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  1. In Chrome, built-in smooth scroll disabled it's still very laggy. You may consider using SmoothScroll.js or similar alternatives. But if you ask me, do not use parallax
  2. I like it! I've used Shuffle.js (non-jQuery, non-commercial) recently to replace Isotope and it did the job nicely.
  3. body {filter: saturate(0)} img {filter: saturate(1)} calm version the quick way
  4. You would need the first Related_Downloads and not the first $page (which is assumably only 1). I think you can use this instead (without foreach): $download = $page->Related_Downloads->first();
  5. You should activate those pages, check the checkboxes next to the page names (Settings tab at page edit).
  6. My best guess is you need to add getVars: (in other words read the fascinating manual )
  7. if ($page->directors && $page->directors->count())
  8. Module

    Thanks, please re-download (only .module file was changed).
  9. Module

  10. Module

    Here are the updates. You can use absolute (fully qualified) or relative paths (relative to site root).
  11. afaik it works with template id too, "template!=1200"
  12. Module

    AFAIK you can overwrite some paths/urls but I wouldn't use it if not necessary (to avoid breaking things). I'll implement the idea I wrote above, that would simplify things a lot (although autoloading assets will be gone).
  13. Module

    I'm thinking of removing the default paths and load only files that the user has written something into the inputs, and also remove the file_exists() limitation. So it would be entirely the user's responsibility to add an asset that is surely available (to avoid 404s).
  14. Module

    Hi @theo, please try this and see if you can manage to make it work. What would be handy here having an ajax button to check whether these assets exist. AdminOnSteroids.module
  15. Module

    You mean tree level 1 and 2? There were issues with the thumbs lately, make sure you're having the latest version.