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  1. If I do a search, I get more results if I'm logged in than if I'm not logged in. The default language (DE) is not the problem, this only happens with the 2 additional languages (FR, IT). The pages have "view access" for guests and the checkboxes for additional languages are checked. Any idea, why this is? Every hint is much appreciated. Thank you.
  2. Perfect. Thanks a lot Robin, for your answer and explanation! I tried both and both are working. In the end I decided to go with the OR groups: $title = "title.data{$user->language}%=$q"; $body = "body.data{$user->language}%=$q"; $titleRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[content_element_title.data{$user->language}%=$q]"; $bodyRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[body.data{$user->language}%=$q]"; $result = $pages->find("($title), ($body), ($titleRepeater), ($bodyRepeater), limit=50"); Thanks again. Have a good day. Patrick
  3. Hi Robin Thanks a lot for your answer. Your example is working perfect with a single field, but there are no matches (with the same query) if I search in multiple fields: $result = $pages->find("repeater_element=[title.data{$user->language}%=foo], repeater_element=[body.data{$user->language}%=foo]"); I also tried this (which is not working too): $title = "title.data{$user->language}"; $body = "body.data{$user->language}"; $titleRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[content_element_title.data{$user->language}]"; $bodyRepeater = "content_element_matrix=[body.data{$user->language}]"; $result = $pages->find($title|$body|$titleRepeater|$bodyRepeater%=$q"); Every hint is much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Does anybody know how to write such a selector, which also works with Repeaters too?
  5. In a photogallery I would like to upload more than 2-3 images at once. Let's say 20-30 images (around 200 KB per image) would be great. If I try to upload this amount of images, it sometimes works, but many times the upload gets stuck (progessbar stops & loading icons keep running). Is this a ProcessWire related problem or has this to do with any server connection interruption at my webhost? My current php ini settings are: memory_limit = 512M post_max_size = 256M upload_max_filesize = 16M max_execution_time = 300 max_file_uploads = 100 max_input_time = 0 Thanks Patrick
  6. Hi Robin S Thanks a lot for your reply. I tried the example in your linked post and it works: $field = $user->language->isDefault() ? "body" : "body.data" . $user->language; But in case of Repeaters it seems not to work. The following code throws an Error Exception: Multi-dot 'a.b.c' type selectors may not be used with OR '|' fields. $field = $user->language->isDefault() ? "repeater_element.body" : "repeater_element.body.data" . $user->language; I tried with sub-selectors, but couldn't get it to work fo far:
  7. Currently working on a search function for a multi language website (DE, FR, IT). If I'm on the FR (or IT) version of the website and start a search with a DE term, I also get FR (or IT) pages in the search result (because the default language field has this DE term). How can I achieve that the find() function searches only in the field of the current user language? The current selector looks like this: $selector = "title|body~=$q, limit=50";
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