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  1. tpr

    I guess the LanguageSupport module won't make a site multilanguage (but I could be wrong). I would try installing it without adding any extra languages and see if PagePaths module still works as expected.
  2. tpr

    @bernhard It does seem to work - or do you mean you are not able to add the .noAutosize classes? @Robin S Just added the cache bust strings to assetpaths, thanks for the suggestion. Will be available in v1.9.4. Here is a preview of the Fields page with additional data like inputfield classes, description, notes and IDs. It seems impossible to add column headers to the extra columns but i think it's quite obvious even without them.
  3. I came to the same conclusion when using the Page Protector module, uninstalling the SessionLoginThrottle module: I think it's a bug, non-superusers getting 500 error.
  4. tpr

    Isn't it possible to get half pixels using translate too with percentage values?
  5. In ListerPro (commercial) you can add bookmarks so you can directly open one page as the root tree (as I know, I don't have ListerPro). You can achieve something similar with AdminOnSteroids module's NavItems tweak too.
  6. tpr

    In v1.9.3 I switched to the $datetime api var in pagelist markup and introduced %modifiedUser% and %createdUser% tokens. As a result it is possible to display relative date like this: I never thought about this but it came from a request and seems like a nice addition. In fact I only knew that a relative date function exists in PW but not that it's also an api var. I was even happier when I learned that I need only slightly change the code to support both relative and the existing date formats with $datetime->date(). Full changelog: pagelist markup: switch to $datetime api var (allows relative datetime strings too) pagelist markup: add %createdUser% and %modifiedUser% tokens pagelistUnselect: fix Uikit theme spacing issue (reported by Robin S) CKEditor plugin Link Files Menu: apply fix from Robin S from his original module (ajax response not working for non-superusers)
  7. tpr

    I don't really agree with the article. Perhaps that was true back then but nowadays people are used to it (or perhaps I'm too much of a designer :)). According to that logic the eg. the search icon (magnifying glass) could be on a ban list.
  8. tpr

    I also use something like @horst but only with without eot, svg and ttf (plus with a stylus or scss mixin), see
  9. tpr

    This may come handy
  10. tpr

    Sure, I can add workarounds, just wanted to share these, thanks.
  11. tpr

    I get an 500 error after the third failed login attempt: Please wait at least 10 seconds before attempting another login. (in /wire/modules/Session/SessionLoginThrottle/SessionLoginThrottle.module line 97) SessionLoginThrotte settings are the default ones, 5 sec and 60 sec, no IP throttle. I'll disable the SLT module for now but I'm curious whether this happens for others too. Using PW 3.0.100 and PageProtector 2.0.4, but just checked on another site running on 3.0.52 / 0.2.1 and it happens there too.
  12. tpr

    A feature request for the future: allow login only with a password. As a workaround I used a simple str_replace and added hardcoded "value=USERNAME" attribute to the username input, plus a good old display: none to it. This way it doesn't show up but contains the username pre-filled. The same could be perhaps achieved if there was a per-page setting where we could enter one username. Then the module could add a hidden input with an encrypted username (instead of a text type username input). But maybe you have a better idea. I needed this because the client needed a password protected page without asking for a username. Fortunately the protection doesn't need to be bulletproof so my workaround is fine for now, but in the future it would be nice having this built-in.
  13. Try adding title in a template's Advanced tab, under "List of fields to display in the admin Page List. Not sure if it works with 2.7.2.
  14. tpr

    Sure, it's fine to me having this somewhere low on your todo list
  15. tpr

    No, I haven't tried this time but recently I've added buttons to it. Just wanted to mention this because this feature could be useful also to others (or am I the only one blessed with such a client? :))