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  1. Hi Zoeck, I seen that modules but I haven't 129€. Hi, kongondo. I want repeat in a same template, 3 link-url-field, but this links changes page by page. For example, in a page I put: link A, link B, link C. In another page, with same first template, i put: link D, link G, link F. With Processwire I can put in a page only 1 space-field link-url. Or I wrong?
  2. Hi, I read this: I would like to put 3 same field link to same template, but in processwire I can put only 1. The modules repeaters can help me? I see the video and seem no, because I want add the SAME FIELD, not another o a group of another link. Someone can help me?
  3. Ok thanks to all. But... In professional opinion, what is the best practice for add many and same fileds in the same template in processwire? I must choose only 1 way...
  4. Hi, In one Page I would like to put a lot of url. There is url's field. Now, I add url's field to one template, but I don't know to add 2 or 3 or 10 url's field in that same template... the problem is simple, but processwire don't allow it...
  5. ok I understand, I will try! thanksss
  6. ...Must I only cut-copy DB + Folders of the old site in new domain, setting config.php with new address?
  7. No I don't merge two site. I will delete the subdomain! Now, how I move the articles? Must I copy one by one, or I can copy all the database or swich it?
  8. Hi, my site is in a subdomain. Now, I would like to move it in the primary domain of same site. Processwire is installed in both. Can I do this? If yes, how? It is simple? thanksssssssssssss!
  9. Hi Thor, thanks for your replace! My hosting provider make backup for 1 week. Then, it remove backup from memory. I discovered the bug late. :/ I think I remove all DB from list, because I thinked was subdomain :/ :/ Patience.
  10. I red that in processwire is simple set "Site in maintenance", but I don't remember how...
  11. No 3fingers, I'm go into cpanel, and I don't see any DB, there is a cosmic empty. I did want keep the folders because I hoped recognize the articles, but the cache is empty too. :/ Now, I destroyed all and reinstall :/ :/
  12. My Database is cancelled for error. I I create new database by cpanel, then I add it to domain processwire by cpanel, with same password and same username! But processwire don't identify it! What I wrong?
  13. 3fingers, have you anu facebook contact? I use often it! Macrura, I don't understand same, but now study the AndZyk link then return! Bye and thanks at anyone!
  14. Thank to all! But I don't understand this up. The .php templates files have to put in "site -> templates". Ok. The css. file in "site -> templates -> styles". Right? The images of the templates in "site -> templates -> styles -> images". Well. So, WHAT must I put in "site -> assets" ? Must I don't touch it? Then, in packets that I download by, we find .js files and .scss file. Now, in processwire into which folder must we put it? Macrura, I don't undierstand where and why I must write php code that you suggest me!
  15. mmm, I dowload some CSS Theme by here: This files aren't php files! Can't I use it? Must I traduct html files in php code by... what? Exist a program or application that do this work?