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  1. Macrura

    OK i will check it (no power here at the moment) so may take till next week to test as you have outlined the issues.
  2. Macrura

    Noting here in case anyone has attempted to use any Selectize inputfield with the AdminThemeUikit, there are some known issues. (1) the latest versions of InputfieldSelectize should work, meaning you should see selectable options now. Prior to the latest version, the single select inputfield didn't work, and the uk-select class had to be removed from the field. (2) Selectize Multiple works, but is slow, and almost non-functional if you try and filter options. This is a major problem, and I have no idea how to fix it; there must be some javascript being triggered and going into a loading cycle when on Uikit, as opposed to Reno or Default; It is assumed that Selecize single would also suffer from this when filtering, but I haven't tested that yet. If anyone know how to test or determine what the cause of Uikit not working right with Selectize, it would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Macrura

    @flydev done
  4. Macrura

    @pwfans i have it running well on a large PW3 site. Did you run into some problem? I didn't need to add any namespace or do anything in particular, it just works.
  5. I would probably have used 1 page per image model, and not the image extra; though if it works and you like it, then that's great. I just prefer the wider control afforded by use a page for an image, in terms of exactly the problem you are describing...
  6. Macrura

    Latest version of all modules have the fixed version compare, and the inputfield now also has the Ajax version included, but that one is still beta; it is largely a copy of the core inputfield, so shouldn't exhibit any errors, but may need work to make full use of the possibilities.
  7. Macrura

    @ryan looks like this version number may be breaking version comparisons (?) edit: nevermind... only breaks with string comparisons, not with version_compare()
  8. If you have any modules that check for ProcessWire version and don't use PHP version_compare, but instead use a string comparison, the comparison will fail. The modules that I know of that use this are in the Selectize group of inputfields and are being updated to a new version that fixes this. UPDATE 1: All of my modules that used the bad version comparison will be updated by tomorrow. UPDATE 2: All of the Selectize modules are now updated to work with PW 3.0.100 (fixed version comparison)
  9. you are in a subfolder? you shouldn't have that /processwire-master/ part unless you are running in a subdir does your site load the same on www and non www? some hosts let you configure that settings at the hosting control panel, and then you can only use Let's Encrypt with the www subdomain, one example is Dreamhost.
  10. Macrura

    I'm using this on all new sites now.. I think it's quite stable, and maybe could be added to modules directory? thanks!
  11. who is the host? do u have force www?
  12. Could be browser cache?
  13. I recently worked a lot with the import export; it all worked really well, no problems, but i had to view the json file and do some cleanup since it was a complex export/import process; Also i didn't do any repeaters; If you are careful and know how it works, and observe what @Robin S said, it should work well...
  14. Macrura

    i haven't worked on this ajax module for several months so it really is not ready, but i do have a working version if you want to try it. It needs testing, and work; The screenshots show some elements of the setup in case of any confusion. ---the field--- ---the files--- InputfieldSelectizeAjax.js InputfieldSelectizeAjax.module
  15. Macrura

    @Ivan Gretsky i do have an inputfield version for ajax that is in development, i think it works pretty well; i can post back here once i am able to test it again - i will attach it to the post so you can try it out.