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  1. mmm ok thank you very much for your explain! 🙂
  2. Ok thanks I didn't know this difference between absolute url and relative url. Now I think I have solved it. Later I see if it works on the online server. But is there a program that allows you to create and publish online with a click via ftp, the site built on the PC?
  3. Hi, I normally develope html-css of my site on my local pc in any folders, then I move all online by ftp. But by this method I must change all img-css-js addresses of all html file every time! It's is annoying. Is there a way to do it automatically? Exist a program for to develope html-css of the site in local, and moved all online by ftp WITHOUT MAKING CHANGES? I would like to have a perfect copy of site in local, immediately transferable online by ftp.... It's possibile? How?
  4. Hi, thanks to this google service we can measure the speed of the site: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/it-it/feature/testmysite Now, I test my site and many processwire sites, ok, but is there a processwire site where the PRO CACHE plug-in is installed, to test its actual improvements? Normally, the speed of the processwire is 1.9 s (with 4g). If I install a module like MarkupSiteMap, my processwire speed is 2.2 seconds (with 4g). If I install a module like AllMinify, my processwire speed is 3.2 seconds (with 4g). If I uninstall processwire and I create a static site, my site speed is 1.4 s (with 4g). If I had a site where PRO CACHE is definitely installed, I could see the progress before eventually buying the module ... Thank you...
  5. Yes I develop site locally and moved it online. Thanks! 🙂
  6. Salve, oggi ho ricevuto questo consigli su pw pannello: Non riconosciuto host HTTP: 'permaculturaorganica.info' - Aggiorna il tuo $ config-> httpHosts impostazione /site/config.php - read more Ma io non faccio nulla. Perché è successo? E che cosa devo fare?
  7. I solved with this module: MarkupSitemapXML http://modules.processwire.com/modules/markup-sitemap-xml/ The address is same of the official pw: https://www.permaculturaorganica.info/sitemap and google webmaster is happy with https://www.permaculturaorganica.info/sitemap.xml 😄
  8. Ciao, oggi installo seomaestro e abilito la sitemap, ma il webmaster di Google non lo vede: my site is: https://www.permaculturaorganica.info Sitemap official: https://www.permaculturaorganica.info/sitemap Sitemap Seomaestro: https://www.permaculturaorganica.info/sitemap.sm.xml but google webmaster don't accept it...
  9. Ok thanks! But seomaestro SeoMaestro https://modules.processwire.com/modules/seo-maestro/ is usefull for page metadescription and tags page, too?
  10. Hi, I linked my sitemap address (https://permaculturaorganica.info/sitemap/) on google webmaster, but it say me that the format is wrong because it's html format. So, how work well with google webmaster? https://search.google.com/search-console/ I think must change format and to have xml format, but how? Thanks
  11. Hi, we can choose the "headline" and "title" and "summery" in panel page of processwire, but we can't write the "metadecriptions" and "tags". I can write mdescropt and tags in templates, but I've same templates for many articles... so, how I can change mdescription and tags? Thanks...
  12. Hi, for the images I must change <img style="float:right;" class="attention-img-popup" src="assets/img/attention1.png" alt=""> with: <img style="float:right;" class="attention-img-popup" src="$page->images" alt=""> For the text: <p class="text">My text</p> with: <p class="text">$page->body</p> It's right? Where I find the code for video, gallery image etc etc?
  13. So, I uninstall and reinstall the site. I discover the problem. I try to modify and remove i 2 "#" by pannell hosting, NOT BY FILEZILLA. Now, my site work very well with certificate https://. My personal lesson: NOT USE FILEZILLA FOR TO EDIT FILES!
  14. In my hosting pannell I haven't change anything because the server staff tell me that the application of ssl certificate was AUTOMATIC. Infact it work very well in a subdomain wordpress, and I don't do absolutely nothing. But the ssl certificate Lets Encript is turn ON on my site from 9 months. Yesterday I think about application it in first major principal domain processwire and so I ask informations here. I open .htaccess by FILEZILLA and I remove 2 "#". Stop. All distruct. Ok, I put back the 2 "#" and always all smash. I haven't change anything neither in processwir panel. Anyway, thank you very much for your help!
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