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  1. just a stab at this - it may depend on how the file with that code is being included; you can try a backslash in front of the AIOM and see if that works, or you can instantiate the AIOM into a variable like $aiom = $modules->get('AllInOneMinify') or whatever the class name of the module is..
  2. awesome, thanks again, got the export working now for them...
  3. this site is still 2.7 i'm trying to convince client to upg but complex site so need contingency budget... i'll try the old version and post back tomorrow
  4. Hi Adrian, Having a problem with the CSV export, getting this error on the process module for exporting this table (on table version 13) Method Page::downloads_table does not exist or is not callable in this context and also getting this: PHP Notice: Array to string conversion in .../TableCsvImportExport/ProcessTableCsvExport.module:112 not sure what's going on, downloads_table is the name of the field...
  5. aw snap - i thought i tested this on a 2.7.3 site
  6. adding this to the multi's css file fixes it: .AdminThemeUikit .chosen-container:not(.chosen-container-active) { position: initial; } after more testing i can do a pull request to have that added to the module...
  7. I just forked the module and added support for repeaters (only on the multi select inputfield for now); it basically involves 2 steps - changing the module code to use mostly the renderReady method instead of render(), and then some small update to the js file to init the field on the necessary events, which for the sake of brevity also involves moving the init code into its own function var... I submitted a pull request; in the meantime if you need this to work now, you can try the forked version
  8. looks like i could use this module pretty soon on a project - LMK if you need someone to test it...
  9. very nice - a good alternative to other page select options out there, and intuitive for the user;
  10. @noelboss - have you tried using TracyDebugger yet? You could get that going and then troubleshoot the contents of the $page in the profile editor; you may also be able to see warnings and errors when using Tracy. Using it is pretty much required if you are doing any serious dev work in the backend.
  11. 1,2,3) There is a module called Hanna Code which can do most shortcode functionality you would need. Also the Oembed Textformatter can handle a lot of those things: Spotify, Instagram, Youtube are listed. 4. In terms of building content as you linked to, that article is composed of stacked containers, so you'd most likely be building that type of content with a Repeater Matrix. 5. Gif insertion into the RTE should be no problem AFAIK. 6. I've never had any problem creating galleries; it comes down to writing code. 7. There is built in cropping and there is a Crop Image module; they both work differently. PW has the most advanced photo manipulation capabilities of any CMS, and thanks to @horst for all of his work in that area.
  12. @Zeka As far as I can tell from your screencast, you are not saving again, after the params are loaded - in other words: 1) clear field 2) select preset 3) Save 4) optional, edit or view the loaded params 5) Save (again) I followed your exact steps, however as i said you are not saving 2x - that is essential to commit the settings to the database. It is not necessary to change the skin, in your step 5. In other news, the latest commit should fix the repeater problem, it was just a super simple matter of hooking into the renderReadyHook, instead of the plain render, because the repeater will actually run the renderReady on every inputfield within the repeater itself which forces the assets to load.
  13. can't seem to be able to init the rangeslider when the ajax loads the repeater; anyone out there know how to do this? Once there is a solution to re-init the field on the ajax opening of the repeater, that should solve the first issue. in terms of the 2nd question, are you saving again after loading the params? everything works correctly in terms of preset loading here, and not needing to change the skin; can you confirm if you saved the field after loading the new settings?
  14. ok thanks for the reports, i will work on the repeater support and also troubleshoot the loading of settings... will post back asap.