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  1. If i were faced with your issue, i would change the structure of the pages and all of that, it doesn't make sense to me; i guess it must make complete sense to someone else, whoever set it up that way, but obviously the module author(s) never accounted for this sort of setup; You can also just roll your own RSS feed, then you don't need to be straddled with module interactions; it's not that hard to just make your own RSS class that takes into account any arbitrary structure and outputs it how you want; you could also just extend the module itself and modify the Module Class to a new one, and work from there until it works...
  2. if you don't want to add the textformatter to the field, you can also do something like this.. $markdown = $this->wire('modules')->get("TextformatterMarkdownExtra"); $htmlVersion = $markdown->markdown($page->textarea_field,2);
  3. yeah i also want to thank @flydev for the awesome work on this, massively appreciated!
  4. it looks like a typical recursion error – it is possible something was wrong with that version, or a module incompatibility. Did you try upgrading to the latest dev? If not, do you have TracyDebugger installed and Debug mode on? You might need to try disabling some modules one by one to see if you can narrow it down..
  5. no, it shouldn't be that way, because item will always return true if the country has states. you are even echoing an opening parenthesis before checking to see what if anything is selected on the page itself. the logic needs to be to check both if the country has states AND if there are states selected on the page; you don't even need to use has_parent, because if you are using dependent selects that has already taken care of filtering the selectable options by the country select field.
  6. well, it's not an error, it is a warning. You could ignore it (?) Alternately - did you already enable DEBUG mode, install TracyDebugger? that warning may be coming from this file: wire/modules/Process/ProcessField/ProcessField.module but i don't know why that file would be in play upon login, unless you have a module or some hook somewhere doing something.
  7. $item is the page object for the country, so will return true on your if statement, even if no states are selected.
  8. you can do like this: $pageArray = $this->wire('pages')->getById($_ids); $pdf->markupMain = ''; foreach($pageArray as $item) { $pdf->markupMain .= wireRenderFile($this->config->paths->templates . '/book2pdf/default.php', ["page" => $item]); }
  9. it also depends on the budget of the project; for clients without a line item for frontend design, us developers have no choice but to use an HTML theme... and why deny some clients without large budgets the benefits of having a PW site... Sometimes these Themeforest and Wrapbootstrap themes are good, and have good integrations with plugins like tabs, slideshows, masonry etc. Having said that, i do find that i have to fix a lot of problems with these templates, remove as much CSS code as i can that i'm not using, and also write a lot of my own custom stuff on top of them; here is a site using Canvas: (recently relaunched/upgraded)..
  10. Most themes come in the plain HTML version, so not much use these days to convert a WP theme.. But, if you absolutely must use a wordpress theme, the easiest way is to copy the HTML that WP outputs and analyze/use that; looking at the source WP theme code is typically close to useless;
  11. Thanks for this - this has solved the issue with FieldDescriptionsExtended that i posted about...
  12. @Robin S - sure, here is some info on how i use page flags (sorry if this is off-topic and/or verbose!) 1) i setup a (page reference) field to hold flags for any page (usually I use chosen select, but ASM select is also good for this); Users have to be able to add flags. 2) I start traversing through a type of content, (in this case the musical works of a pretty famous composer), and find problems; for this project the works were imported from another system, and now need to be cleaned up; the flags helps us to track, group, filter the works that have certain issues, or maybe need attention from some specialized member of the team; I have also setup a certain amount of auto-flagging, just by checking the fields on save and adding the flag if problems are found – for example (on a different site) the admins want to add a subscription form strategically inside the body content of their blog posts; there was no easy way to do that except by manually adding the hanna code to the body copy where they want it; But they have several hundred blog posts and don't know which ones they missed; so i have the system scan the body field for the hanna code and if not there, add the 'missing subscribe form' flag to those posts.
  13. here is a screenshot of a dashboard, i'm using a simple grid framework + a free admin theme (AdminLTE 2) + masonry for the 'widgets'; i use 3-4 types of widgets, one is a set of shortcuts which is configurable to show on different users, or access levels; this allows individual users to have their own custom set of shortcuts if needed. The other types of widgets are a mini lister, and a formbuilder list; The formbuilder list can display recent submissions to various forms, and is helpful for admins who want to see a quick overview of recent submissions.
  14. I use a dashboard for most big sites, and shortcuts on there to all of the major interactions; i have clients who interact with their content only through the dashboard and lister pro listers, and some settings pages that have shortcuts to edit on the dash...