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  1. @gornycreative Currently the fix for the issue you reported is the one i provided. I don't know the internal specifics, but the arrays are not reset when saving the value/processing the form the first time, which is why I had to force any array value to a new array. So you will end up with no [0] index item under some circumstances unless you apply the fix. You can test it by dumping the value and then adding items to any multi page reference field, and then removing them one by one and hit save and look at the arrays. Also note that any 2nd save of the settings page does reset the arrays fully. It must be something to do with where/which hook we are processing the form input; For now this is a safe fix, and i'll cary on researching any further optimizations, but this may be the resolution.
  2. @gornycreative - you can try changing this line (221) $valuesArray[$key] = $f->attr('value'); to this: $valuesArray[$key] = is_array($f->attr('value')) ? array_values($f->attr('value')) : $f->attr('value'); which should always force any value that is an array to reindex to 0 based. Let me know if that solves it.
  3. @gornycreative - thanks for the report, i will test this and post back asap.
  4. Maybe S3 doesn't support fopen (?), i use this for getting files from S3 (though the files are protected); https://css-tricks.com/snippets/php/generate-expiring-amazon-s3-link/
  5. This one is designed to work in the admin, so all of the settings, and how the javascript works is only going to work in the admin. But it's such a simple plugin, you could easily roll it into a formbuilder form.
  6. cool - thanks - did it and it worked. Sorry for the 'false alarm'...
  7. I started getting this error with the latest version: PHP Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in .../TracyDebugger/TracyDebugger.module.php:1078
  8. I think it is an important and valid question, discussion topic. One option is to let the admin set, within the module config, which template(s) to be used for X purpose, which page root, and so on. (This is how it is done in various modules). Another option is to include JSON files for field, template and page creation with the module and let the admin install them. Or have the option to install the fields, templates and pages, or not (using a checkbox in mod config), like in the AdminHelp module. This means that anyone who downloads the module will be able to make their own decision about if they want to install all of those things.
  9. Hi @Sevarf2 - i haven't tested the mod, so was hesitant to commit the change, but i should be able to do it this week. Are you having the same issue as Martijn?
  10. Cool - i was building this, but i got stuck on the Unsplah api which was telling me they didn't like downloads and wanted to only allow usage that would use the source image from them, and this wouldn't work with an images inputfield, or imagesizer engine, or any other image manipulation like srcsets etc; So i gave up... Looks like somehow you solved all of this, so thanks! Does this use a fixed api key, or will that api key need to be configurable at some point?
  11. @Martijn Geerts - many thanks for taking the time to make the fix here! I will implement is and do some tests and update the module soon.
  12. The Processwire admin does not support webp. Webp is an output format, but not a valid source format for images. The Imagesizer engine of Processwire is not capable of resizing webp images, therefore when you save, it cannot generate the thumbnail, and that's why you get the error. You'll need to delete that webp image and upload a jpg instead.
  13. @MarkE cool, i should be able to work on this soon, definitely in June, and will make some improvements according to your suggestions. If you want to post the mods here i can look at them.
  14. hey thanks - yeah, as you can see from the way the module is setup, it doesn't force you to use the installable fields, so in theory you could just setup any template you want to use for help docs, and any family relations required; and then you just select those in the module config. The default, out-of-the-box behavior is to be only 1 level. As far as i can see in the process module, if any help doc has children, they do get rendered; are you saying you need to go down a 3rd level?
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