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  1. Hi everyone. I've created 12 templates that are the same but each with an extra bit of html code. The piece of code is as follows: <div> <div class="box-pf"> <i class="fa fa-map-pin fa-2x fa-red faa-pulse animated"></i> <a href=""> <span class="uk-text-middle"><i>Sonchus oleraceus</i> 'Grespino degli Orti'</span></b> </a> </div> </div> On the third line we read "fa-red." I created 12 similar templates. The first template has only one box with fa-red, the last template has 12 boxes with icons of 12 different colors. So. is there any way to have only 1 template and add, if I want and when I want, a small or big, same or different piece of html code?
  2. Hello to all. I would like to create an app. So I need to learn at least one programming language. I got informed online, and discovered that javascript with node.js, is the revolution of recent years, because it's faster than php. I wonder: if I develop an app with javascript and with a javascript framework (e.g. Meteor), is there a way to integrate processwire work? I know that processwire supports the transformation of the site into an application, but would it be as simple as Meteor? With the Meteor framework I have my app online in 10 minutes, and without even knowing javascript! (Knowing javascript would serve to personalize it). I should then install the app in a SUB-DOMAIN. If I study php, instead, and if I use a php framework (e.g. Laravel), how long does it take to have my first working app? Is it easy to process Laravel's components? Is writing forms for processwire apps with php a very complex job? Is it better to use Meteor and start with javascript? What would you recommend?
  3. Hello, as administrator on processwire I have a special address like mysite.com/url-login-my-name, to enter my admin panel. I would also like other people to have their own login url to enter a page that contains their personal details from registration, age and city of birth. Can I do this with processwire, in a simple, fast and above all free way?
  4. ok thanks, actually I was looking for absolutely free solutions as I'm unemployed and the site is just a hobby, so I think prestashop or buddypress might be ok. Actually, cmq I would have preferred solutions entirely processwire. If this is not possible, I think I'll move towards an easy framework, just to try and see what I could do on my own. We'll see... thanks for the opinion!
  5. Hello, I read this page about many php frameworks. https://raygun.com/blog/top-php-frameworks/ I'd like to understand if it's useful to install one, to have a well functioning and secure free user login/registration module, since the one provided in the free modules folder of the site, has some problems, it hasn't been updated for years and it's not as secure as the one sold in the site for 150 dollars. Also I would like to understand if through a php framework I could easily install chat rooms on a processwire site. I'm not a php expert but I could learn something, not much! What do you recommend? I have already installed buddypress and elgg in two different subdomains to try them... The login/registration module works perfectly, but maybe it's too heavy...I was also looking for a shopping cart!
  6. ...but the pro version costs 160 dollars, while elgg or buddypress are free. I will use those I think, too many problems...
  7. Hi, I installed LoginRegister module. This is the instructions: But in Setup > Templates there isn't any templates > user. I don't know how to configure this module... Has anyone already tried it?
  8. Ok, so, I must write <?php $content = $page->body;?> or <?php echo $content = $page->body;?>
  9. Ok, I cheked but I don't find any errore namespaces... boh This is my template-file: ArticoloMINI-POLIS.php
  10. Hello, I created several templates. I apply them and I see them all in my site in local laragon, but one is not. I do not understand why. Processwire sends me the following error message. How can I correct it?
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