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  1. I'll need it. The control panel on this host doesn't tell me the SMTP settings for a new email or allow me to generate a certificate, let alone a MySQL console. Waiting for a reply from support 😐
  2. Well this is new. Got this error publishing something to a client's server. They have a weird and apparently very old and limited Interworx control panel. The error tells me to "please change the password to the new format (in wire/core/WireDatabasePDO.php line 467)" Looking at that line I have no idea what to do. Any ideas? You can check it here: http://campaigns.credilink.pt/
  3. Well, in the end all it took was another minute, another try. If anyone has the same issue, here's the solution: just enter this... parent=page.id ...in the field's selector string. Ta-da!
  4. Hi guys. I'm struggling a bit here with something that ought to be simple. I want to set a Page Reference field to allow only pages that are children of the current page. How can this be done? Thanks
  5. It's all hand coded 😁 The approach is something like this: Start an IntersectionObserver to determine when the image is in the viewport (or close to it) When it's in the viewport I start a requestAnimationFrame loop, turn it off when the IntersecionObserver detects the image left the screen On each tick of the rAF I calculate a new position (get the position relative to the viewport as a %, multiply that by a certain value and assign it to CSS transform: translateY) And as I use StencilJS, I create this behaviour as a web-component, in the end I just have to wrap the image in a <c-image-parallax> block and that's it.
  6. I have to agree with you. It feels a bit weird to me, specially the "AR" part, which translates to "air", but I tend to read it as A.R. But that's the brand, and it already existed before the website. The domain name too, was already running with a not very good wordpress. Good thing is, as she came over to deliver some of her products, she commented that she already had some contacts coming from the site and that wasn't happening before. We haven't even started promoting it other than me sharing it on twitter, so this is great news.
  7. Natasha Marques is a desserts chef and chocolatier from Brazil with an international carreer. Now established in my hometown Porto, she's about to open a shop and already shipping her premium line of sweets and desserts. The website is my usual combo of PW with StencilJS frontend with a content blocks approach. Minimal stack of modules: SeoMaestro, WireMailSmtp, and my own block selector module which is a hacked version of FieldSelectFile. The site is only in portuguese, but have a look anyway: https://arbynatashamarques.com/
  8. Hey friends. I'm wrapping up a project that's being hosted on an IIS server (2016). There were problems with rewrites and /processwire/ wasn't working. Snooping around I found this post and on an first glance it seemed to work well. But checking again today I see that /processwire/ kinda works, I can even login, but all page assets (css, js files) fail with a 404 so everythings inlined and in Times New Roman. I don't know the first thing about IIS. Can anyone help? @nikola, you around? Thanks, H
  9. Hey guys. Another noob question about modules. I'm making a module that, when a page is saved, generates a json file that will be read from an outside app to get the latest news. I'm almost there, got the module working and generating the json file nicely, but I'm still struggling with images. Basically I want to output something like `$page->image->size(300,300)->url`, but that doesn't work saying size isn't available in this context. So I tried passing it without the size, but then the url only outputs the image's assets directory, not the file itself. Couldn't find anything in the docs 😕
  10. That is a good idea. Maybe I'll suggest that as an upgrade when we do a performance review. That and a search box. Initially this was very simplified, summarised in a single page with only a paragraph of text for each specialty. Very visual, but very little content and a bit hard to scan, as you had to scroll through a huge page to find the specialty you're looking for. But considering they'll start investing in SEM, that needed to change and have dedicated pages where users land from a campaign. Looking at how it's turned out now, a dropdown menu of sorts would certainly make it quicker to navigate. Good point.
  11. I just realised I never showcased this site here, and it's a pretty one. https://clinicatrust.pt/ Clínica Trust is a health clinic in downtown Porto offering services on multiple medical fields. The website is a collaboration between Supertiny and Go Design (whose site is also PW, by the way). Go designed it, we built it. This was made some two years ago, and I just came back to it as we're back to working with this clinic on SEO, social media and marketing. Since we're starting a marketing effort for this client, recently we've refactored the specialties structure. Where initially we had a single page listing all specialties with a paragraph of text for each one, we now have dedicated pages for each one and profiles for each specialist. This will allow campaigns and posts to point directly to a specialty and create the necessary means for better ads and greater conversion. The scheduling form was also tweaked for better conversion tracking and improved UX, as now a user can request an appointment straight from a specialty/specialist page and have that info automatically carried over to the request.
  12. Right now it's broken 😅 hopefully I'll have it fixed real soon. My initial approach is this: https://heldercervantes.com/tiny-cookie-consent/ On PW's side, I just have a field where you enter the analytics and other scripts. But when this is rendered on the page, some replacements occur that make sure the scripts don't run. It's a matter of replacing stuff like `type="javascript"` to `type="text/plain"`, or renaming the src attribute to data-src. Then I have a JS on the consent popup that when the user clicks the accept button the `type="text/plain"` is reverted and the block is added to the page again, starting the script. When it starts, my script also checks if a `cookieConsent` cookie is set to 1 (this is set when you accept cookies). If it is, the scripts are activated automatically on page load and the popup doesn't show again. But anyhow, there's a flaw in this approach for sites that run ads. If there are ads campaigns pointing to the site, not firing the scripts at all means no stats and no conversion tracking. This is unacceptable if you're running ads, so right now I'm rebuilding this as I move to GA4 and consent mode. I'm experimenting on myself before implementing this on clients.
  13. That's weird, shouldn't happen. Maybe you skipped on a specific point of the animation where the interrupt script fails. It's tricky to manage, as there are a lot of timouts, intervals, and even animejs timelines that need to be stopped when you skip. I spent way more time than I like to admit trying to get that to work nicely, but I didn't build the animation with skipping in mind and later paid for that mistake 😅
  14. You can get a bunch of problems by not having the correct URL in $config->httpHosts. Basically anything that generates an absolute URL will fall back to the first one on that list.
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