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  1. Thanks BitPoet. I was using AoS for a while but I found it didn't play nicely with the admin UI Kit theme in places and I understand AoS is no longer being developed so I've stopped using it in production. It's a shame because it really did add some nice features.
  2. Hi Zeka, Doh, I can't believe I didn't spot that! thanks for the tip. Marked as solved.
  3. Hi folks, I've set up a field to link to an other internal page and with a Input Field Type of Page List Select. All work well until you want to remove a selection altogether. Adding a page in from the list or changing it is fine but I can't find a way for the editor (or Superuser) to remove a selection once it's made. See screen grab attached. Clicking on 'Change' shows the list of pages to choose from but no way of removing any selection to leave it blank. I ended up deleting that line from the database manually but obviously that's not a solution. Anyone found out how an editor can do this? PW 3.0.165 Thanks!
  4. Hi there. Yup, you guessed it. Thank you, I can't believe after all this time I missed that!
  5. PW 3.0.165 / Admin Theme UIKit Today's head scratcher! I have 20+ PW sites running on my localhost under MAMP at localhost:8888, many of which are PW 3.0.165 / UIKIt Admin theme. Today I noticed on one site the admin 'View' links in the page tree and the page editor are removing the port number from the URL. so rather than linking to 'localhost:8888/site/page' they are linking to 'localhost/site/page'. To make things even more weird the other admin links ('edit' for example) leave the ':8888' intact. Finally, it's only happening on one site, the others on the same host are fine. I've looked at the .htaccess and there are no rewritebase rules in operation. I wondered if anyone else had seen this and figured out what that may have happened on any thoughts on possible reasons? Thanks, as always, in advance.
  6. Yup, that's it exactly, I have MultiLang installed but only one language (me default installation ready for multilang sites). I'll mark this solved. thanks for the link to that thread @wbmnfktr 🙂
  7. Hi all, I could have sworn I used to be able to use the site generic 'title' field as a sub field of a repeater field. However I've tried to do this on two 3.0.165 sites recently and, while it will add the title field in the repeater field setup, it wont save the repeater title sub field's content when the repeater is used in a page template and edited. It;'s not a big issue but I wondered if this was a known restriction?
  8. Hi @matjazp, Thank you for your help, I'm not sure I would have tracked this down without that last suggestion to comment our the hidden visibility. Long story short it was my own fault! I built this site a long time ago and, in my naivety back then, added a protection line at the beginning of the main admin.php template that redirected front end users if they were to ever stumble on a real admin page using Fredi (the previous FE editor I was using). That line was redirecting front end users as soon as FEEL was trying to open an admin page. Oddly that wasn't happening with Fredi!?! Anyway, it's now working as expected and it was my fault not the module! Thanks again!
  9. The more I look at this the more I suspect a permissions issue. It works perfectly for the Super User, just not for any other role. Checking the permissions for the 'editor' user like this, just before the call to FEEL to create the edit button: $perms = $user->getPermissions(); foreach ($perms as $perm) {echo $perm->title . " | ";} if ($page->editable()) {echo "Page is editable.";} I get this: "View pages | Edit pages | Delete pages | User can update profile/password | Page is editable." Every piece of evidence is suggesting it should work for the user but it just doesn't unless the user is a super user. 😞
  10. Hi @matjazp I'll do that as I'm really curious to see what's going on. It makes no sense that it works for the super user but not other user roles, even when they apparantly have the same permissions for page edit and creation.
  11. Thank you @MarkE, I'll definitely take a look!
  12. Hi Robin, Yes, that was my understanding too. I have been using that for quite a while without issue. The other thing I removed (which also maybe the cause but I don't think to) was the reference to the root page as $pages->get("/"). Maybe that was the 'root' cause?
  13. Thanks for getting back to me @matjazp. That's a shame it's no longer supported. I tried your suggestion of commenting out the check lines in the the .module file and go straight to the line: var editForm = iframeContent.find('form#' + (mode === 'template-edit' ? 'ProcessTemplateEdit' : 'ProcessPageEdit')); But sadly that made no difference. In the .js file it seems to come down to this bit of code failing: if (editForm.length) { if (mode !== 'template-edit') mode = 'page-edit'; processPageEdit = true; } else { editForm = iframeContent.find('form#ProcessPageAdd'); if (editForm.length) { mode = 'page-add'; processPageAdd = true; } else { // close the modal processSaveRedirect = true; setTimeout(function () { $.magnificPopup.instance.close(); }, 100); return false; } } logging editForm.length shows a val of 0. So, the process arrives at this check but has no content to work with.
  14. Finally found the issue! In the template set I was using the following in various places to retrieve the root page: $pages->get(1); In V3 that doesn't work. However, this does: $pages->get("id=1") All works as expected once those were swapped out.
  15. Hi @benbyf If you right click on the image in the CKEditor field and select "Image Properties" then click on the quote marks icon you can edit Img Alt there.
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