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  1. This will make a great update, thanks! Is multilanguage support planned?
  2. Could you send a screenshot?
  3. Some new filters in v049 (eg. srcset) and an easy way to clear Latte cache by appending ?clearcache to the URL. I've added a sidebar to the GitHub wiki so filters and macros are more easier to find.
  4. Eg upload a company logo to an image field that holds many images. Then add the tag "logo", and use it as the main brand logo. Then perhaps upload another one with tag "footer_logo", and so on. Or mark files for different languages as Ryan recommended lately in a blog post. Or mark images to skip, eg for a gallery. I guess you got the idea now.
  5. I needed this when one of my modules installed a few templates, I digged into the core as I remember.
  6. $template->childTemplates?
  7. Module

    Two small additions in v150: Misc: add new page: uncheck `Active?` for non-default language names (thanks to Tomka) Misc: hide the `Add new` dropdown button from above the main pagelist Unchecking the active state for the non-default language variant of a page can be handy if only a few pages need to be multi-language, so you don't have to go to the Settings tab to uncheck them all every time adding a new page. Also works with templates with parent-child relationships set (when the first step of the addnew process is invisible). Hiding the Add new dropdown doesn't take the available bookmarks into account, just hides the button entirely (CSS only btw). I never really needed this feature and I agree that it's rather confusing. The main pagelist looks a bit empty without this button though
  8. Thanks @Robin S, just a small addition: you can omit the admin root url part, so use only "Skyscrapers: page/lister/...".
  9. You can also add a similar feature with AdminOnSteroids, NavItems submodule.
  10. Module

    I just meant that you can use the css from this module with the stock nette Tracy if you would like to have the new design (in non-pw projects).
  11. Module

    All 3 issues above should be fixed in v149, thanks!
  12. Module

    Thanks, will investigate them later.
  13. Module

    With the recent CKEditor update to 4.7 the Table Cells Selection plugin can be entirely removed, will do it in the next update.
  14. I guess it's th file compiler, try to disable it for the template (and clear cache).
  15. In v048 there's a new filter called group. This allows creating groups from a PageArray based on a page field value. I will probably further polish it later when I will use it in more projects but I think it's a nice time saver. {foreach ($page->children()->sort('sort')|group:'section') as $group} ... The filter just saved my *** from re-writing a thing to use Repeaters instead using child pages. It was much easier and fun to create the filter