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  1. @Sergio Wow. This is working. I am no php expert. I am always having trouble on this... But I am on my way to get more comfortable on working with variables.... Thanks a lot! <?php $p = $pages->get(1241); if (!$p->isUnpublished()) : ?> <a href="<?php echo $p->url() ?>"><?php echo $p->title() ?></a> <?php endif; ?> yup - tested! The short version works 100%!
  2. Hello, I am having trouble achieving this: I am trying to place a link to a specific page in my template. But I want this link displayed only, if the page is published. With this code, its not working: <?php if ($pages->find("id=1241, status=published")) { ?> <a href="<?php echo $pages->get(1241)->url() ?>"><?php echo $pages->get(1241)->title() ?></a> <?php } ?> (The link is being displayed no matter the status of the page "1241") How can I fix this? Thanks for your help!!!
  3. Thank you for the input! @AndZyk that module is amazing. I fiddled around with it for a bit - the number of tweaks is unlimited! I have to save this for other projects. It seems a bit of an overkill for my needs now. The other approach is exactly what i was looking for! Thank you tons @kongondo - this works like a charm. Cheers Stephan
  4. Hello! I am trying to get some extra css-file into my admin templates. I managed to modify my admin.php to this: <?php namespace ProcessWire; require($config->paths->adminTemplates . 'controller.php'); echo "<link rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='" . $config->urls->templates . "css/admin.css'>"; By doing so, the css <link> is added to the very end of each parsed admin-html. (right AFTER the closing </body> tag.) That causes some trouble. e.g. the page tree is not displaying any more. Although, other pages are working - like the edit form of a page. My question: is there a correct way of adding my extra css to the admin area? Thanks for you help! Stephan
  5. Ah. I see. That seems pretty easy to put into a template-file. I just add the js/css libraries to the template.php. The tricky part would be to get it working with actual file uploads to processwire, I assume.
  6. Thanks Ivan, Yes, I kind of expected this. I feel stupid for asking that question. (Especially, as there are so many posts regarding front-end forms.) But good to know about this. If there were a simple solution I would have been happy that I posted this question! Thanks again! Steph
  7. Hello Forum, I am relatively new to processwire and have been playing around with some simple websites so far with it. I love the simplicity and the straight forward approach to it. I felt "at home" right away! =D The only thing, I just can not get done is implementing a simple post-form in a template. (front-end) I want to get registered users to create content via a simple form. Yes, there are several tutorials in this forum. BUT: I want the file upload to look like the upload in the back-end: - multiple upload - rearrange order of files Is that hard to build? It should be "there"... or do i need to install a module like https://processwire.com/talk/topic/12050-module-jquery-file-upload/ I would like to build it with core functionality. What do you guys think? Can you point me into the right direction? Cheers Stephan
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