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  1. Haven't used it directly in a while, but it is live and running on at least 3 sites and haven't had any troubles with those.
  2. @neosin pls use jumplinks or see @kixe‘s fork above
  3. @Peter Falkenberg Brown are you sure you don't have it improperly configured? The only way to get the module to output the XSL stylesheet would be if you set that in the module config. You shouldn't have to comment out any code. this is the config setting: this line means it would only output XSL if you entered the path to that stylesheet in your settings:
  4. i have a request in also to add hook to UI Kit theme, especially for being able to manipulate css files; i was able to sort out my issue (FontAwesomePro module) using another way, but i do think it is important to add api hooks in key/strategic areas on the admin themes, for customization.
  5. not sure if it is still the case but used to have to use first as a function, like $image = $child->images->first(); $out .= "<img src='{$image->width(500)}'>";
  6. Do love me some input masks – one benefit could be using less fields, e.g. not needing a separate area code field for a phone, or enforcing consistency in places..
  7. PW can definitely handle it, the API is ideal for this type of data import and updating. If i understand correctly, you'd need to code up an import script to read the CSV records, and create or update your pages... i do a lot of CSV imports when building sites to get data populated from client's spreadsheets. there should be code on the forum for importing CSV files, creating or updating pages...
  8. It has been said here many times that PW is like a dream PHP/MySQL API with a free admin on top. The ProcssWire admin has no explicit connection to the frontend unless you make it so. You could for example have a completely hardcoded HTML frontend page, and an admin that does nothing but serve as a CRM tool. The frontend is completely up to you; You may be confused because it comes with a free/default/demonstration front end, but nobody really uses that frontend. You will see the value of it when you have clients using the CMS for content management (from simple to extremely complex content), which is what the admin is for. If you have clients who will never use the admin, and only the developer, well that is your own unique set of circumstances, and no assumption should be made that everyone else does it this way. Therefore your definition of who is using the CMS admin is making a vast assumption, and you have also made the assumption that the admin is somehow 'behind the scenes' when in reality it can be behind the scenes, or it could be 'the scene'.
  9. You could also just use selector arrays and avoid the mess of that selector string.
  10. I think checkboxes are sometimes confusing to users and replacing them with an on/off switch can go a long way to making it more obvious. For example, a Yes/No button is more obvious/clear than the assumption that "if this is checked it means yes, and if this is not checked it means no"; For example i'm using this library (incorporated and initialized on some checkbox inputs): Here is my initialized checkbox in PW admin: This still doesn't solve the conundrum of where you want to have it checked by default... the checkbox reversed module is a clever way to solve that...other than js to set the checked attrib..
  11. I can see one possible advantage to not extending WireMail – the ability to ad-hoc switch mailing system when you send an api email. For example, some of the emails in one list i'm sending to are being bounced due to the Mailgun server ip address; i can't switch to another wiremail email since Mailgun is extending Wiremail and then wiremail is using Mailgun... if i understand this correctly. With this module, i could just instantiate it and send using it, and avoid any conflicts with WireMail (?)
  12. module admin page field edit links
  13. it may have something to do with output formatting being off; not sure, i haven't worked with language yet. But it would be good to know how to explain to get this to work for multilanguage sites.
  14. Right! my memory must be going... forgot about that...