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  1. Yes, I meant the second one. The whole thread is about the second one... 😉 I will check the hook idea. Thank you
  2. hmm, I tried it already but nothing changed... And it doesn't make sense in my opinion because you choose a page in the bookmarks not a template.
  3. Hi all, by default the bookmark ("Add New") gets the title of the bookmarked page. Is there a way to change the name of these bookmarks? e.g. something like "new reference", instead of "references". Thanks in advance
  4. As you said: "<?=$page->type_menu ?> should call a Processwire field...". But you want to include a page and not a field.
  5. I spent almost 2 days of searching for that stuff... Thank you! I love you ?
  6. Hi Joshua, the module works fine. I would like to use the Textformatter to generate a button. [[privacywire-choose-cookies]] But I don't get how to implement the shortcode.. ? In a Textfield? That doesnt work. Sorry for this noob-question. Thank you! Ok..now I got it!
  7. Hi, On desktop everything works fine: Chrome, FF, Edge shows webp On mobile (IOS) nothing works at all: no webp and no fallback jpg/png in no browser PW Version: 3.0.142 .htaccess: AddType image/webp .webp config.php: $config->useWebP = true; $config->contentTypes('webp', 'image/webp'); ImageMagick 7.0.8-25 Cleared cache! Any ideas?? Thank you
  8. Excellent work Wanze, thank you very much! What do you think about moving the seo-stuff in a new tab in the page editor like MarkupSEO does? So it would be completely detached from the content tab. Content and SEO separated.
  9. I have the same "issue". sitemap.xml is working properly but throws a 404 in jumplinks.
  10. Deleted, see below.
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