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  1. sure, no worries, i wish i did know how to do it, but we've never had the need for that yet, but it may be required in a project soon..
  2. i haven't integrated PW with Foxy, in terms of users..
  3. also depends on the type/scope of the site – in a vast majority of websites, the page tree is probably irrelevant, esp. when editing a page. But UiKit Admin Theme the page tree is a mouse hover away. Most sites i build now the users interact only with a custom dashboard and listers.
  4. Macrura

    Ok cool, thanks, I just realized i can't install on those sites because it basically tanks the whole site, even the front end...
  5. Macrura

    yes, will test later today. the sites with the error are all running 5.6; the sites running 7.x seem to work ok with past 0.9.4
  6. Macrura

    not sure, this just happens when i try and install the new version; It may be something to do with the settings? I always uninstall the 0.8.7 and then do a clean install of the 0.9.4; then i noticed the upgrade, ran that from the upgrades module and got this screen, so i'm not interacting with the module, but i could try clearing out everything int he AdminCustomFiles folder and see if that helps..
  7. Macrura

    I can't seem to go past 0.9.4, i always get this error screen of death:
  8. Macrura

    I did a samples cart using javascript/local storage and it works really well.
  9. This module is great, very useful and i'm using it on a project; I guess my PHP version (7.2.10 ) doesn't like this: (FieldtypeConfigForm, line 69) if(count($values)){ but this works if(wireCount($values)){
  10. Macrura

    @Beluga i found that if you run into a problem with upgrading this, it works to uninstall the old one, and then install the new one; you can take a screenshot to remember your settings from old version
  11. Macrura

    or this:
  12. Macrura

    I haven't tested the current use case, in terms of disabling HTML Purifier, i was hoping i could do it without having to resort to that, though i'd guess it should work (?). In this scenario, I am worried about users pasting in junk, so I think i want to keep the purifier, but allow very specific custom markup, as i'm using @BitPoet's CK editor inline actions to allow users to reference other pages, and/or special 'media' pages that can hold things like images, videos and audio. In the case of videos, i was going to have the insert be a simple poster image for the video and then on output i would look for paragraph with a data attribute, and then replace the image in that paragraph with a clickable poster image to the video, probably using something like Magnific..
  13. Macrura

    same here, looks like i need data- attributes available on paragraph elements...
  14. this is working really well for inserting images, audio players and videos from a central media library, inline into ck editor. It saves so much time since it is so fast to insert the page reference to the media item... and i can just intercept my custom insert templates and replace with the video player popup, or audio player (soundmanager2), or responsive image...