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  1. awesome! Thanks for using the module - hope it helps and is useful!
  2. @Clarity Can you post the contents of your PHP file? Are you using any namespace? What version of ProcessWire are you on? There is an example settings file in the module, you can copy to your templates folder somewhere and then specify that file for the settings. If that file doesn't work, then something must have changed in the core. It works for me under PW 3.0.178.
  3. @Atlasfreeman the player is working when i visit that page, so i don't know why the play button is pausing after you hit it, because that's not happening to me, i can play all of the tracks. What browser are you using? I'm on firefox and the players work well..
  4. (1) if you are using the textformatter, then you do not need to module init in _init.php (2) There is no CSS being output on your page, so the players will not look right (3) If everything is automatic, then it should just work, and you shouldn't have to do any code in the header or footer. If you want to use the $config option, then you need to put the foreach for the $config->styles and $config-scripts in the header and footer respectively. (4) What does your shortcode look like in the CK editor? (5) If you are using Tracy Debugger then you can check the contents of the variables to see what is going on and trace the issue. You may also want to look into using Plyr instead of soundmanager; Here's an example of how I'm using it instead of SM2, within a CK editor field: https://www.equinoxmusic.com/technology/ https://plyr.io/
  5. @Atlasfreeman yes technically if it is in the _init, then it should work, unless that variable is out of scope for any reason on this particular file. all of the code you showed should all work, so you just need to figure out why those are not working; Did you try the auto option for the assets? How are you getting the JS files to output? if the audio is inside a CK editor field then you need to make sure the textformatter is applied to that field in the field settings. If you are outputting manually then i think you need to pass the options to the $sm2 instance like is shown in a lot of the posts above with the examples for how to output audio player using the API, as opposed to audio players that live inside a CK editor field and are being parsed like shortcodes, with the textformatter.
  6. @Atlasfreeman Set the output method as manual, then get the module object like this: $sm2 = $modules->get('TextformatterSoundmanager'); then your foreach should work
  7. @Atlasfreeman >called "textformatterSoundmanager-master" can this be the problem? yes, rename it "TextformatterSoundmanager" Also you have to output the CSS files - you can choose your output option in the module, but it won't look right without the CSS. So you can output the $config->styles, or use one of the options.. Let me know how it goes..
  8. @taotoo i have experienced that and i thought i had fixed it. I will check to see if there is some change or update i forgot to commit to the repo and get back to you - it is definitely solvable if i recall.
  9. Yes - will do asap - should be working on that site again today or tomorrow... Thanks!!!
  10. I think the issue here is that Tracy is running 2x, and thus the JS error; For me this usually happens if i am doing an ajax call to an endpoint and that endpoint is still allowing Tracy to run; I couldn't stop tracy with an exit() like i was able to do in the past for some reason, so i had to disable the template in the module settings.
  11. Thanks - yeah I'm thinking about what is best to use - this is a paywall type of situation, and I like that aMember pro has been around for a long time, and is a 1-time payment not an ongoing subscription... I think i will need to use PW users because this client wants a lot of stuff to change for subscribers, like no google ads, etc..
  12. Awesome write up and thanks so much for this post and the details – very inspiring. I also recently started using HTMX for a lot of things on PW sites, and am similarly impressed and loving it. <off-topic> have a site that I need to develop a subscription/membership system for. I'm looking at amember, memberful, and a special setup using Foxycart. All have their pros and cons, but I see that this site uses amember. I wonder if you have any insights about working with amember... </off-topic>
  13. Wow - super nice, and will be installing this on all of my sites! Thank You!
  14. Hey - cool suggestion; Since Selectize.js is part of the core, this seems like a job for a new module (or hook) – the module/hook would basically initiate the selectize.js assets to be added to the page, as well as a custom js file that would initialize selectize on that field. If I have some time I'll take a look at it..
  15. i added it, but Github seems to be having a bad day; I also noticed a whole bunch of other new stuff that wasn't committed in the repo, mostly stuff that is attributed to you; I pushed the latest up to GH, and hopefully it will work the same; I haven't had a chance to test it yet today, but will do so soon...
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