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  1. Module

    I think the time I could invest in this workaround could be spent on adding ajax save to ckeditor
  2. Module

    AOS triggers the save button only, what you need would be ajax save which is harder to implement. Maybe I'll check it some day though. Of course I could find a way to Maximize after ctrl+s but I'm not sure this won't be a nuissance.
  3. Module

    Thanks, but it seems OK to me, at least I can't see the issue on the gif. So at the end of the video if you click on the Maximize button nothing happens? My best guess is that you expect the editor to re-maximize automatically which is not the case. I've installed SystemNotifications module and disabled all other submodules of AOS but it's still working as expected here (on "expected" I mean what I expect :)). If you think it's still an issue and could provide a login to me to check, that would be great (or install a new PW instance for me to check, it's a few minutes using Soma’s Online Installer)
  4. Fyi AdminOnSteroids module is able to put pages to the sidebar. It is using Javascript to append the pages because there's no hook I could use so it may not fit your needs.
  5. Module

    I may not understand it correctly but it sounds that the page you are editing is not reloaded after ctrl+s. On reload everything should start clean so no idea how this could fail. Anyway I committed the update (no version change), plus made ctrl+s work in cases when the page is opened in a modal, eg. when using FEEL or perhaps the bult-in front-end editor.
  6. Module

    No idea what is happening there No errors here on latest PW dev and latest AOS, default and Reno themes. Cache? Edit: have you added CKEditor buttons to the body field before AOS? Sometimes that can cause JS errors, re-saving the field usually helps.
  7. Module

    Replace this file until module update. AdminOnSteroids.min.js
  8. Module

    It seems that the Maximize plugin replaces the DOM entirely and there's no Save button at all. My only idea is to trigger a click on the pushed Maximize button which works, though the transition to the non-maximized state is visible for a few milliseconds.
  9. Maybe this:
  10. Module

    For ckeditor there is already a Maximize plugin in aos (ckeaddons). As for the other fields the biggest issue is the button placement, or finding another solution to trigger. I think such features would fit to the drop down idea I plan to add to field labels - when my time allows
  11. Module

    v134 has a new option for FileFieldTweaks: disable filename truncation for File fields. Thanks @BitPoet for the right track and @Robin S for the request. This was something bugged me for some time but was lazy to investigate
  12. Module

    v133 contains a new CKE plugin Code Snippet which lets you insert rich code snippets with syntax highlighting into the editor. The plugin uses highlight.js. On the frontend you'll need to include highlight.js assets and initialize (see more at To customize the languages available for selection and the theme, add this to /site/templates/admin/cke.js file (this is the auto-loaded configuration file for CKEditor, you can modify it in the Asset Paths section in AOS): CKEDITOR.editorConfig = function (config) { config.codeSnippet_theme = 'foundation'; config.codeSnippet_languages = { apache: 'Apache', css: 'CSS', html: 'HTML', ini: 'INI ', javascript: 'JavaScript', scss: 'SCSS', php: 'PHP', sql: 'SQL', }; };
  13. Module

    #3 try "reloaded" event on the input field. You might check code in aos, eg for inputfieldurlchecker.
  14. Module

    New feature in v131: new move to first/last buttons for file/image fields (FileFieldTweaks). This adds up/down icons (right-left in case of images) that you can use to move items to the first or last position.