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  1. There is an “upgrade” function defined in the Module class you can use (same as “install” / “uninstall”). You don’t need to use a hook for this. https://processwire.com/api/ref/module/ (here’s an example in a module I made)
  2. Perfect it's working as expected, thanks!
  3. Hi @Robin S, Thank you for this useful module. I had a question / suggestion: could it be possible to disable the module on specific repeaters ? In my case there's only one repeater among others that really benefits from the easy sort feature. I know the user could just ignore it and have the relevant repeater with easy mode on by default but maybe it'd be better if the buttons weren't there at all ?
  4. Hi @Sava, I'm not sure I get your question... do you want to know how to get a URL of the QR code to be able to download it ? In the unformatted output the QR code is already in the form of an <img> (or <svg>), but I went ahead and added a "raw" key in the unformatted output. You can download the latest version and try to do something like... $qrcode = $page->getUnformatted("qrcode_field"); foreach($qrcode as $qr) { $filename = $sanitizer->snakeCase($qr["label"]); $label = "Download QR code for \"{$qr["label"]}\""; echo "<a href=\"{$qr["raw"]}\" target=\"_blank\" download=\"$filename\">$label</a>"; } Hope this helps!
  5. I don't know much about the tools you mentioned and regarding your JSON generation issue I'm not sure I see why the modules you mentionned don't fit the bill, but have you also checked/tried: ? Assuming you have templates named "post", "movie", "page",... you could have something like: $wire->addHook("/api/(post|movie|page)/(.*)", function($event) { $template = $this->templates->get($event->arguments(1)); if(!$template) return; header("Content-type: application/json"); $fields = $template->fieldgroup->explode("name", ["key" => "name"]); if($event->arguments(2)) { $page = $this->pages->findOne("template=$template,name=".$event->arguments(2)); if($page->id) { return $page->pageQueryJson($fields); } } return $this->pages->find("template=$template")->pageQueryJson($fields); }); This way you could have pw.domain/api/post returning all posts and then you could query a specific one with pw.domain/api/post/page-name. (one thing to note is the module does not handle repeaters (or other third parties fields) out of the box, though the docs seem to mention how to do so actually it does but I have an issue in my setup, I think) In case this doesn't help or I didn't get your issue, would you mind to elaborate ?
  6. After doing a quick check I assume that was it (multilang issue). Here's a new version that will only output the QR Code in the user's language if it's a guest. Please note you'll still have the two QR Codes if you're logged in. I will think of something to help with the output, something like a ->get() to output a specific source and/or language.
  7. Hi, Sorry about this issue. Do you have multi-language activated on your website ? Also, which field(s) do you show with this qrcode ?
  8. I pushed a new release fixing an issue from the previous update: I forgot to update the name of the inputfield as well when switching from templates to allowedTemplates, resulting in an issue when trying to add/remove templates. You might need to uninstall / reinstall the module, though it shouldn't be an issue to do so.
  9. I published a new update with the following changes: changed filename of css/js files to PageMjmlToHtml (instead of debug) changed module configuration value name templates to allowedTemplates to avoid confusion modified the js so the copy to clipboard code works on all browser modified getCacheName method so it also checks for LanguageSupport and LanguageSupportPageNames Regarding point 2: please double-check the "Templates to convert (...)" field in the module settings properly catched up your previous value Thanks again @wbmnfktr for his thorough tests!
  10. Is it possible outputFormatting is set to false by the module ? If so your repeaters will return everything, including the disabled ones.
  11. Thinking out loud but I'd say there could be a module hooking into pwlink to add select actions in the Lister, something like [select] [>] [lang1] [lang2] [lang3] (or just be part of the core, if possible) Not that easy as there's a mix with dynamic JS stuff... too bad
  12. Fixed! And published! Keep the edge cases coming 💥
  13. I just published the new release! In the end I added a condition checking ProcessWire's version and calling the `getPage()` replacement, which uses a new `$pages->request()` method. Let me know if you notice anything else!
  14. The first part with the errors on initial save has been solved but I still need to find an alternative for the second part. In more recent dev versions Ryan removed a function I was relying on in my code (namely ProcessPageView::getPage) and I need to look for an alternative. I'll publish an update once it's all good.
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