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  1. My module was also adding other attributes beforehand, eg classes, but that was too restricting, and IDEs were complaining about missing img attributes. That's why I decided to rewrite it to generate the srcset attribute only that you can use the way you need. It even works with lazysizes bgset attribute that I often use.
  2. In AdminOnSteroids I could only do this with JavaScript. If "icon only pagelist actions" is enabled, on hover I add the title from the button text. I guess it's not applicable here (the title should be different as the button text), but perhaps you can do something along these lines, eg. add a JSON to the page and lookup the title text with JS. Of course a non-js solution would be welcome.
  3. tpr

    z-index is tricky, if a parent element has lower index then you can't make a child element positioned above it. I hope I can modify AOS to overcome this.
  4. tpr

    Perhaps you can set a higher z-index in Tracy module's settings page, but I'll take a look when I have time.
  5. MarkupSrcSet doesn't use JS to generate the markup. I guess the JSON format that misled you, in fact the module was rewritten a year ago, see this post:
  6. WP is great for things. But here we talk about websites
  7. @prestoav what netcarver suggested, please open a github issue because the .langTabEmpty class is missing from image description list items which makes it impossible to style the way you need.
  8. tpr

    Offtopic: if I will have some time I will add a similar feature to aos. The reason I haven't done this already is that never had the need for a color picker in the admin. This is the js I plan to use:
  9. Is section title translated in your selector? Perhaps its in the default lang all the time. Anyway, you're on the right way, keep searching
  10. Just bd() what you need to see, eg. bd($section_title); bd($selector); bd($items); and examine what the cause could be. My guess is that there's something with the $section_title, or some news page are still inactive in some languages (de, fr).
  11. Use Tracy debugger and dump to see th3 full object. I guess you should post the template file content too to check that also (with the exact data to avoid misunderstandings like the previous get vs find).
  12. I think it was a custom CSS rule, not a built-in aos feature.
  13. $pages->get gets only one page, try find() instead. Also, get() ignores published state which is perhaps not what you want.
  14. Is Page - Settings tab - Active checkbox checked after page names?
  15. tpr

    HI @gmclelland I think I have meant these: $view->searchPage = 1611; if ($page->template->name == 'blog' || $page->id == 1583 || $page->id == $view->searchPage) { include './templates/_search.php'; $view->newsletterForm = addForm(1599); } if ($page->id == 1035) { $view->viewFile = 'services'; } if ($page->multivalue && $page->multivalue->type == 'wd') { $view->viewFile = 'forms-webdev2'; } // blog pages if ($page->parent->id == 1583) { $view->viewFile = 'blog'; } And it's ready.php and not the basic-page), I guess I have changed this in the meantime. I use ready.php for all such settings, it's my "second config.php" in my projects. Of course this kind of setup is made for the Latte template engine (99% of my projects are done with it). See the matrix screenshot attached. It's not very sophisticated, I've added new checkboxes and items as there were a need to them. It's not easy to set it up right but when it's ready and the client is able to use it properly it can be very effective. But most of my projects I do not allow such flexibility for clients (or there is no need for that).