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  1. well i wanted to avoid ANY special module, to find a solution with only generic php language, anyway i will use the repeater, still i didn't learn how to use page categories and child pages...
  2. Hi fingers, since you said there are MANY ways to do what I was asking, could you suggest another way? The one you suggested is fine, but if possible I would like to avoid the repeater module. Maybe there is a solution in pure php language or with pure processwire api?
  3. Hi, a personal tutor I think is everyone's dream, but I don't have money to pay for one. So I think it's better for me to ask something on the forum sometime when it happens. Without pretension. Someday maybe I'll take a php course, but I can't at the moment. Hi!
  4. So, the code less variable is this: <?php wireIncludeFile ('path/to/partial.php'); Now, if I write this in html file, by Notepad++, reading the code becomes complicated, so better to use php code include...
  5. I got it thank you very much. I think it will use wireincludefile then. As for the variable, however, excuse the great ignorance (I have not yet taken a php course) but... what is it exactly? A js/css/php class created and used elsewhere?
  6. Well in fact this page is too much for me https://processwire.com/docs/front-end/output/markup-regions/ if you have a summary maybe I understand better... but I don't want to stress you, probably I will use the wireincludefile function
  7. Sorry I'm ignorant, can you elaborate on what you mean by "markup regions"?
  8. Hi, is there a specific reason why you prefer the wireIncludeFile-function of ProcessWire instead of the php include-function? Then... the foo code part... what is it for?
  9. Hi, I have created over twenty different templates for the same site. In all of them, the same long piece of html code appears. Could someone suggest me the php code I need to write in the template files to link that piece of html code, which is always the same everywhere? What strategies could I use to link it? The problem is that this long piece of code that is identical everywhere, MAY change IN TIME. So, when I fix it, I would have to change it in all twenty template files....
  10. Hi, I am building a site on my pc. On the pc, in html, this script that handles a dynamic background works great. But when I transfer everything online with processwire system, nothing works. I think I need to change the paths, but I have no idea. Shouldn't they work anyway? $(function() { $('body').vegas({ shuffle: false, cover: true, delay: 9000, transitionDuration: 2000, transition: [ 'fade', 'fade2', 'zoomOut', 'swirlLeft', 'swirlRight2', 'flash', 'flash2' ], timer: false, slides: [ { src: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/img/1.jpg' }, { src: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/img/2.jpg' }, { src: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/img/3.jpg' }, { src: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/img/4.jpg' }, { src: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/img/5.jpg' }, { src: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/img/6.jpg' }, ], overlay: '../../site/templates/styles/assets/plugins/vegas/overlays/05.png' }); }); This script is called in the .php file by <script rel="stylesheet" src="<?php echo $config->urls->templates?>styles/assets/plugins/lasvegas-244/lasvegas-244-po.js"></script>
  11. Hi everyone. I've created 12 templates that are the same but each with an extra bit of html code. The piece of code is as follows: <div> <div class="box-pf"> <i class="fa fa-map-pin fa-2x fa-red faa-pulse animated"></i> <a href=""> <span class="uk-text-middle"><i>Sonchus oleraceus</i> 'Grespino degli Orti'</span></b> </a> </div> </div> On the third line we read "fa-red." I created 12 similar templates. The first template has only one box with fa-red, the last template has 12 boxes with icons of 12 different colors. So. is there any way to have only 1 template and add, if I want and when I want, a small or big, same or different piece of html code?
  12. Hello to all. I would like to create an app. So I need to learn at least one programming language. I got informed online, and discovered that javascript with node.js, is the revolution of recent years, because it's faster than php. I wonder: if I develop an app with javascript and with a javascript framework (e.g. Meteor), is there a way to integrate processwire work? I know that processwire supports the transformation of the site into an application, but would it be as simple as Meteor? With the Meteor framework I have my app online in 10 minutes, and without even knowing javascript! (Knowing javascript would serve to personalize it). I should then install the app in a SUB-DOMAIN. If I study php, instead, and if I use a php framework (e.g. Laravel), how long does it take to have my first working app? Is it easy to process Laravel's components? Is writing forms for processwire apps with php a very complex job? Is it better to use Meteor and start with javascript? What would you recommend?
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