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  1. Perfect. Thanks a lot Robin, for your answer and explanation! I tried both and both are working. In the end I decided to go with the OR groups: $title = "title.data{$user->language}%=$q"; $body = "body.data{$user->language}%=$q"; $titleRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[content_element_title.data{$user->language}%=$q]"; $bodyRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[body.data{$user->language}%=$q]"; $result = $pages->find("($title), ($body), ($titleRepeater), ($bodyRepeater), limit=50"); Thanks again. Have a good day. Patrick
  2. Hi Robin Thanks a lot for your answer. Your example is working perfect with a single field, but there are no matches (with the same query) if I search in multiple fields: $result = $pages->find("repeater_element=[title.data{$user->language}%=foo], repeater_element=[body.data{$user->language}%=foo]"); I also tried this (which is not working too): $title = "title.data{$user->language}"; $body = "body.data{$user->language}"; $titleRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[content_element_title.data{$user->language}]"; $bodyRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[body.data{$user->language}]"; $result = $pages->find($title|$body|$titleRepeater|$bodyRepeater%=$q"); Every hint is much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Does anybody know how to write such a selector, which also works with Repeaters too?
  4. In a photogallery I would like to upload more than 2-3 images at once. Let's say 20-30 images (around 200 KB per image) would be great. If I try to upload this amount of images, it sometimes works, but many times the upload gets stuck (progessbar stops & loading icons keep running). Is this a ProcessWire related problem or has this to do with any server connection interruption at my webhost? My current php ini settings are: memory_limit = 512M post_max_size = 256M upload_max_filesize = 16M max_execution_time = 300 max_file_uploads = 100 max_input_time = 0 Thanks Patrick
  5. Hi Robin S Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried the example in your linked post and it works: $field = $user->language->isDefault() ? "body" : "body.data" . $user->language; But in case of Repeaters it seems not to work. The following code throws an Error Exception: Multi-dot 'a.b.c' type selectors may not be used with OR '|' fields. $field = $user->language->isDefault() ? "repeater_element.body" : "repeater_element.body.data" . $user->language; I tried with sub-selectors, but couldn't get it to work fo far:
  6. Currently working on a search function for a multi language website (DE, FR, IT). If I'm on the FR (or IT) version of the website and start a search with a DE term, I also get FR (or IT) pages in the search result (because the default language field has this DE term). How can I achieve that the find() function searches only in the field of the current user language? The current selector looks like this: $selector = "title|body~=$q, limit=50";
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