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  1. The caching though won't work if you are using wireRenderFile and reusing the same file with different variables that influence the markup when outputting. There would need to be another option where you could set some type of ID for the cache; Right now, if i have files being used with different options for output based on supplied variables, like a page builder, it will just render the 1st one over and over if i render the same file in succession.
  2. yeah for selecting icons there is a version of FieldtypeFontIconPicker floating around somewhere (possibly not the one in the directory) that works really well, will gave to dig that one up.. Edit - this is the one i use for icons, thanks to @OLSA
  3. Inputfield Selectize is the way to go.. it can do basically anything... here's a screenshot example; colors, icons all no problem..
  4. ok i'll be able to work on it starting next week, and will check back in here once i have something to report... Doh! just checked the modules directory and Ryan already made the switch... thx @ryan! Will proceed with testing now for ensuring we don't break things with the refactored code, might take a week or so on this...
  5. maybe I should just replace my version with @nbcommunication's code and then see about replacing the current module with mine in the directory, or alternately, if Chris wants to keep the new version under their purview, then they could replace it. I guess we need to ask Ryan to intervene here and be able to backend edit that module record to deprecate Pierre-Luc's version... In terms of the compatibility, I'd say that it might be preferable to (if possible) run a version check and then only utilize functionality apropos the compatible version; I do think it is a problem to have a module that is in the directory that could possibly break an installation, though if the new version does state min version required, that should be enough to prevent users from inadvertently upgrading to an incompatible version...
  6. Here are some: https://themeforest.net/item/lovely-corporate-creative-multipurpose-html-template/19515847?s_rank=11 http://themedemo.indonez.com/?theme=Fina http://torbara.com/demo/?theme=HTML-GB
  7. No, you can't use the same field multiple times on a template... There are repeatable fields, like Profields Multiplier, Repeater, PageTable, or even Profields Textareas, etc, for when you need to have multiple iterations of a field on the same template...
  8. I had this issue yesterday - client says they added something to a page table, and then it disappeared. In this case we are not adding as children, but have set a parent. My suspicion is that the client had multiple tabs open, and saved the record later on another tab where they didn't have the item added. This then creates the orphaned page. so, same code as adrian posted, i'm using basically to fix these orphans... $p = $pages->get(####); $p->of(false); $p->page_table->add($pages->get(####)); $p->save('page_table'); though i think it will probably be better at some point for me to save the value of the page that created the record into that page table item, and then have a hook that runs and checks for orphans (not children) and adds those to the table.
  9. I've seen mod_sec trigger a request was aborted on servers with overzealous settings. sometimes the server contains a log of which rule triggered the condition.
  10. @nbcommunication wow thanks for this, and especially for working on the todos and cleaning up the code! Looking forward to using your improved version.
  11. thanks, ok yes that was it, i force reloaded the page (not in modal) and was able to uncache the js.
  12. Can't trash items in version 6 – click trash on the item, save and it stays put.
  13. wow awesome, thanks a million! Will get this downloaded and installed and let these particular users know, they will be happy! Edit: So how do i get this, i can't seem to find my order number, or the email receipt i was sent.. Also, i think my subscription expired?
  14. sounds tricky... not sure about that; don't want to make it too hard for you, so hopefully this doesn't present issues... I do see the underlying snafus with the modal being a separate process which needs to communicate with the page and the field specifically to display status of the items in the lister... but i don't know enough about how that's working; in the case of these users that i'm working with, they are flexible enough that if i explain how something works, they can handle some small amount of quirkiness here and there, so i can just let them know that the list won't really reflect which items are already in the field...
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