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  1. You're right, this isn't included yet. I definetely need to update the code later 😉
  2. It's a pleasure 🙂 Yes, DNT should also be a selectable option. I'll add an suggestion for this feature later. That's true. To add this as a non-breaking feature we could also add the type of accepted cookies as a separate storage option "allowedCookieType" => "all" // "necessary". In this case no existing setup should break.
  3. I agree that there should be a different value for necessary cookies... Maybe the pwcmbAllowCookies in localStorage could have values like "all", "necessary" and "no" instead of just "y" and "n"? I also thought about respecting the "DoNotTrack" choice of the user in the browser. I'm currently working on this, but this simple snippet at the start of the init function should do it: /* if the user activated the "DoNotTrack" function in their browser, respect that choice and do not show the banner */ if (navigator.doNotTrack) { cookieMonster.cfg.allowCookies = "n"; cookieMonster.cfg.selectionMade = "y"; cookieMonster.cfg.storedVersion = cookieMonster.cfg.version; cookieMonster.sendActionBeacon(); cookieMonster.updateStatus(); cookieMonster.sendTrackingBeacon(); return; }
  4. As some of our customers do have the same request (checkbox for only necessary cookies), I implemented this option in this fork. Till now I only added the option in the vanilla js solution as we don't use jQuery at all. If desired I could add also this option to the jQuery part and open a PR. Technically the button for "only necessary" cookies is the same as the option to not consent at all, just a different position of the button and naming. This is an example of the module frontend.
  5. First of all, many thanks to @thomasaull for this awesome module. I'm starting to develop an server-side-rendered Webapp with Sapper at the frontend and ProcessWire as the backend. For learning the behavior of pages and fields accessed via the REST API, I started a tiny example repo here. It allows to loop through all pages and if questioned for one specific page it outputs all (no validation, if a field should be readable to the frontend users) fields of the page (with some opinionated default values). Right now it only covers "basic" text-based fields, images and Repeaters. I was wondering if there is an easy way to check for field settings like access control, conditional visibility etc. I'm thinking about a most practical solution, which is also abstractable for further projects with totally different fields. Maybe extending the Fieldtype Classes could be a solution?
  6. Hi @horst, that's right, but the script looks, if there is already a webp-version of the image and if deliver this directly. So there is no big processing during normal frontend activities through website users, if the conversion was already done. Though you are definetely right, it's an extra PHP call (but cacheable)
  7. What I've done so far, is a small implementation of webp-convert. Currently without a ProcessWire specific module or something, but that's planned. Just added a file called webp-on-demand.php in the ProcessWire root directory with following content: <?php // docs https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-convert require 'webp/webp-on-demand-1.inc'; use WebPConvert\WebPConvert; $docRoot = rtrim($_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"], '/'); $requestUriNoQS = explode('?', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'])[0]; $source = $docRoot . urldecode($requestUriNoQS); $destination = $source . '.webp'; // Store the converted images besides the original images (other options are available!) $options = [ // Tell where to find the webp-convert-and-serve library, which will // be dynamically loaded, if need be. //'reconvert' => true, 'require-for-conversion' => 'webp/webp-on-demand-2.inc', 'quality' => 'auto', 'max-quality' => 75, 'fail' => 'serve-original' // see https://github.com/rosell-dk/webp-on-demand/blob/master/docs/api.md for more info ]; WebPConvert::convertAndServe($source, $destination, $options); Then in the folder webp the two on-demand files from here. After that I added following to the .htaccess: <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On # Redirect images to webp-on-demand.php (if browser supports webp) RewriteCond %{HTTP_ACCEPT} image/webp RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -f RewriteRule ^(.*)\.(jpe?g|png)$ webp-on-demand.php [NC,L] </IfModule> AddType image/webp .webp And that's it. If the browser supports webp, all requests of .jpg and .png are redirectet to the webp-on-demand.php which desides if it needs to convert the image or serve the already converted one. A small caveat: the standard installation of Plesk has no webp support included, so on webservers with Plesk you either need to wait for their implementation or compile it yourself.
  8. We are also using 1Password in our team. Though it's not the chepaest option, it's easy to use and has a good right management..
  9. I updated some dependencies and bugs (e.g. the php 7.2 bug with each() ) in this push request.
  10. Oh, now I got it! Setting module autoload and singular to true again and clearing all caches helped... Thanks for this great module!
  11. Hi @Noel Boss, now I get exactly the problem Exception: Method PageArray::pageQueryJson does not exist or is not callable in this context as @kongondo mentioned. I've tried a minimal version of the pageQueryBoss: <?php namespace ProcessWire; $query = [ "title" ]; echo $pages->find('template=portal-entry')->pageQueryJson($query); But still with this error. Setting autoload to true does not change anything... Do you have any idea to solve this? Many thanks in advance - for your module but also for your medium article!
  12. Hi, I have the same problem as Martin has: In our template "padorder" is a checkbox and Sanitizer::purify breaks the order. My version is padloper-2015-6-21....
  13. I' currently working on something like that. Starting with the blog Profile should be good. Personally I started from scratch, so all the structure is like the way I think Do you want the billing system to be fully integrated in PW? Or would an external solution also be ok? There are some good payment service providers out there with a good API, so this could be easier. ECommerce with digital products or real products? Could be a big different... Take a look at "padloper", like Nico said before! ;-) In my case the members can communicate with each other. Do you want the members only to see more content (like premium articles etc.) or should they also be able to interact more?
  14. Thanks, Horst! I've created my forum account last year. The reason: FormBuilder, ProFields, ProCache So I also think there are many... many (!) other out there
  15. Thanks - I'll check this out now! @SiNNuT: Of course! ProcessWire is so brilliant and the support forum also is. I haven't found the time until now to answer questions by others but also didn't need any help until today. But even now it is (as always with ProcessWire) a simple & great solution. Edit: It works! foreach ($languages as $lang) { if($lang->isDefault()) continue; $nc->set("status{$lang}", 1); }
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