editor pages take advantage of some great modules, namely RuntimeMarkup @kongondo, PageFieldInfo @Robin S, Field Descriptions Extended and more, There is also a new module not released yet called Admin Comments, which for this project got a lot of use. When dealing with a large and complex data collection as was the case with this project, the editors benefited from the ability to have the data auto-analyzed on each work so the "auto flags" field helped with that. The comments also allowed editors to post information, ideas and comments right into the page editor. The AdminComments module also provides the option for any posted comment to be emailed to the other team members (selectable), and the notification email (which is customizable) allows the recipient to click directly to the editor for that page. This saved incalculable hours of work, and enhanced communication during the project, across this large data set.
  6. @daiquiri, the homepage is sacred in the sense that it represents the root of the site (/) and all pages must descend from this root page, this is fundamental to the structure of the internet, domains and such. PW was deliberately designed this way from the inception, as it mirrors the "reality" of the internet - the descendant tree structure of a website's pages off the root. Your content configuration may not be sustainable if you find yourself having to go through the effort you are describing. But if you know the API, you can easily change pages of any type of template to a new parent with 1-2 lines of api code.
  7. @daiquiri - with respect, i think you're missing a larger point about this system. Basically what you are trying to do doesn't make any sense, and you can't compare to WordPress because WP is a bucket structured system whereas PW is a hierarchical tree system. The homepage represents the root of your site (/). That is basically a sacred thing here - it should not be changed, and it should not need to be changed so i think you should re-assess why you need/want to do this and come up with a different way or reconfigure your thinking about how to achieve what you want. and in all of the years of working and developing in this, i have never heard of anyone needing or wanting to clone the homepage. The easy way to do it is: Current Home Page with old template (home.php) New Homepage (subhome.php) move all public content branches below this new branch Some subpage Some other subpage Hundreds of other sub and sub sub sub pages with lots of content, which I don't want to manually move around/clone etc then just reconfigure your code in home.php and subhome.php (e.g. create a new home.php and rename home.php to subhome.php)
  8. @ragnarokkr, i've read a little of this thread and am wondering if you're aware you can set a page to be a system page and then it is not going to be deleted. I don't see the difference between using a page in the tree for storing images (or a page with children) vs. a folder. Either one can be deleted. But setting a page as System, Non-deletable and locked ID, name, template, parent (status not removeable via API) is probably even more solid than a folder.
  9. I believe the directory itself is the issue, it is "broken" at the moment. Broken because it forwards HTTP to HTTPS and this causes the check to fail, because the non-HTTPS url is hardcoded in the config file. Edit: So this is happening on all sites since yesterday. I tracked down the issue to the non-SSL service URL in the wire/config.php file. You can fix it by changing the $config->moduelServiceURL in your site/config.php like this: $config->moduleServiceURL = 'https://modules.processwire.com/export-json/';
  10. cool, that's great to know! I don't need it configurable a this time, but maybe others can weigh in on opinions of having it configurable. I can see a situation, ProCache for example, where there are recurring errors, but don't warrant any action; Not sure if it is possible to exclude notifications by some filter, but i think it would be nice to have at some point if it didn't present a huge amount of work; I have several sites that end up with say warnings or errors that are not adversely effecting anything, but at the same time i know they won't be able to be addressed for a while - it would be cool to be able to snooze those alerts by some interval, like x days/months.. thanks!
  11. Hi @adrian - thanks; I think i do get the recurring errors, but wasn't sure if the recent changes/version would change something; as i only saw the new flag clearing alerts on some recently updated sites, but i didn't read the changelog or anything yet. I don't want to cause you any extra work. Been getting the same 2 errors from ProCache for years... i just delete them - those would be great if they could just be filtered out of error reporting! PHP Warning: rename(/home/user/website.com/site/assets/ProCache-b1aa65c9cad10a45a4f5b53b7448/http404/index-website_com.html.tmp,/home/user/website.com/site/assets/ProCache-b1aa65c9cad10a45a4f5b53b7448/http404/index-website_com.html): No such file or directory in /home/user/website.com/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProCache/ProCache.module:1006 PHP Warning: unlink(/home/user/public_html/site/assets/ProCache-b1aa65c9cad10a45a4f5b53b7448/.last-maintenance): No such file or directory in /home/user/public_html/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProCache/ProCache.module:490
  12. Sorry if this has been covered before - regarding the email sent flag - does it only block it for that same error, or would one receive new errors, even if the flag is not cleared? I don't see myself being able to clear flags that often - especially the errors I get everyday from ProCache on most sites.
  13. Same here, i've been repeatedly graced with effortless and smooth upgrades countless times... such a godsend!
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