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  1. Yes, now it works. Thank you!
  2. Hi Robin, now it works in Chrome but not in FF (58.0.1). module Version is 0.1.3
  3. Hi Robin, I added "LinkFilesMenu" to the "CKEditor Toolbar" settings field and the icon appear in the toolbar. But it doesn't show the pdf files when I click the icon. No dropdown. Do I have to name the file-field in a special way? It's a multi-language site.
  4. Thank you DaveP! This was really the first good explanation for the namespace-stuff for me as a newbie... Great community here!
  5. "I am not satisfied with how it performs. " Why?
  6. Ah, thank you. Now it works. But I don't get it. I thought the namespace must defined on the top of the page. Just one time. I have set this in the header include. Do I have to set the namespace in every include?
  7. Hi everybody! The following code is an include in different templates and works fine: <?php if ($page->id != 1) { ?> <div class="container"> <div class="breadcrumbs hidden-xs hidden-sm" role="navigation" aria-label="<?= __('Sie sind hier'); ?>:"> <span class="blue"><?= __('Sie sind hier'); ?>:</span> <?php foreach($page->parents() as $item) { echo "<span><a href='$item->url'>$item->title</a></span>"; } echo "<span>$page->title</span>"; ?> </div> </div> <?php } ?> But if I remove the first if-statement "$page->id != 1" it throws an error: "Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function __()" Probably it has to do with the foreach loop. I am not the best in PHP Thanks in advance
  8. Thank you kongondo, very helpful! In the first model (single Category) you create for each Department a different template. Why? Isn't that a bit overkill if you have e.g. 30 Departments (If any department-template have identical fields)? Why not use one template for all departments and filter another way?
  9. Thank you mr-fan! It looks pretty cool..I think I dive into the first/ "easy" solution But I can't find a PageTable Field in my Version...(2.7.2)
  10. Thanks for your answer! Yes, I want to know the number of downloads for a few pdfs (separately for each file) No, I don't need to track separately for each user. This is the site and the page "downloads": There is one template with different fields. One field (type:file, name:downloads) contains all the pdf-files of the page. The body-field contains the links and the copy-text. Something like that: <p>Muster-Baubeschreibung für Asphaltarbeiten<br> (Stand: 01/16)<br> <a class="pdf" href="/site/assets/files/1020/muster-baubeschreibung_asphalt-16-1.pdf" target="_blank">Muster-Baubeschreibung Asphalt 16-1</a></p> The following would be easier and more dynamic, but not so flexible for my customer: $liste =" "; $liste .="<ul>"; $pdf_files = $page->downloads; foreach($pdf_files as $pdf_file) { $liste .="<li>{$pdf_file->description}<br><a href='{$pdf_file->url}' class='pdf'>{$pdf_file->name}</a></li>"; } $liste .="</ul>"; echo $liste; The best solution for us would be something like that in the backend: file-a.pdf (321) file-b.pdf (222) file-c.pdf (123) Danke für die Geduld! ;-) Grüße Nick
  11. Thank you. hm, probably.. But I don't get it. I have a template with different fields. One field (type: file) is named "downloads". In this field I stored different pdfs. But where do I have to put the code in your post? I only want to show the number of downloads in the backend. Not in the frontend/ website.
  12. I am new to processwire and I just want to track the amount of downloads of different pdf-files. I only want to see in the backend how many times user downloaded different pdf-files from my website. Thats all. I do NOT need something like this: Thanx in advance Nick