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  1. @teppo was already following up on the github issue. works perfectly now - thanks for pinpointing the issue and chiming in with mauricius!
  2. I've been using 0.14.0 from the your repo master branch and mauricius' blade renderer implementation.
  3. Hey @teppo, first off thank you for creating this module - really love the approach. I recently took over a processwire project, which pretty much consisted of php/html spaghetti-code. Being an processwire greenhorn (having worked with Typo3 & WP up until now), this drove me crazy - but your module definitely helped me to bring some structure into that chaos. ^^ Anyway, long story short: I was wondering, if i can also use blade or twig templates for the view part of a component? It works flawlessly for all my template & partial views, but i am somehow having issues with components. Always running into something like this, although an default.blade.php view exists for that component: Method Wireframe\Component\SocialWidget::__toString() must not throw an exception, caught InvalidArgumentException: View [SocialWidget.default] not found. I might also just be missing something, as i only have an intermediate knowledge of php. Thanks in advance!
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