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  1. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Ok now I try manual way...
  2. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Hi, I must change server provider. I don't want rewtrite all page and articles, what must I do? I download a database copy on my pc, and now? Thanks!!
  3. franciccio-ITALIANO

    I must choose if create groups of users by buddypress of wordpress, or by login system of processwire. In my project, each users group exist for send an emal in post for each new comment. I see that in processwire, in comment area we can subscribe the discuss. So, I would like to know if exist a simple way to create a list of own groups in each profile member. I hope I explain my problem! Peraphs, is better and faster to use buddypress, right?
  4. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Ok thank you very much!
  5. Hi, I see that in processwire I can choose the admin which send the approvation. I would like choose an admin for a group of comments pages, and another admin per other groupo of comments pages. It's possible?
  6. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Ok thanks now see...
  7. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Hi, my site is offline, break. I don't understand why. I would like copy the articles written, but I don't know where are it. There is two folder: "site" and "wire". In which folder and which file I can find my articles? Thanks!
  8. franciccio-ITALIANO

    I created by mapbox'studio this map'style: It's is for "ecologic" use in ecologic site. The street in red, the river in blue. But I can't put on it the map markers icon. So, if processwire help me to put mapmarker in some map, is better that I can put mapmarkers on map with style that I create. I'm explain well my problem? Processwire Module can help me?
  9. Hi, in wordpress homepage we can put a list of LAST ARTICLES AND COMMENTS. Can I do same thing with processwire? If yes, how? There is a tutorial? Thanks!
  10. franciccio-ITALIANO

    mmm ... Voglio usare mappe mapbox ... sono gli stessi problemi? I'm not expert... the processwire module, can work with mapbox map with any problem?
  11. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Hi, here: there's the instructions for put a map in a site. On processwire there is two plugin: and this: I must use the Leaflet instructions manual or the procewire plugin? What change?
  12. franciccio-ITALIANO

    mmm thank you Dragan for your suggests, but I understand the instructions of Zoeck and I do it. It work! Thank to all!
  13. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Hi Zoeck, I seen that modules but I haven't 129€. Hi, kongondo. I want repeat in a same template, 3 link-url-field, but this links changes page by page. For example, in a page I put: link A, link B, link C. In another page, with same first template, i put: link D, link G, link F. With Processwire I can put in a page only 1 space-field link-url. Or I wrong?
  14. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Hi, I read this: I would like to put 3 same field link to same template, but in processwire I can put only 1. The modules repeaters can help me? I see the video and seem no, because I want add the SAME FIELD, not another o a group of another link. Someone can help me?
  15. franciccio-ITALIANO

    Ok thanks to all. But... In professional opinion, what is the best practice for add many and same fileds in the same template in processwire? I must choose only 1 way...