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  1. It works like a charm! Thank you @cb2004!!!
  2. Hi everyone! Is it possible to limit the available colors using 'forecolor' in the TinyMCE toolbar? thank you in advance for your help. Greetings!
  3. Great module! Thx! Just a question: dragging the bars is not updating the percentage in the number field for me. ? video-screen.webm
  4. Hi Bernhard, and thank you. My case is the second one: I can't see the page in the tree. I uninstalled and reinstalled the module, but unfortunately without success. That's very strange, I've been using this module for years... that's why I thought it has something to do with this version of PW.
  5. Hello wbmnfktr, thank you for your response. Currently, I'm developing on Mamp, Php 7.4.16. The module appears to be installed as you can see, but it's not present in the setup menu. What do you mean with clearing compiled files? ☺️
  6. Hello, I have installed the ProcessDatabaseBackups module with the latest dev version of Processwire (3.0.220). It seems that the module installs correctly, but the Backups page is not accessible and does not appear in the setup menu. Is this happening to anyone else?
  7. It seems to work for me!!! ??? God bless you patman! ? Thank you.
  8. Sorry if I am asking something stupid, but.. how can I render multiple instances of maps? $map = wire('modules')->get('MarkupLeafletMap'); echo $map->render($page, 'map'); echo $map->render($page, 'map2'); I can get only the last one.. if I delete it than the first one is showing. Thx!
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