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  1. it's pretty simple, you just set a counter before the loop and increment it at the end of each loop increment... then you can use that incremental counter to conditionally add a class where needed. for example: $count = 0; foreach($items as $item) { $class = ['default-class']; if($count == 2) $class[] = 'some-other-class'; $classOut = implode(' ', $class); // echo your div with the imploded classes.. $count++; }
  2. the last post was just how to do it in formbuilder, so not relevant, and i removed that link...
  3. @Gideon So the way that i have handled this in the past was to use an extended version of the select, which adds a data-description atttribute to the selectable items. Once you have that attribute (which would get it's value from a data-description field), then you can use jQuery to replace the description with the new value, once it is selected. these topics may be of help:
  4. field

    Hi - I'm totally not following your post. However, based on your 2nd sentence, this would be my answer: Create template called plant add 3 fields Title (default) Type: textarea; Title: Description (optionally use CK editor) Type: page reference; Title: Page Select (page_select); configure this to select the link to another page Create template called plant-index one field, title; configure the family settings to allow children of template plant configure the allow new pages to 1 Create a new page using this template Go back to plant template and family settings, no children and plant-index for allowed parent Go to the page tree and hover over the Plant Index, then 'new' - this will give you a new plant Add your title, description and select the page you want to link to, save Repeat steps 4-5, 199 more times.
  5. sorry about the module mixup..
  6. it would probably need to be part of a site profile so that it could make sense, it also integrates with 3 other modules, ProcessGeneralSettings, SimpleSiteEngine and SimpleSiteMeta, which together complete the whole frontend api that i'm trying to develop...
  7. sure, so the (currently named) SimpleThemeEngine is basically a front end api, which is now in module form, but was previously a loose collection of functions that were used procedurally. I would probably recommend to use Spex since it released and proven to work; My module is probably too specific for general release at the moment... It uses WireData class for storage and provides methods for: Adding, manipulating assets (css/js) outputting assets (css/js) Getting and setting theme variables/settings (used for layouts, like show/hide page header, etc) injecting inline js code in head/foot simple web fonts management, loading etc injecting markup into parts of the page (sort of layout hooks) problem with releasing module is that it depends currently on ProCache being installed (future version would have setting to select the caching/min engine, e.g. AIOM or PC)... below is an example of the code that would be used in the head.... // $ste = $modules->get('SimpleThemeEngine'); echo $ste->headAssets(); echo $ste->getJsConfig(); echo $ste->gFontLoader('Open+Sans:300,400italic,400,600,700|Montserrat:700'); echo $ste->getInjects('header');
  8. you can use arrays in selectors now, or if you prefer you can setup the selector parts in a plain array and then implode it with commas , into a variable, e.g. $selector. also, i believe to make the logic work in your selector, you may need to use OR groups you can't do the separate lines within the selector because there would probably be 'junk' like \n, \s, and possibly \t
  9. Haven't used emo in a while, but you can just call whichever function you need to on the callback... "drawCallback": (function() { emo_replace(); }),
  10. oh, thanks - yeah, didn't get around to doing the 'collapsable' rows on that page - thanks for the heads up!
  11. i thought i made the tables all collapse to vertical on mobile - which table isn't visible?
  12. yes, for some projects, i use html themes, like from html5 up, themeforest, wrap bootstrap etc..
  13. I use themes (both commercial and free), don't see any issues with it. I use a custom theme engine module that sort of speeds up the whole process of integrating a pre-made design... (from any html source)
  14. you would likely have to re-init the js on the DT page change - look at the drawCallback and then in that callback function you can re-init the js for EMO
  15. @zota can you screenshot your plugins folder with the subfolders open? I never had any problem adding any plugin, what plugin are you adding.