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  1. so if you have your html text in a $body variable, you can then do something like this: <?php $base_url = ''; $absoluteFiles = $base_url . '/site/assets/files/'; $alignLeft = 'style="float:left;margin-right:10px;"'; $placeholders = array( 'class="align_left"', '/site/assets/files/', ); $replacements = array( $alignLeft, $absoluteFiles, ); $body = str_replace($placeholders, $replacements, $body);
  2. There could be a lot of people using the module version for image tags; I will revise the module code to check the core version or the is_dir and then load from core – it does seem that your tweaks are going to be essential for this, as that behavior of it submitting is definitely a problem, that i hadn't noticed (i always assumed that users would click and select, but now i see that they can type stuff in and try and hit enter..) Another issue is that there is the other module that uses selectize, namely the InputFieldSelectize (and the multiple version) which are page reference fields, and those also load the selectize library. I'm pretty sure there are at least a handful of people actively using that fieldtype, so maybe I will also need to use your modified version of the seletize library in the JquerySelectize base module, so that the selectize family of modules will all behave the same way, whether the library is loaded from the core or from the module, and in situations where someone is using InputfieldSelectize, but not image tags. if the core version of the library could include the skins, and in addition, your modified skin, then the module version could allow skin to be chosen (if it is installed), but if not installed, then the core version uses the default skin. In the module config for the JquerySelectize, besides offering the option of changing the skin (existing and new PW admin theme neutral version), that could be a place to specify which selectize library to load (core or module), to allow users with an existing setup to gracefully test and transition to the core version. Once they have tested their setup using the core version as specified in the module's config, they could choose to keep the module installed (for the extended skin options) or uninstall it and use the default skin.
  3. it definitely helps with managing images in situations where you have a single images field on a page, and want to use some of those image in the RTE, while still specifying one to be used as the 'featured image', which might appear above a blog post. Using a tag like gallery on multiple images could then be used to output a carousel as that featured image, instead of a single image...
  4. Wow, i'm having Déjà vu... Glad this is in the core now though; personally i couldn't have done without my module version for the past year (used on dozens of sites). Wondering if i can now remove the dependency for the jQuerySelectize module and load the core selectize js in the module init. Questions would be: 1) does the new integration allow you to select the Selectize skin? 2) will the core selectize interfere in case you upgrade and have image fields set to use the module selectize image tags 3) can the limit of what tags can be used be set on the field settings, and can those tags preferences be over-ridden per template, like the module.
  5. looking forward to using this module... thanks for building it!
  6. fyi MySQL >= 5.7.8 supports searching inside JSON
  7. Module

    cheers and thanks again for helping! ... just merged
  8. Module

    Hi @Robin S - many thanks for working on this! The only issue i see is that i know i have this running on a few 2.7.3 sites – perhaps there should be a version check within the module and then use different method to support legacy?
  9. yeah, to achieve what i was referring to above, i had a hook on the save of the main page, which iterated through all of the items in the pagetable where the field was blank, and set that value... Has anyone come up with a reliable way to get the ID of the page that contains the page table field, either through hook, database query, or session vars? would be very helpful to know if this has been solved - maybe @Soma could you post an example of how to set the id of the page in the session; my issue with this is i have a page in a page table, which then has another page table in it, so the system is having trouble with any get var because it ends up being the root/bottom page, not the 2nd level up modal which is the page id i need...
  10. i mainly use the options fieldtype for non relational type selects with huge numbers of options, such as countries, cities, states, and such where i just don't want those things showing up as pages..
  11. Module

    if there is anything i can change or fix in the PrevNextTabs module, let me know
  12. i think this has to be moved/merged with blog thread though i'm not sure exactly how to do that..
  13. cool, ok thanks – will accept/merge asap.