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  1. I will try and test on my local environment, but probably can't post back on this until Sunday or Monday
  2. Have you tried a different prefix?
  3. I think you need to use pagefileSecure: $config->pagefileSecure bool When used, files in /site/assets/files/ will be protected with the same access as the page. Routines files through a passthrough script.
  4. I noticed that if a table is marked as 'crashed', the process module won't load, e.g. you get a "process returned no content", instead of the usual interface. We have had some server issues with Site5 hosting that has caused tables to randomly crash and only way to fix is from phpMyAdmin, but if we could use ProcessDiagnostics to repair the table(s), that would save a step..
  5. I would recommend learning how to install it manually. AFAIK profiles are installed when you install the system itself, because a profile is a complete, self-dependent collection of data, templates, modules, functions and a front end that all work together. In terms of the cPanel automated backups, perhaps you can still have automated backups, even if you don't install PW using the cPanel installer. In terms of upgrades, i wouldn't recommend any sort of automated upgrades, because with any upgrade you always risk something not working, so you'll want to use a stable version and then don't upgrade it unless absolutely necessary. ProcessWire is not like other CMS that have constant updates and security fixes. Sites run fine for many years on a stable version, and only need upgrading when you requires some feature of a newer version. In the case of upgrading, the process is such that you can fairly easily roll back any upgrade you make (to modules and core). For example if you upgrade a module using the updates module, then the old one gets renamed with a prefix dot. If something goes wrong with because of that particular module upgrade, then you can switch out the old one, but you need to do it using FTP. In terms of playing with the Skyscrapers Demo, it is certainly worth checking out, both the structure in the admin, but more importantly the template files where all of the PHP code is to make the magic happen.
  6. I'm not totally sure if Sharrre still works – it hasn't been updated since 2012 and I think it stopped working on some of my sites so I replaced the sharing buttons and used the MarkupSocialShare; I would double check that everything works and you are able to get the values from Facebook...
  7. or if you need to have inline icons (within the editor), you could use a hanna code to convert the hanna tag into an icon.
  8. I thought we already had seeds... though not sure if this will work for your use scenario...
  9. It could be possibly tricky to have the reset admin password on the admin template, since you cannot predict who will access that... The tip is useful though, and would be probably too complicated for the scope of that article to explain about putting it into some more obscure template (like a console or tools/api); $users->get('admin'); maybe needs to be $users->get('name-of-superuser'); // change this to the actual 'name' of the user
  10. you would be writing php code to communicate with the PW api, to get your dynamic content from the CMS. In reference to the $config->urls->templates, you can take a look at the default _main.php to see how that is being used to reference the themes folder, when you reference an asset (css or js file) that is stored within your templates folder.
  11. I would just do a normal page for news ; your sidebar and main content would be separate things, and then your news template shows the $page->body, this way the news pages are indexable, and bookmarkable. the links need to links to the ->url parameter,so if you are foreaching the news items on the sidebar as $item, then the href is $item->url;
  12. I would just say, it's no small thing – adapting a CSS theme to be used in processwire requires a decent knowledge of how to use the API, as well as some fairly good experience with HTML and PHP. I can get a basic HTML 'theme' into a simple PW site in around 3-5 hrs, depending on the complexity, and that is using a lot of helper modules and functions that I developed over the years. It depends on the content of the site, how many templates you have and the types of fields you are using. For a 1 page site, it should be pretty simple, you just need to replace the contents of the _main.php file with the content of the html file and then update all of the paths to the assets, using for example a call to the $config variable for the templates folder (e.g. $config->urls->templates . "styles/my-style.css";)
  13. you should be able to paginate any PageArray
  14. comments: 1) You might want to consider using pages instead of repeater for news items (repeaters are not really meant for infinitely scaling content types) 2) Sounds like you want to use ajax to change the content of the news article that was clicked on, on the left side? - maybe take a look at this: