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  1. tpr

    I usually don't set dates output formatting because it's easier to handle in templates, and this way they are displayed as timestamps in the page list.
  2. tpr

    AFAIK you cannot do it out of the box but with the AdminOnSteroids module it is possible, see Allow markup tokens for "List of fields to display" here: ({date_created}|date:%Y/%m/%d)
  3. @psy Same path here but I was the other two devs too
  4. tpr

    I think this is something that @tpr needs to take care of in AOS, but if someone know better, please correct me. @bernhard Yesterday I tried to replicate this but couldn't. Have you modified z-index in tracy, or have set sticky header in aos?
  5. tpr

    @MilenKo This is because these dropdowns are positioned via JavaScript (inline CSS) and it happens when you hover on the menu. This makes this weird behaviour that I have noticed as well but never examined it. As a simple fix I made those dropdown menus fixed positioned too in v2.0.5.
  6. tpr

    If it helps, I ignore all
  7. tpr

    I've experimented with this 2yrs ago and it can be done. As I remember there were some minor issues that I haven't solved (mostly because of lack of time).
  8. So you style the js utilities on your own?
  9. tpr

    The overlapped header button and the CodeMirror black font color issues should be fixed in v2.0.4. As for the latter, if you set a light CodeMirror theme then you should manually override the font color with a custom CSS. I also made the CodeMirror editor text a bit larger and force word-wrapping.
  10. tpr

    I know about that bug, will check later. As for ListerPro, the problem is that I still don't own a copy of it so it's hard to fix. If you happen to make a PR, that would be great.
  11. Fortunately no such transformation gonna happen like in the classic The Fly movie
  12. tpr

    Thanks, I think it's fine now (means I'm outta ideas :))
  13. tpr

    @adrian I added this line to my previous post by editing it so you may have missed it. I think the shorter column headers would be just as informative as the longer.
  14. tpr

    Ok but let me know which version you (including others) would prefer, if any.
  15. tpr

    I liked the previous colored version where it was more obvious who can or cannot do what. I would perhaps try making the X icons 50% transparent or so to separate things better (or remove entirely?). Another idea is that on clicking on the table would toggle the icons visibility, so eg it would load with no X icons but on click they would appear and the check icons would disappear. Or perhaps just use hover for inverting the icons' visibility so no need to use js? How about removing the -able endings in the column headers to make it more compact? You can add the original text as a title attribute to keep them too.