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  1. @Autofahrn Yes that is one of my concerns. The first approach to the implementation of the structure was to have a parent Processwire installation and to have some other children Processwire installations that in some how will mirror the structure of the parent (templates and fields). The templates and fields were not be edited on the children only the pages. For the pages we needed other process to maintain everything synchronised. But this scenario is really difficult to maintain and synchronise and we have dismiss this approach and we are going to a central Processwire installation with an API and each child can CRUD using the API. We will need import/export functionality but with less or none uncertainties on the process since they will be executed on the central installation. Thank you
  2. @kongondo thank you for your time and for your reply. It gave me a lot of to dig into. Many thanks for the links and examples.
  3. Many thanks for you reply, I am going to check my code using your example.
  4. Hi, I have a project that will be necessary to export/import and create/update pages and fields using the API without the end user action: - It is possible to export pages or fields to a file and save that file using the Processwire API? - It is possible to import pages or fields from a local or remote file (previous exported from other Processwire) using the Processwire API? - It is possible to update pages or fields from a file using the Processwire API? - Can the export/import functionalities give any help addressing these issues or it is necessary create all these functionalities from scratch? Thank you and hoping to have your feedback.
  5. @adrian - I just updated to the last version. Thank you for your availability, all the best.
  6. Hi, I am using the Tracy Debugger 4.17.18. Regarding the @Robin S remark about the having the "Tracy debug bar disabled for modals", I had the Tracy Debug disable for modals, can this be the cause of the error?
  7. To test this possibility I have created a field InputfieldFieldset (fieldsetPage1) that have a FieldtypeFieldsetPage (fieldsetPage2) and the field2 has a FieldtypeFieldsetPage (fieldsetPage3) that has a text field (text_field) a added the fieldsetPage1 to a template (template1) like this: - template1 > fieldsetPage1 > fieldsetPage2 > fieldsetPage3 > text_field When I page a page using this template, $p = $pages->find("template=template1")->first(); , I can get the "text_field" value using the object notation link this: - $text_field_value = $p->fieldsetPage1->fieldsetPage2->fieldsetPage3->text_field; But when I try to find a page using: - $p = $pages->find("template=template1, fieldsetPage1.fieldsetPage2.fieldsetPage3.text_field=test"); I get an error: - Exception: Operator ~= not supported for fieldsetPage2.data (in /www/domain.com/wire/modules/Fieldtype/FieldtypeRepeater/FieldtypeRepeater.module line 1384) I am using ProcessWire 3.0.126, Do anyone have done something like this or explain what is wrong?
  8. Hi, It is possible to create a field InputfieldFieldset (fieldsetPage1) that have a FieldtypeFieldsetPage (fieldsetPage2) and the field2 has a FieldtypeFieldsetPage (fieldsetPage3) that has a text field (text_field) a added the fieldsetPage1 to a template (template1) like this and use $p = $pages->find("template=template1, fieldsetPage1.fieldsetPage2.fieldsetPage3.text_field=test"); to find pages? Thank you
  9. @Robin S, yes I had the Tracy Debugger disabled for modals, thank you for the tip.
  10. Hi, I have made a module that adds new configuration fields to all field types. One of the issues that I am struggling with is , the new configuration fields works fine when editing the field itself but on the template context the field value is not saved when changed. When saving the new value when editing the the field on the template context the wire('input')->post is empty and I do not know how to get the new value to save it on the field "value" attribute or what might be wrong with the code. In attach is the file of the module "ExtraFieldConfigurations.module". Many thanks ExtraFieldConfigurations.module
  11. Thank you, for the explanation and for the alternative. All the best
  12. Hi, even using: \TD::barDump('test'); or bd(), d(), l(), fl(), when trying to debug a field on the template context I always get the following error, in this case I was trying to use \TD::barDump('test'); I think that is because the module Tracy Debugger is not loaded when editing a field on the template context, can this be the case? Thank you
  13. Hi, I think this is a newbie question but I am trying to use Tracy Debugger to debug code on the a field in the Template context but gives me the error: - "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ProcessWire\barDump()" I tried to use: TD::barDump('test'); and $TD = $this->modules->get('TracyDebugger'); $TD::barDump('test'); but also gives an error. How can I call the barDump() on a field in the template context ? Many thanks
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