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  1. Just added a new 'getembedurl', 'append' and 'prepend' filters to v4.4. With getembedurl you can retrieve the embed url to be used when embedding videos (currently for Youtube/Vimeo). Editors aren't really capable of copying the embed url so you can use this filter to allow them adding the url of the video to the admin. Filters append and prepend are convenience filters that you can use to quickly append/remove data. Data can be primitive or arrays. These filters are particularly useful when chaining filters so you don't have to split the current line just to modify the original data. The bodyclass filter now contains the name of the viewFile (if exists), prefixed with "v-", and directory separators converted to "-". Custom classes can be added using $page->body_class if needed.
  2. I'm using AdminRestrictBranch module on a similar site. There is only one code base and I use the URL to check which site to load. In the admin site owners can only see/manage their own pages. Some owners have custom domain and they all point to the same directory on the server.
  3. Module

    Thanks, I also think yours is better. At the time I wrote the original Js I wasn't aware of .one(), I would use that too.
  4. You can also try AutoSmush and see whether it fits.
  5. Module

    The search is over, thanks to @Juergen providing login to the site in question. I have modified the way the controls are added, now it happens when you hover on the admindatatable, this seems to be the most reliable way. See the modified file attached. BatchChildEditor.js
  6. It's a neverending question, you should choose one (or not choose any) and stick with that, until you find more attractive one Personally I use a grid mixin and use custom CSS for everything. I can't say this is the best way, that always depends on the situation. For a larger project with multiple devs I would probably use a framework.
  7. Module

    Yepp, the main goal would be to detect where it stops at your side Btw "variable length" in these cases are the number of items found in the DOM. So if it's 0 for "$(bce_adminDataTableSelector).length" it means the html tag is not found in the DOM. I guess you can't provide login details via PM, that would make things easier
  8. Module

    Try adding console.log() directly into BatchChildEditor.js file instead.
  9. Module

    Thanks - a script can fail even if there are no errors, eg. in this case probably the markup can't be added because the target element is not found in the DOM (maybe the selector used doesn't match anything). It's hard to tell anything else without seeing it. I would try using console.log(obj.length); where object is the target (jQuery) element. If it's 1 (shown in the console) then it's there, otherwise not.
  10. Just upgraded the module to v0.4.3. There's a new option to disable the "noescape" filter, and a workaround for translations on a non-multilanguage site. The latter is a simple solution for a situation when you copy over a latte file from another project full with translations but the current project is single-language only. This is perhaps not an issue if you're using full strings for translation keys, e.g "_t('Read more')" instead "_t('read_more_text')" because the original key is returned. But even so you may start a non-English project and there you'll be in trouble I was there several times and ended up rewriting strings/translations all over the project, now they can remain in place and I have to add translations at one file (which you can copy over).
  11. Module

    Still no idea, try to load BatchChildEditor.js and check "addBceColumnControls" function at line 213. I guess you've tried disabling AOS to ensure it's not interfering.
  12. Module

    I can't see issues here. Perhaps you could find the corresponding JS code in BCE and see where it fails. You could also check if the markup is there so it's not only a CSS issue (with devtools).
  13. Module

    Are you using AJAX loading?
  14. Just used this module for adding a video link to images. There was a glitch that there was no indication on the thumbnails whether there is a link added or not, so I put together a small js/css combo to add an icon: Here is the corresponding code - dirty but works
  15. Module

    That's true for the "zip download" export option, but for the "JSON list" obviously it's not. If custom modules were skipped that would have been more "user-friendly" than aborting. I'll use the ZIP option next time though, thanks for the info.