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  1. Looks nice and handy, thanks! Don't wanna steal the focus but when I bardump long (bdl) an object, eg. a field, the dump looks like this - the pink text should be above the filename:linenum I guess.
  2. In the upcoming 1.7.4 version there will be a new tweak for the Logs page. The helpers field on top can be expanded by default, and the select box of Actions replaced with radios. I don't really get why the actions are in a select, radios are easier to use. I've requested this change in the core on GitHub (and got a few likes there too) but so far there's no response.
  3. I will check the procache forum, thanks! (I need a different account there). Seems like I missed the - 1 for the indexOf, thanks for the help.
  4. Yesterday I've fixed a few things mentioned earlier. Some remarks: For me it works fine. Does it happen on other sites too? Others? Yep, navItems are hacky because there is no hook to add menu items properly. To add items only to specific pages would require to rewrite the whole thing, but my biggest concern is how to make the admin for it simple. I don't remember why it's there Sure, when the time comes.
  5. I meant CMSes that can output the whole site to a different server. One example is WordPress + Simply Static plugin.
  6. No, things are not that obvious. We are using other tools that allow separating admin and frontend to different servers, so even if fronted gets hacked they can't get hold of sensitive data but only static html files. This is something pw can't do afaik, perhaps with procache but I haven't tried that workaround so far.
  7. No, I haven't dealt with every detail yet, mostly only with the issues you reported here and on github. I do not use pw nowadays too much and even if I do I use the Reno theme so I cannot spot all the issues. But I think the majority of them are easy to fix, apart from the fact that now 3 admin themes are there to check which slows down things. I plan to iron out the known issues in the following weeks.
  8. Thanks, I'll check all the issues and fixes when I finally get out of this less productive holiday season
  9. Thanks! Use the code you find there with caution, it doesn't always follow the best practices Plus unfortunately your quote is also valid when changing a word in it: When your site is doing something weird and you can't remember for the life of you how you did it, check AOS first
  10. Check out AutoSmush module for image optimization, with that you can easily optimize images that google pagespeed accepts in most of the time. Usually I can get pagespeed "green" values and that's where I stop optimizing, unless there's something trivial I can solve easily. The more optimization trick or workaround you make the less maintainable your site will become, so there is a point you better stop. Page speed analyzers are only indicators, not standards, this is something the so-called SEO experts usually get wrong
  11. In the latest v0.5.5 there's a new optionchecked filter. I usually have a tough time when I have to check whether a Select options field has a given option checked/selected, so this filter is about simplify this. I've decided to use a "dot notation" because it makes things easier to read imo. The filter accepts the id, value and title too: // 3=show_header|Show header {if ($page|optionchecked:'page_options.3')} ... {/if} {if ($page|optionchecked:'page_options.show_header')} ... {/if} {if ($page|optionchecked:'page_options.Show header')} ... {/if}
  12. Same here, if someone tells the recommended format for version numbering I'll stick to that in my modules.
  13. Thanks, it was a .text() vs .html() issue, module updated 1.7.0.
  14. Thanks, I like it. Perhaps the template link attracts the attention too much, I would go with something like this - but of course I can live with the current one too
  15. The attached version of TD doesn't offer anything extra compared to the built-in admin search so I don't regard it too useful - of course on the frontend side it could be handy. In this case it would be great having a non-panel version of it, only a small input line in the TD bar, with results appearing above it, growing upwards. Probably this is harder to implement, just an idea. See the attached image how I imagined the ajax-loaded page title (plus the template name used). It should be one line only, cropped if too long, with a small font size. Also its placeholder space should be there all the time to avoid jumping when typing.