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  1. Hi ? Anyone else having this problem? Requirements: - Repeater (matrix & normal) with mutlilanguage fields (text, textarea…) - Backend language set to something other than default (ie. German) Reproduce: - Add a new repeater Item (ajax, I found no way to possible to disable it with matrix) (Notice how the default language tab is active instead of the backend language…) - Write something into the (default language) field - Try to save, if field is required, this will not work. If not required, then when reloading, the content will be inside the backend language field, instead of the default language field who was (presumably) active Analysis: When loading a new repeater element with ajax, the default langue tab is active, but the backend language inputfield is visible (with no visual indication). When writing into the field, it will populate the backend language. When manually clicking on the default language tab (which is already active), the field will switch to the actual default language field (which is [now] empty) (that can now be populated…) Also Notice, the labels of the elements to be added are in default language as well instead of the translated label (images instead of Bilder)… ProcessWire 3.0.148, Profields 0.0.5… Is it my system configuration, or does anyone else have the same issue? This is a screen recording of the problem: Issue: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues/1179 Screen Recording 2020-02-25 at 14.18.31.mov
  2. Thanks for all the positive feedback and support on Medim Folks!
  3. Hi, what would it take to make a certain drole only work on certain pages? Like if the "What can they view" selector would behave as "Where does this drole apply" My Situation: I have an editor I want to be able to edit all german translations. I want the same editor to be able to edit all translations on a specific page (his city) I create 2 droles 1. Edit rights to his city (Page ID 1234) with permission page-edit-lang-de page-edit-lang-defualt 2. Edit rights to all Pages of a certain Template and only page-edit-lang-de Now, thes two droles get combined and result in the user having edit rights on all pages (2. Drole) with german and default language. Now, if the view selector would instead restrict the drole to have only effect on the selected page(s) – this would solve my problem (and probably those of many others since this would allow for truely dynamic role model. Does this description make sense?
  4. I also had this issue, this is how to fix it: Create a new Page Type "Admin" under Admin/Page/ and choose the Process "ProcessPageLister" name it lister Example: http://demo.processwire.com/admin/page/edit/?id=5741
  5. Does not properly work with 3.0 - shortcuts for module etc. add "undefined" to the end of the url, page search does not work as well. Page save works… edit: Dug into js and found hardcoced selectors… With the new Admin Theme it did not work anymore, had to replace #topnav with #pw-masthead – then it works. I'll attached a file that should work for both versions. edit 2: Attached file with fix and some more improvements (like variables moved out of global scope, etc.) AdminHotKeys.js edit 3: The the last file did not yet work with edit-page. This one works with edit page (more like a goto any file…) I have changed the ajax Request to resamble the search field in the upper right of WP3 — not sure if that's the way to go, but it works. Don't know if it also works with PW < 3 AdminHotKeys-3.js
  6. Hi @netcarver great module! Something I'm not sure how to do or if I missed the option: With date time fields from PW you get the option to format the output based on the language. Is this also possible with your plugin? Seems I can't find the option…
  7. Hi i ran into the same issue und it cost me much time to find the culprit of it. Please at least post a big warning in the readme for users to be aware before installation since i suspect this can affect many users who have installed pro fields
  8. It's 1.1.4 and it happenes when I create a new field of the type…
  9. Using latest PW 3.0.77 and Install the Plugin from Module Repository
  10. I still get an error. I assume it's because of missing namespaces…
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