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  1. Yup, now sorted thank you. Not actually sure what was going on but when I cleared cache it resolved itself so possibly a server blip that was cached.
  2. Thanks for this, we'll investigate!
  3. The new Monitor Audio website is a ground up build featuring a completely custom front end design and back end Processwire build. Modules in use include Multi Language, ProCache, Blog, FormBuilder, Instagram and ProFields. The site has a large product catalogue, dealer finder and is in multiple languages. However, one of the main objectives for the project was to deliver a platform that could be easily edited and expanded as needs grow. The client team were involved at every stage. As developers we went a long way to make sure everything was editable. Other features include: IP controlled contact form with multiple email destinations based on enquiry type Product registration form with multi-product registration from a select group of products Company timeline with year filter all based on the blog platform Dealer finder with three dealer types and in multiple countries Newsletter signup with multiple signup opportunities (sign up box and other forms) FAQ section File downloads for products from internally (CMS) uploaded files or external file links There are also several other expansions and features planned. As always we'd love to hear your feedback on the site
  4. Thanks for that Dragan, I'm not sure that's the issue here though. After following the thread(s) you linked I've checked: 1) PHP => 5.3.8 in fact it's running on 5.5.38. I'm tying to get a higher version of php running but the host's (1and1) PHP switching page is giving a 404 at the moment :-( 2) The Passwords we're attempting to create are all on the same server so the 'created on one php version and using on another' issue isn't it. Any other thoughts folks?
  5. I have a site built with a user role 'member' that can view some extra 'member area' pages. I have a user with the role 'editor' that has been given 'user-admin' permission who can successfully generate new users. However, when they try to add / change a 'member' role password to a 'member' role they get the error: Unable to generate password hash Does anyone know how to assign the 'editor' role the permission to generate a password for other user types? Thanks!
  6. Thanks abdus!
  7. Hi Abdus, Actually I assumed that so, when testing, I removed the image from the page completely and added an all new one. Same result, the width attribute still keeps being added.
  8. Hi all, PW: 3.0.42 I'm trying to have responsive images in the body field. First I need to stop the image tag generated by CKEditor adding the width attribute to the image tag on insertion. I found the 'Skip width attributes on image tags?' in the settings of ProcessPageEditImage and that suggests it does exactly what I'm after. Sadly, even when this checkbox is checked and a new image is inserted the width attribute is still added. Am I missing something? TIA.
  9. Thanks Abdus, that did the trick perfectly!
  10. Hi all, A very odd issue this one! I'm working on a site with 5 languages - English (default), French, German, Spanish and Polish. I have a set of pages set up as a country list (templae='country') which contain various country info like two-letter country code etc and where the page title is the Country name. This is so that I can use the country list in various parts of the site. When the site is showing in English, Spanish and Polish I can display the country list without an issue. However, when the page is displaying in French or German the country pages seem not to exist. So, this code... $countries = $pages->find("template=country"); foreach ($countries as $country) { if ($country) { echo $country->title . "<br />"; } } ...displays the country list just fine in English, Spanish and Polish but displays nothing in French and German. Just for extra info, the Title field is set up as PageTitleLanguage and all languages are setup the same. Any ideas? TIA.
  11. Now solved!!! The issue turned out to be one page field within a repeater. I'd set 'Template of selectable page(s)' to 'blog-post' and then set 'sort=-blog_date' in the 'Custom Selector to find selectable pages' field thinking the two selectors would combine. Turns out they don't, at least not in this way. All pages, repeaters and other admin sub pages were selectable within this field. The site has hundreds of pages, many with a large number of repeaters in so every time the page admin was loaded / saved it read all of them. Combining the required filters with only the statement 'page-template=blog_post,sort-=blog_date' for this page field did the trick and the admin for this template (and saving pages with this template) now works really quickly. Phew!
  12. Ah, sorry missed that!!! No hooks and no modules (other than core and ProFields repeater matrix) related to that template. Repeater Matrix is working on other templates OK and is only used once in the offending template. I've not come across Tracey debugger before. Do you mean this: ? Thanks again.
  13. Thanks berhard for the FieldSetTab option. Another very cool PW feature I didn't know about. That will come in useful! Sadly though in this case it's not made any difference to the load and save page of the pages with that template, despite moving some of the 'big hitters' from the page into tabs :-(
  14. Hi Macrura, Looks like all the repeaters are set to AJAZ load anyway (default behaviour). Are there any tutorials on creating a new tab in an admin page that you know of (not done that before)?
  15. Hi Macrura, Thanks for replying. really appreciated. I'll try the AJAX loading the repeaters. From memory, they are set this way already but I'll check. You're right in that both hosts are running the DB in localhost so no DNS in the way. Good idea though and I'll keep that in mind for the future. Will keep looking!