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  1. Just do it, I don't think I can devote time for a while to check.
  2. Thanks @jmartsch! It seems that a regex in FilterBox allows only specific characters to use for filtering. I don't remember why I did this but I think it's too restrictive. Could you try replacing the line at 552 with this? var i, aStr = str.match(/[^\s]+|"[^"]+"/g); I think I'll need to revisit this sometime but in my quick tests it works better then the previous.
  3. tpr


    I think @Autofahrn is right, the module should output anything only on $img->srcset().
  4. For the record, there is also Choices which is also a good one: https://github.com/jshjohnson/Choices
  5. It's the onInit callback where you can return false, eg. based on the number of DOM elements. That's nice
  6. @adrian FYI it is possible to load filterbox only if some criteria is meet, eg. the number of data to filter is greater than 20.
  7. tpr

    other CMSs

    I was moving recently my sites made with Eleventy to Netlify (free plan) and I really like it. It's easier to deploy (just push to GitHub) and as a plus I have a version control which was not the case with my previous projects. I noticed that my site scores higher on YSlow on GTMetrix so I went ahead and fixed the remaining issues it was complaining about. Previously I used no CDN so YSlow was always lagging behind the PageSpeed score. The result is 100/100, and not only the main indicators but all recommendations below them (it was 100/100 even if one or two recommendations were only 99%). I know it's an overkill and it really doesn't add extra value to the site, but I was curious whether it is possible to reach such figures. Apparently is https://gtmetrix.com/reports/neptunbrigad.hu/ffOeMHHL
  8. And what about a multilanguage site? In general I think the easiest solution would be to display the page name and a link below the title that links to the Content tab. In case of a multilanguage site, display the current language name only.
  9. Thanks @adrian, I was really missing these features (search and recents list). It was a challenge to set up FilterBox to fit in here but fortunately everything fell into place.
  10. Hi @Brian Peat, that line fails if a template doesn't have a name I was wrong, it's the editedPage being null, will add a check.
  11. It would be great having "ő", "Ő" (=> "o") and "ű", "Ű" (=> "u") on the list. I've requested it years ago but it haven't found its way to the core.
  12. Hi @adrian would it be hard to add some kind of "bookmark" feature to the File Editor panel? I sometimes have no other option to edit files but the FE and it's a real pain jumping back and forth eg. from CSS and template files. A simple localStorage implementation would be fine for me. As for the UI, perhaps a select would be the best.
  13. I've added data-attributes to field wrappers in v2.0.15 containing information about the included field. Unlike the info currently available it's not on the inputfield itself but on its wrapper, making admin CSS/JS customizations easier to apply. https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/wiki/Misc
  14. https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/wiki/FieldAndTemplateEditLinks
  15. OK, due to the popular demand towards this feature it's been added to v2.0.14 Some changes: the new suffix contains the field type (eg. "Textarea"), and the inputfield class if it's different from it (eg. "CKEditor") the optional inputfieldClass is not added if it's the language variant (to avoid situations like "excerpt - TextareaLanguage (Textarea)" on the right side of the bars the original field type string is removed (before the percentage) not to display it twice
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