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  1. tpr

    Neither I have an immediate need for rewrite in pure JS but I'm sure I'll try this on a new PW project (nothing in sight btw). I can have a look at it on next week if all goes well.
  2. tpr

    Any progress on this? I would happily help with this, looking at the code it doesn't seem to be a hard task, perhaps only $('body').animate() part + testing.
  3. tpr

    Is the module using Ajax or adds the dropdowns to the markup in advance?
  4. I haven't tried it inside the admin but FEEL may fit for your needs (see my sig). It doesn't have a feature to list children though. If there's a mod needed I can add that to the module, of course a PR is welcomed.
  5. tpr

    ProcessNetteTester Run Nette Tester tests within ProcessWire admin. (continued from here) Features AJAX interface for running Nette Tester tests, in bulk or manually display counter, error message and execution time in a table run all tests at once or launch single tests show formatted test error messages and report PHP syntax errors stop on first failed test (optional) hide passed tests (optional) display failed/total instead passed/total (optional) re-run failed tests only (optional) auto scroll (optional) include or exclude tests based on query parameters start/stop all tests with the spacebar reset one test or all tests (ctrl+click)
  6. No, they can see their own pages only (and child pages). Perhaps it's configurable?
  7. Perhaps you could consider this module:
  8. tpr

    The built-in WireJqueryTabs is configurable but doesn't offer the exact same thing you need. I would add an extra hidden field and save the current tab name via hook on page save, then retrieve this value somehow on page load, with a hook or js, and set the tab accordingly.
  9. tpr

    Just added the beforementioned ProcessNetteTester module download links to the first post. Read the readme on GitHub on how to set it up.
  10. tpr

    Currently there's no such hotkey. I've tried it earlier without luck but surely there's a way. You can copy settings.php from one install to another. Check Save settings checkbox in the bottom of config and save the module. Then on the other site check the same checkbox and save. Then uninstall aos, put settings.php to aos dir and install.
  11. tpr

    Well I'm a starter only but it's fun, and knowing you can any time run tests to ensure everything is OK is invaluable.
  12. tpr

    I'm close to release the initial version of the module, only a few issues are left behind. I rewrite the UI so it uses ajax all the time. It was an overkill to start all test on page load, plus it was done in one PHP thread which involved a few issues (timeout, included files were inherited by next tests, etc). With ajax it's not only user-friendlier but more reliable too, and it's possible to catch PHP errors too (beforehands the syntax error was outputted on the whole page). I also managed to format the Assert error message so now it's much easier to grasp the message. I really like how it looks and works now. Even so it seems simple the JS part was tricky sometimes
  13. tpr

    I'm working on a module that makes easier to run tests, from within the admin. It's a process module and you can add pages anywhere in the admin and set each page a tests directory. So you can add new tester pages, or specify a path to an existing tests directory, see my TemplateLatteReplace module's tests in action on the screencap. Furthermore you can narrow the list of tests within a directory with URL parameters, to include only a few tests or exclude some. This may come handy if you don't want to run all the tests within a directory. Another handy feature is that you can re-run tests via ajax, that makes it easy to check whether your fixes are working (whether in "real" code or in test code).
  14. tpr

    Ok, thanks for your opinions. I'll leave AOS as it is, and when things start going out of control it will support only one admin theme.
  15. tpr

    When I mentioned earlier that I may decide to create to create a new admin theme from aos many of you liked the idea. Yesterday I tried it out and I see how easy it would be to port some features without hacks, and removing the extra code needed to support the 3 major admin themes. So if decide to rewrite that would mean a faster and leaner module that is easier to maintain, but at the cost of dropping support for the default and reno themes. Plus as it would be forked from the uikit theme, I would have to constantly adjust it when the original theme is updated. So what do you think about it?