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  1. Thanks but unfortunately I don't see that happening, and it's not about the donations. I'm working with .NET for at least about 3 years now as the backend, and Angular/Next.js/etc for the frontend, all these on a corporate laptop. My own old laptop where I have PHP is now slow as hell, I boot it up only a few times a year. This "setup" makes it very inconvenient to maintain AOS, and I'm completely out of what's happening with PW and PHP lately, which complicates things even more.
  2. On a ML site I couldn't reproduce this (PW 3.0.123). I have no idea what could cause this and unfortunately I haven't touched AOS recently and unfortunately I have no time to investigate ? Perhaps it's because of a newer PW version or perhaps something in your languages setup (naming?), but that's only shooting in the dark.
  3. #wrap_Inputfield_enabledSubmodules .InputfieldCheckboxesStacked input:checked+span:before
  4. May be not the easiest thing to set up, but with AdminOnSteroids FieldOverrides this is already possible: https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/wiki/FieldOverrides
  5. You can pull in a custom CSS (see AssetPaths), where you can add anything you want.
  6. If someone could create a PR that would be nice, I don't have my personal notebook with me for a few days (that is, no PHP :)).
  7. Ok fair, but that could work for a module version ?
  8. Unless view was restricted to the user who created the content (or to role).
  9. It's in AdminOnSteroids.php file ? https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/blob/master/AdminOnSteroids.module#L2582
  10. Only tried by dragging an invalid filetype to the fields. I now tried a trickyPNG.svg file and the backend responded with 500, perhaps it's a success? ?
  11. Sorry for the delay - apparently no, I set the allowed extensions to "svg" and a "png" file wasn't accepted (even when setting field "Closed + Load only when opened (AJAX) †"): [Allow SVG only for field 'images'] ?field = "images" extensions = "svg"
  12. I think it's doable with AOS, check the FieldOverrides feature: https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/wiki/FieldOverrides
  13. Thanks for the update. This implementation is a bit weird to me: // Get previous URL segment $prev = $input->urlSegment('=bar'); Perhaps a new urlSegmentBefore() (and after) or a second parameter would be more readable.
  14. Sounds good, although I'm not sure when I could get to it. If it's an easy PR please go on, I'll check then ? (typo "unter" in your previous comment ?)
  15. You would just need to add test files to your module, not the whole testing module. You or someone who is interested could install the tester module and run the tests. I can think of data saving and retrieval tests that could be tested on the backend. Frontend (e2e) testing us another thing, I used Cypress a few times but there are many other available. With Cypress it is easy to simulate user inputs and interactions. I can spend some time to set up a simple test if you wish, so you could use that as a base. But it is easy enough to just get started with the official docs.
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