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  1. @J_Szwarga are you wanting to implement in frontend or backend? There's no secret or magic for how to set it up, you can look at a demo here for example: https://fullcalendar.io/docs/initialize-globals-demo and when you see the initialization code, you just need to take a look at the events array, which you could generate in PHP using the API, and then JSON endcode, and output in your script tag.
  2. Ok thanks for the clue, so i have checked the Field List and Values accordion, which I hadn't used before, and i see that the table is corrupted. There is a column outputting a RuntimeMarkup field which contains an admin data table. I have checked the HTML on that and it is all valid; But the existence of that table in the unformatted column of the RuntimeMarkup field's row is breaking the table and causing the next cell to contain the rest of the table inside it. Now looking at the code in the bottom of the source view, i can see that my admin table markup is outputting table tags which are presumably breaking the panel's table markup. I wonder if there is any way to encode that to prevent this... I tried enabling/disabling the $table->setEncodeEntities(true/false) but did not fix the issue. thanks!
  3. I'm having an issue with the Request Info panel randomly not showing various info at the bottom. Here are 2 pages, next to each other – one shows the edit pencil, the other doesn't; this has been happening on several sites.
  4. AFAIK the module does not provide any class to convert array to YAML. the purpose of the module is an inputfield, for YAML formatted text, and has options for output into various formats, but it does not provide any interface for Array to YAML. If you convert your array to JSON, you may be able to find an online converted that can generate YAML from JSON...
  5. @neophron (1) Are you just wanting to output your own player on a page, or use the Textformatter? The Textformatter is for putting in shortcodes into Textarea fields, like Body. (2) The code you posted would only work if you are doing delayed output using a $content var, otherwise if your templates are direct output, you have to echo the content, something like: <?php $options = [ 'type' => 'bar-ui', 'skin' => 'gradient-fat', ]; foreach($page->audio_file as $track) { echo $sm2->player($track, $options); } (3) if you want to use the text field to output an audio player based on a shortcode, then you have to echo the textfield, with the Textformatter applied, like: echo $page->myTextField;
  6. yes, it solves the warning for sure. On a separate topic – is there anyway to set the color of watermark text?
  7. Just a heads up, I'm getting this warning on PHP 7.3.6 : Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break". Did you mean to use "continue 2"? in /home/zzzzzz/dev/site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/PageImageManipulator/ImageManipulator02.class.php on line 525
  8. you can just call the module, and format the description, in your template file, at least this is how it works for me: $md = $modules->get("TextformatterMarkdownExtra"); $desc = $image->desc; $md ->format($desc);
  9. you could just store it in a single textarea field and use the AceExtended inputfield. You can just paste that whole block of code into your field, stored in database, and have nice JS syntax highlighting.
  10. getting same thing if using cropping 3rd argument
  11. But what if you (like @Schwab) want a form to not use 3rd party module? If you were coding the contact from then yes, you'd be able to bypass the 3rd party module, but else you have no control over modules that always call the 3rd party WM module; And what if you have a few 3rd party modules installed and want to have control over which one is used and when, not using the API....
  12. @Mikie, thanks for the report, fixed now in next version. In the meantime if you want this fixes, change line 31 in InputfieldSelectize.js from what it is now to this: $(".AdminThemeUikit .InputfieldSelectize select").removeClass('uk-select uk-form-small uk-form-large');
  13. so it seems that modules that send email should always have a way of specifying which WireMail module to use. In other words, Formbuilder should have a setting which scans the installed WireMail modules, and allows the user to select which one to use for FB mails sent; Same for something like ProMailer. The behind-the-scenes selection of which mail module gets used seems to be causing confusion among users, hence the questions on this thread and the issue #733. It also seems possible to have multiple WireMail modules installed which would not conflict with each other, if you always specifically called the module you want to send with, instead of Option A, B or C. I have not tested this theory, but i guess at some point soon there should be some codification of the whole thing...
  14. seems sort of inconsistent; i guess when using new WireMail() it sets up an object separate from the WM classes..... (?) maybe an undocumented feature...
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