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  1. Just for the record, in AOS you can easily add a WP-like page edit layout by adding enabling Add aos_column_break field to create admin columns tweak under Misc (and adding the aos_column_break field to your templates). The gutter between the columns is draggable.
  2. Makes sense but eg. for me who doesn't have Ace it's a drawback. Now I've modified the code to use Ace if it's installed, otherwise use CodeMirror. Btw, with Ace the textarea height is only 3 rows here, how you managed it to make higher? Update: solved it this way, but is there a way to autosize the Ace editor?
  3. Unfortunately highlight.js doesn't support textarea so I had to use CodeMirror. I'll be available in the next release.
  4. Not a bad idea, but how about highlight.js?
  5. v1.5.8 is uploaded so you can try the new "CKEditor customization" feature where you can set CKEditor toolbar buttons and other properties. I think it's a pretty powerful feature with only a few lines of code, thanks to PW and using INI fomat in the configuration textarea. For details, see the bottom of CKEaddons in the docs. Plus I've reorganized the module assets including the compile/minify process, hopefully without any issues.
  6. I haven't checked with PW < 3. But if it worked well so far you can update it (just replace the directory on the server).
  7. Sure, and it was fixed in the latest version a few days ago, have you tried it?
  8. Perhaps parse_ini_string could be used here.
  9. The custom CKE toolbars per role feature starts to get shape (continued from here). I decided not to use roles but selectors instead for more flexibility (restrict by user role, name, email, etc). There is also a field "filter" to restrict customizations to certain fields. The biggest issue was figuring out how one could enter these infos in the admin. A full-fledged click-and-play UI was out of scope so the good old textarea-based solution seemed the best option. Even so it's not the simple key=value situation that I've used in the module a few times. I was about to use JSON but that's hard to write and error-prone so finally I made it with INI format, using parse_ini_string in the code. That worked so well that I will use it in the future for sure. I need to add a way to specify toolbar items to add/remove instead setting them directly, and it'll be ready for consumption
  10. I cannot reproduce, sorry. Any further information on this?
  11. Are you using the latest version? A similar bug was fixed there and I can't reproduce. If it still exists, could you send a screenshot of your RenoTweaks? And is "Center login form" (under Misc) checked?
  12. I saw this once but I was lazy to make the adjustments will do later
  13. This is actually so useful that I need to add to AOS (if you don't mind) Removing toolbar items is easy with your code but AOS may add extra buttons via CKEditor plugins. I found out that listing them in "removePlugins" is enough, so this can be used to remove extra plugins with ease: $this->addHookBefore('Field(inputfieldClass=InputfieldCKEditor)::getInputfield', function(HookEvent $event) { // do not show modified data on Field edit page if ($this->wire('process') != 'ProcessPageEdit') { return; } $field = $event->object; if($this->wire('user')->hasRole('editor')) { $field->toolbar = 'Bold, Italic'; $field->removePlugins = 'div, justify'; // plugins to remove $field->formatTags = 'p;h2;h3;h4'; // allowed format tags, separated with semicolon } });
  14. v1.5.7 is up, containing the Trash pagelist action for non-SuperUsers too (from Robin S), with an inline confirm feature:
  15. The indentation looks like a bug, I'll check. Branding logo is something I plan to add somehow, I'll get back to this sometime.