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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all and thanks for the great work on PW! One thing I find I have to do on any new site is add the Justify plugin to textarea fields as it is such a widely required feature for text headings in content. ANy chance this could be added to the core an automatically be installed on new textarea fields using CKEditor? Thank you!
  2. ProcessWire added the numReferences property in 3.0.107, which returns the count of all pages having a reference to the page object. However, apparently it's not possible to use this property inside a selector. I'm trying to find all pages that are referenced at least once: $pages->find('template=service, numReferences>0'); This throws an error: "Field does not exist: numReferences". Is there another way to filter by the number of references? Of course, I could manually filter the results of the find query, but that feels overly complicated. Ideally, I would also like to filter the number of references from a specific field; that is, find all pages that are referenced at least once in one specific page reference field. Is there a way to do this? I guess supporting numReferences in selectors would be a feature request - if so, is it feasible? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've installed ACE Text Editor today and it's awesome to directly write markdown in a really good looking way. But what I found to be tricky is to insert images there. It would be nice to get some kind of image import like in TinyMCE there, but I think this could be a little time consuming. So I got myself a little workaround. I've added a little input below the description to the ImageField module to show me the url, so I can easily copy it into my body. This would be a nice optional feature to have, so people could activate it if needed. protected function ___renderItem($pagefile, $id, $n) { $thumb = $pagefile; if($this->adminThumbs && $thumb->height > $this->adminThumbHeight) { // create a variation for display with this inputfield $thumb = $thumb->height($this->adminThumbHeight); } $out = [...] // own Code "\n\t\t\t<input disabled style='width: 99%' type='text' name='url_$id' value='{$pagefile->url}' />" . // End own Code "\n\t\t</p>"; return $out; }
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