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  1. The module has been updated and now loads the prev/next links via ajax, which should hopefully solve any issues with the module potentially slowing down the page editor load. The work of finding the prev/next pages is handled by an ajax request after the editor is loaded. Been tested on all 3 admin themes, with link locations in breadcrumbs and in tabs.
  2. In one sense that could be an interpretation, but another interpretation is that it can be used on the front end, and i know of some other devs that do use it on live sites so i think it's still risky to autoload scripts or styles on a module without just loading the assets where you need them.. I don't currently know any modules where the $config->styles/scripts load on the front end inadvertently, but i'll keep a lookout. I have a module that loads into those for the purposes of use on the front end (Soundmanager). The idea is to create an ecosystem where markup generating modules can have a way to load dependencies on the front end - in Soundmanager2, you need to load the various files based on your settings. By checking to see if there is anything in $config-styles/scripts, i can have modules that can load dependencies using the core $config class. Maybe there is a better way, but $config is a useful class and i'm using it all over the place for front end development..
  3. @kixe So the issue here is that the module has a JS file named the same as the module - this is a problem because this module is autoload, and as such the module's JS file is polluting the front end output for any of us who use $config->scripts, meaning that our scripts for use on the front end inadvertently includes the module's js file, which is not only unnecessary, but also is breaking my frontend api. a much better way of loading the JS file is to rename it and then just load the JS on the module's setting page, you can do that by checking the input and loading your js. For now i just disabled the js file, i don't even know if it is needed, or being used, and this has fixed the problem.
  4. @Sevarf2 - just updated the code to ensure that both the settings array and the key within the array exist. (This would prevent inadvertently adding a settings array or setting if the key is typed incorrectly), if they don't it will ignore the changeSetting() call.
  5. thanks @Robin S that makes sense, i'll implement your code. *Note: module updated.
  6. i don't think that works - PHP_EOL should be the standard for cross platform, and it is also in the core, so i think if anyone is seeing issues with line breaks would also see them where the core uses PHP_EOL..
  7. @Sevarf2 If you want to test this, you can add the following code to the module at the end of "SettingsFactory.module". /** * @var $key - the settings key * @var $_key - the setting within the key * @var $value - the new value */ public function changeSetting($key,$_key,$value) { $modData = $this->modules->getConfig('SettingsFactory'); if(!array_key_exists($key, $modData)) return; if(!array_key_exists($_key, $modData[$key])) return; $modData[$key][$_key] = $value; $this->modules->saveModuleConfigData('SettingsFactory', $modData); } and then this would be the way to change the setting from api: $factory->changeSetting('wiretabs-testing1','settings_client','new value'); in limited testing this has worked fine, but i'd recommend a few more tests before using on production. I haven't commited this to the master yet - it probably needs to include a check to ensure the target key exists in this case. This also illustrates that it would be possible to add settings (addSetting), but since the fieldset is defined in a hard file, any settings added in the api would not be editable in the admin, so not sure if that would be useful.
  8. you could try replacing line 263, which is this: $itemsList = explode(PHP_EOL,$that->itemsList); with this: $itemsList = preg_split('/\n|\r\n?/', $that->itemsList); let me know if that fixes it; if so then i can test on non-windows and then make the change to the module...
  9. ok thanks - i think it can be done no problem, but i think the api should be cleaner where you don't need to deal with setting array values; i'll have to post back once i have a working prototype.
  10. @Sevarf2 - I was able to successfully do that by adding a custom setConfigDataCustom method to the module, but this would be a beta feature until it is tested further. I'm not totally sure if i'm doing it the best/right way, so this was just a quick test, but it did work. However the api is not so intuitive for this currently as you first need to get the settings array for the key, then alter the value of one of the items, or add a new item (not tested) and then write the whole array back to the module $factory = $modules->get("SettingsFactory"); $mySettings = $factory->getSettings('wiretabs-testing1',false); // return array not wiredata $mySettings['settings_client'] = 'Jimmy James 4th'; $factory->setConfigDataCustom('wiretabs-testing1',$mySettings); I think it might also be possible to write settings to the module that don't have process pages, using this, but not sure how useful that is, i assume that it will be possible since the settings are just module config, so you'd be able to store anything you'd want in those arrays... If you can elaborate on the use case for this that might help to determine the best way to implement it.
  11. @pwfans - what OS are you on, the module uses PHP_EOL to determine line endings, so the only thing i can think of is that somehow the line endings are not being picked up?
  12. Sorry if this has already been asked, there is a "View site" menu item, say when using AdminThemeUiKit, and i want that to open in a new tab, however checking off the "Open Home/View site in new tab (topnav)" seems to have no effect.
  13. I have been able to track down the issue, the cause of the crash was my own module – TextInputAwesomeplete which was not compatible with the new custom fields on images feature. I have pushed a fix, but i wonder about the core, in terms of it being able to be resilient against a pagefinder query that incorporates one of the 'virtual' fields. https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1104
  14. thanks - no, the template itself is named correctly, field-images; else the system wouldn't pick it up as a files field definition template... The output field naming (what is being generated in the edit form) is handled by the system..
  15. No search, no selector; No - the system makes up field names like that which comprise the custom field, the image field, and the id of the asset. [custom_field]_[file/images_field]_fileID. You can inspect any files or images field where you have custom fields and you'll see the same thing. No, no repeaters.
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