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  1. ok hang on let me check this - where are you adding that hook (i'm adding it in ready method) dangit, was adding it before... it's totally working now.
  2. @Robin S I tested your way, but it's not working, i'm getting null returning on the $event->return
  3. ok thanks - will look into that!
  4. Update - this now works on UiKit theme, but the method of nullifying the default uikit is somewhat ugly - it basically has to replace the font-awesome css file that is hardcode added to the theme with a blank dummy, and then has to add a copy of the original back at the top of the styles; this is because the FAPro5 styles need to come after the core version in order that the new styles and font are applied.
  5. one thing that i would find difficult from the perspective of UI, is that if you click on an image, you lose all context of where you are at, scrolled down – the page scrolls to the top, and even if you close the larger image at the top, it doesn't put you back where you were – this results in an insane amount of vertical scrolling if you wanted to peruse the portfolio items. You may need to either add prev/next navigation to the opened image, or find some other way of presenting the detail of the images when clicked.
  6. The module is now up on Github in case anyone wants to test it or give it a try. Some additional features were added, like the ability to use SimpleMDE for field descriptions (on the field edit screen). There are probably still some things in this module that could be improved overall, but fundamentally it works well and is in heavy use on one site. This module is being used instead of the Admin Help module now in most cases, because typically the info that editors need to access is always about a specific field, so general instructions on the page editor (like in the help tab or lightbox) do not help as much as here, where targeted/contextual info about how to interact with a specific field is a click away.
  7. ok thanks - gonna fix this next.
  8. @Robin SI think you were right about it seeing the commented out stuff - crazy! I just removed all of the commented out module config and was able to get the mods directory to up it to the latest version...
  9. Another possibility is GitBook, i haven't used it much, but can generate PDF, epub, mobi etc; it also integrates with GitHub
  10. Updates have been made to this module that hopefully help usage: better CSS styling, improved styling of lists config options added for Help Tab Tab Title Tab Color Tab Icon, or no icon Modal width in px, or if not set, full width Better overall Admin Theme support, incl. AdminThemeUiKit Instructions added to main module screen to prevent confusion Retain ability to run setup again if FieldtypeTemplates is installed after first run
  11. ok will do asap.
  12. The 'page content for field description' option works along side the split content; so it is possible to use both as is show in the screen captures. When using the page content option, the content is from a page (e.g. under help pages). The aim is to make it configurable where you can specify which field to use for the content; the textformatters are applied, so you can use markdown if preferred; Right now it is hardcoded to use the body field. For determining which field to show a link to the page's content on in the description, currently in my usage i have a FieldtypeFields field where you select the field that the content should show up on. The other option would be to just use a text field and have users enter the name of the field, or if multiple then a space or comma separated list; Having the selectable fields using that inputfield is very convenient though and maybe less error prone. On UiKit theme it uses the uikit panel to show the help info; the actual content is already on the page, output in a hidden div next to the inputfield; so i don't think pw-panel will work since that is all about iframes. I had thought about the idea of creating a process module that would output the content from any page and then be able to use pw-panel, but i'm not sure if it needs to go there, as it would add another sub-module; On the other themes it shows that content in magnific popup. The main reason i like the panel better than using a popup overall is that i actually have clients who are not super computer savvy or experienced and they are confused by popups and overlays, i've had them close the window because they didn't realize that they were still on the page.
  13. Field Descriptions Extended This module enables you to extend field descriptions by dividing short descriptions with a longer text that is revealed in a toggle. Github: Extending your field descriptions using the standard field's description field. Once this module is installed, it will automatically search your description field for the presence of 5 dashes (-----). Any content above the 5 dashes will be visible and the content below the dashes will be hidden. A 'More...' link will appear at the end of the short description which when clicked will reveal the rest of the description. Using Simple Markdown Editor with the description field If you have Simple Markdown Editor (InputfieldSimpleMDE) installed, you can enable the field description to have that editor. *When using Simple MDE, you can use the button (Insert Horizontal Line) instead of typing 5 dashes. More about SimpleMDE. Extending your field descriptions using content from a ProcessWire Page for the field description. You may use the content from a ProcessWire page as a field description. This would allow you to easily insert images, links, and use hanna codes. To use page content for your field descriptions, please follow these instructions: Install Select Fields module (FieldtypeFields) Create a new field using this field type, e.g. field_select. Add the field to any template you will be using for your field descriptions. Setup your help pages (for example under a settings branch) where you will store the field description content,using the template containing the Field Select. Add content to a page and select the field where that content should show. To show a short text before the link to the longer content, separate them with 5 dashes Be sure to update your settings on this page, first enable page content descriptions,then specify the name of the Select Fields field, template to search, and content field. If you create a field description using this method, please note that the description field must be blank for contexts where you want the page content to appear. You can freely use template context for field descriptions, but the Page Content method is not context sensitive and will display under all contexts where the description is blank. ---- original post: This is a new module, hope to release soon, which allows extended field descriptions, in currently 2 ways. The main feature of the module is that you can have a short description and then a 'more...' link which drops down a longer block of text. This is achieved by separating the intro/visible text and the rest with 5 dashes. Example setup: the 2nd way is if you are using AdminThemeUiKit, you can show extended field instructions in a panel. The content of the panel is edited on a regular PW page. This use case would probably not be that common, but if you had a field that required some extended instructions for how to use, this could be useful; Also, since this allows you to target information and instructions down at the field level, it could reduce the amount of documentation needed on a global level, since it is a lot more context targeted.
  14. @tprThe docs say: If your parent page(s) are not already sorting by a specific field, you may still tell the $pages->find() to sort by the parent's order by specifying "sort=sort" in your selector so i would guess that all you need is sort=sort, and not the way you suggested (?)
  15. sorry must have not gone through, just pushed it now. I'm guessing the mods dir is having the same leading zero problem, possibly running php 7 since v 003, when leading zeros used to work... hoping this does fix that.