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  1. Hi all, This is for an existing site with a new page template and new repeaters - PW v 3.0.42 For the new template there are a couple of repeater fields with image fields as child fields. The super user can upload images to the image fields within the repeaters but any other uses (e.g. editors) can't. The image appears to upload then disappears. This is true for all the repeaters in this page template. I remember from some time ago that permissions needed to be setup explicitly (rather than inherited) for these fields so I have set edit permissions explicitly for the page template, repeater and repeater sub-fields but still the editors can't upload images. Any ideas / thoughts gratefully received!
  2. Hi there, I have a marketplace site that used the older Fredi module for front end editing so advertisers can create and edit their adverts (in the form of pages). After upgrading to v3.0 of Processwire I'd like to change the editing method for users to the new, core front end editing methods. However, it seems that with this method any editor can edit any page (subject to template restrictions for their user role). Using Fredi I checked the user and created user were equal before displaying edit buttons (clunky but it worked). Is there any stock way to restrict front end editing to the creator of the page so that my advertisers can only edit their own ads or should I test for user as before? Thanks in advance as always 🙂
  3. Hi all, I've had a request from a client (that I built a multi language PW site for) to change the text colours in the language tabs when they are not completed. Essentially they were having difficulty detecting which languages had content and which didn't when scanning the page in admin. Now I know this means changing Admin template files which I hate doing but the client was insistent. Looking through I found this in the module CSS and changed the colour for empty content to red thus: wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageTabs.css - line 61 .langTabEmpty a { opacity: 0.7; font-weight: normal !important; color: #ff0000 !important; /* I changed the colour here */ } Now we get this when editing, the red indicating no translated text has been added: I think is a better UX. However, when adding alt text to images in an image field the same CSS colour change doesn't apply. Looking at the CSS the .langTabEmpty class isn't added to these tabs on the image field. Could this be considered as an improvement at next module upgrade time please? Thanks as always!
  4. A little more info, it's a PW issue by the looks of it. If I use the same file upload field as an independent field on a page template it uploads and saves fine. As soon as the field is within a repeater then it stops working. I've seen this issue with image uploads and to fix that I've gone into the system template for the repeater and set the access specifically for certain users rather than inheriting access. I've tried that here but it still doesn't work.
  5. Hi again, thanks for the suggestion and it looks like Mod_Security is turned off so unlikely to be an issue.
  6. Hi Tom, thanks. I'll check that next.
  7. Just another additional piece of info, I don't get any JS errors in console during the upload or page save 😞 Nothing in PW logs either. PW version is 3.0.42
  8. Thanks again BitPoet. Sadly this isn't the issue. The site is on a VPS (the only site on there) with 50GB available and unlimited disk space allocation for this domain. Current stats show only 22% id disk space in use. Also, image uploads within repeaters work fine.
  9. Hello all!!! An odd problem has just occurred on an existing site. I have a a repeater field with a file upload within it. There are a couple of text fields too for descriptions etc. Uploads haver been working fine and uploaded files displaying on the front-end fine too. However, yesterday the file uploads stoped working. Here's what happens: 1) In a page admin open one of the repeater items by clicking on the green bar 2) Click the 'Choose File' button and select the file you want 3) The file upload progress bar goes to 100% then the field reports the correct file name and size 4) Click to save the page 5) Page reloads, the repeated item remains but the file is missing This has been working fine for months but now fails. Images upload OK to the server on other repeaters on the same template just not regular file uploads. I've checked permissions for the assets file on the server and they remain at 755. This happens for even the Superuser account so I don't think it's a permissions issue. Any ideas? This has me stumped!
  10. Thanks dragan, the "%" cures this issue but introduces another. Using "%" stops searches working where there are more than word in the search term and they are not connected. Example: There is a manufacturer called 'Bowers & Wilkins'. Some people search for 'Bowers and Wilkins'. To make this manufacturer show up no matter if the user uses the "and" or or the "&" I do a str_replace on trhe search term to remove both the "&" and "and" so there are just the two words 'Bowers' and 'Wilkins. Then the search works as the two words are present even thought they are not one after the other. (I hope that makes sense)! Can you tell me more about your 'backticks' suggestion as I'm not sure what you mean? Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I'm having an odd issue that I think is down to the selector I'm using but I can't track down the cause! I'm using front-end AJAX search form on a list of product adverts (pages) where the product is made by a certain manufacturer (vendor). The manufacturer is chosen buy the person listing the adverts from a page field list of manufacturers who's parent is id=1034. Most manufacturers are being found without an issue. The only one that's causing a problem is called 'Proj-ect" (the "-" being part of their brand name. Here's my selector code: $thisBrandProducts = $pages->find("template=advert,vendor.title~=$q,has_parent=1034,limit=20,created_users_id!=$susDealerList"); $susDealerList is a list of advertisers that are not currently live so pages should be excluded. Could the "-" in the name be the issue with those pages not being returned? If so does anyone have any ideas of how I can get around this? Thanks in advance!
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    Thanks psy, will take a look!
  13. Hi noelboss. Thanks for the Snipcart recomendation. This looks very good. I'm investigating...
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