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  1. Do you have a field with html5 validation that prevents the Save action to perform? Aos triggers the Save button so this is what I can think of. I have modified this feature a few weeks ago to trigger Save instead Publish when creating a new page but I don't think this is the culprit. I needed to modify things under the hood to take the DOM order into account, to find the Save btn first on new page. I guess I can show the save overlay for a second and then remove.
  2. No, that tells that you always need to add sort=sort to ensure the admin sort order. I've used sort=sort in aos but noticed that custom sort order needs additional work. You can check it by adding a custom sort order to the parent page, and then see how the prev-next link targets are out of sync.
  3. If you have an own server you can upload images there and link to them. I sometimes do this, which also has the benefit that I can modify images easily if I need to, and they will remain there whatever happens to the forum.
  4. Yes, as it takes the custom sort order into account, that you can set in the Children tab of the parent page. By default it falls back to"sort".
  5. I've noticed that I need to set the sort order to keep the admin page order (this is what users expect I guess). You can do this like so: $query = 'include=all, sort=' . $this->editedPage->parent->sortfield . ', parent='.$this->editedPage->parent;
  6. Thanks, I like these kind of bug endings
  7. Filter boxes are added via JS so there is no hook there as I remember. Because of this the JS init code needs to be run on ajax change. I rarely use pagetables but I'll reproduce the issue somehow.
  8. That would work, but there is an aos tweak to move the save btn next to the title. But perhaps prevnextlinks could be placed to the far right then, will think of it.
  9. That's true but I think it wouldn't be used to quickly cycle through pages. My first idea was to put these links before the title but that would make the title look odd, though I can change it if there's a need.
  10. I've just added a feature similar to PrevNextTabs module, creatively named as prevNextLinks It's largely based on @Macrura's module but there are some differences too: links are added next to the page title which is imo less error-prone on the last page the first children is linked and on the first page the last, so there are "Edit prev/next/last/first" links based on the current position under the hood links are added to the DOM via JS, which made it much easier to position them and to serve all 3 admin themes (default, Reno, Uikit) there is no option to exclude/include templates @Juergen Thanks, I'll have a look
  11. FYI version 008 caused an 500 error: Changing the version number from 008 to 8 (no quotes) fixed the issue (plus clear the FileCompiler cache). Running PHP 7.025 here. As I've read PHP 7 throws an error if the integer starts with a zero, so use it without them or use as a string ("008").
  12. Thanks @Samc and @maxf5, you gave me an idea about the future of my AdminOnSteroids module, rewriting it as an admin theme. This has been come up earlier too but there was no Uikit theme then, now it's perhaps more easy to do this.
  13. I can confirm this issue with the Uikit theme. Here is an idea for the prev-next edit links placement, next to the page title: And I would use the regular link "title" attribute instead of the tooltip (it just works). In fact I wanted the add this feature to AOS for a long time but I couldn't find a satisfactory place to them. But now I think this is it
  14. I haven't noticed such issue, maybe it's something with bgset. Here (at the bottom) they suggest to use the parent-fit extension when using cover or contain:
  15. Affinity Designer seems another good choice: