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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I remember that there is a standard processwire template to show automatically in the front-end of the site, the SUBPAGES of a page, with attached h2 descriptions, again automatically. Then I deleted that template or I don't remember under what name to find it again. Now I would need it. The alternative is to manually compile a parent-page with links to all the subpages. A manual listing. I was thinking of doing this at one time that's why I deleted or forgot that template. Now I think it is convenient to use that template.... Does anyone understand what I am talking about?
  2. Hello Fellow PW fans. I have since i started using PW allways been a bit afraid to use the API:s more advanced functions. Like creating pages or subpages on the fly in my PHP code in the page template file. So i read alot and finaly got a Eureka the other day. And have now tinkered around a bit and this simple example is the result. It´s just the bare basics. You could make this more advanced in infinity. I wanted to put this example somewhere for the future because i don´t think there is such a clean to the point example anywhere on the forums. All the others are deep within discussion threads with advanced stuff that are not of concern for people who looking for a simple example to start from. Notes: You should log in as admin before trying to run this code in your page template. I put the parent page i use in my testing as unpuplished for security. As allways, the API reference: https://processwire.com/api/ref/ is allways great to have when tinkering with the API. Any ways, here it comes, and you have to change paths and such to your requirements. <?PHP /* some random strings and stuff for testing */ $randTitle = 'test_' . mt_rand(0, 1000000); $randHash = 'test_' . md5(mt_rand(0, 100000) + time()); /* Example: Creating a new sub page to a parent page via API Author: EyeDentify This example do not check if the page name allready exist it just tries to save it no mather what. so you have to create that check your self. */ /* get parent page object to add sub page object to */ $addParent = $pages->get('/api-test-start/'); /* Instantiate a new page object */ $newPage = new Page(); /* turn output formating of for property manipulation */ $newPage->of(false); /* set the page objects parent so it is saved in the right place */ $newPage->parent = $addParent; /* set the name of the template to be used wich we uploaded before hand. */ $newPage->template = 'tmp_api_test_post'; /* sanitize and set page name and also used in the path */ $newPage->setName($sanitizer->pageNameUTF8($randTitle)); /* the title */ $newPage->title = $sanitizer->text($randTitle); /* set custom fields propertys, the ones we created ourselfs */ $newPage->api_test_hash = $randHash; /* save the page object to database as child of the given parent */ $newPage->save(); /* turn on output formatting again, importent because it should be ON when outputting it in template files later on. */ $newPage->of(true); ?> This is kind of a example and code template in one. I hope this can get others started that are beginners like myself to get more advanced with the PW API. I expect there is propably things that should be done a certain way but this is my way. Good luck with your API adventures. Update created a gist for the github users of the PW community of this example. https://gist.github.com/magnusbonnevier/4dbb3a28634a9b76bbf5855dd871606f
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