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  1. Great to hear! My current project with Padloper 1 will be released in the next week. So maybe I should convert it to Padloper 2 in future.
  2. @apeisaAre there any deeper infos for Padloper 1? Docs on site are helpfull but not in all cases
  3. Hi! This quit old but have some equal thing. A huge import file with image urls. But some of them generating problems because of wrong or bad image files or they are just not at the URL. Is there a way to check that before?
  4. Hey kongondo are there any news for Padloper 2?
  5. @Teppo Great Module! Are there more examples for an API call of your module? I want to track all changes and list them on a special site. Only changed pages/fields should be listed. Any ideas? foreach($page->versionControlRevisions() as $key => $alue) { $page->snapshot(null,$key); echo $page->name; } How can I compare fields in the version with the current version?
  6. Im getting a 503 if I save a Page with CKEditor, but only when there is a external link inside …
  7. Edited: just rechecked everythink – now it works. Thats weird.
  8. I have tried it with another PW installation but it works. Can't share is because of the license. But I get it with every Preview image form stock.adobe.com
  9. A follow to my previous post: I think this a weird problem. I tried it with some images and it turns out that only images form Adobe Stock have this problem also Fotolia (wich are the same but different payment options) Shutterstock is no problem. Even if I resize/crop the Adobe Images the problem remains … So I think I just don't use Adobe Stock…
  10. Got this problem now overnight. PHP Version is 7.1 so "always_populate_raw_post_data" is deprecated. Strange is I can upload only some images. Also files aren't a problem. In some case I get the SyntaxError: Unexpected token < Any ideas?
  11. Hi Jens 

    Yes would be nice as it is getting a bigger Theme in future for sure. Until now nobody knows Processwire in Germany and so customers tend to use TYPO3 but as soon as they realize the real potential of Processwire and that it actually is much more designer friendly and cost saving (as it saves a lot of time) for sure more will switch IF there are tutorials available how to switch easily.

    1. jensweigel


      An easy switch will be hard. Typo3 is very comlicated. Many things I never have user. Every plugin needs his own solution.

      For tt_news I maybe have a solution. But only with database access

  12. Are there still somebody who is interested in this topic? I made some silly solutions for my personal purpose. Maybe we can exchange know how. For the base I structure my PW sites similar to Typo3. I have pages like Sites and pages like pagesections. SImilar to Typo3 they have different kinds (text, pictext, pic, …) The current task is to rewrite the tt_news urls. This is so crappy if you see how easy PW handle it.
  13. @adrian - Yes that works! Great stuff! You saved my day!
  14. Hi Adrian this module looking very good! But i have some strange problems. So export on page tree from one site (whole tree; pw 3.0.15) wich works very well. And I want to import it on PW 3.0.18 System. wich seems to work also well. Templates and fields are created. I also get the info "Created all required templates and fields and imported/edited 140 pages" but if I view on the page tree nothing is there. I dont see any errors. So maybe its because of the 3.0.x version. Do you have tested it with the 3.0.x version? What else could I try?
  15. So solved it by myself! It was the name for the toolbar option. It wasent mathjax and not MathJax its Mathjax. Such a stupid mistake …
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