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  1. Perhaps you need to change this $pages->find("template=PriceSpy, sort=price, title=$item_title, limit=1") to this: $pages->find("template=PriceSpy, sort=price, title=$item_title")->first()
  2. tpr

    Context Tools or Context Actions? Contextions?
  3. tpr

    I would probably use such CSS instead: *:not(.pw-no-select) { user-select: text; }
  4. tpr

    I just noticed this topic, here is a related post for the Cookie Management Banner where this issue was also present: Here you can find the location of the phrase-index.txt file too.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's about 80% done by now
  6. You have a tool for this - a text editor, see:
  7. Using native css variables would be nice, browser support according to caniuse is not that bad:
  8. It should be sg like this: $user->language->name === 'en'
  9. tpr

    @nicolant could you try !$this->wire('modules')->isInstalled... instead?
  10. tpr

    I guess you should set the rendered html to a twig variable in the php file.
  11. I like it, just a few observations: the pw-intro-screenshots are in JPEG, (optimized) PNGs would look better imo (no artifacts) the home page feels a bit crowded for me, especially the 4x2 blocks like the "Web developers love PW" and the "Clients love PW" sections. Some whitespace could help. slide-in, fade-in, etc animations: perhaps a bit too much, I would at least turn them off after the first appearance (if there's a way). Eg. scrolling up and down causes these animations to re-run, making reading text blocks harder (because you need to wait them to fully load).
  12. tpr

    New in version 0.1.2: show test method and assertion count for passed tests display breadcrumb above test file name (configurable)
  13. tpr

    Nice to hear that, thanks. As I wrote the additional filters will be modified a lot in the next release so if you use them a lot then updating will be harder. I try to release it in about two weeks but as always, time is not on my side
  14. Spoiler alert: I'm building a new module that contains a collection of markup generators and other small helpers, and just added a new "isAdminPage" method. This accepts a Page or a Page ID and defaults to the input url. Here is a screenshot of the tests and the method itself:
  15. Js is the way to go if you use cache as @bernhard suggested. However that will not ensure that the next random quote will be different than the previous, and with 30 items that would happen frequently. What I have done on my portfolio site is to - load all quotes to a js array - randomize this array - show quotes sequentially, and restart at the end