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Found 3 results

  1. I have already gotten a pretty good idea about how to utilize ProcessWire in the sites I make, but there is something nagging me. I see a button "Add new" next to the page tree, and when I click it, I have 1 option: Bookmarks. I have clicked it, and added a page to the bookmarks, but I don't understand what this actually does. I don't see anything different on that page, and I can't understand the explanation that is provided ("The pages you select above represent bookmarks to the parent pages where you want children added. Note that if a user does not have permission to add a page to a given parent page (whether due to access control or template family settings), the bookmark will not appear."). So, I guess the question boils down to: what do bookmarks do?
  2. Hi there, I want to create bookmarks based on lister searches. However, whenever I click "submit" after I configured my lister search, I get the error message "Unrecognized path" and the addition "The process returned no content." In that case this URL is opened: http://domain.tld/admin/page/search/edit-bookmark/#tab_bookmarks I am using PW 3.0.42 and Lister v0.2.4 β. I don't use Lister Pro (which is the case in this topic). I tried it with different PW installations and always got the same error. Do you have any idea?
  3. I tried the new bookmark system in the dev branch (2.6.17). It's great for quick access, but I have too many parents with the same name "Products" under different parents like "office/products" "home/products" etc. So I needed to change the labels for add new button on Tree view. After a little bit poking I found a solution, so I'm sharing for anyone who might need. public function init() { //hooking the event for editing list of bookmarked pages from my SiteHelper module $this->addHookAfter("ProcessPageAdd::executeNavJSON", $this, 'bookmarksEvent'); } public function bookmarksEvent(HookEvent $event) { $eventReturn = $event->return; foreach($eventReturn['list'] as $key => $item) { //if its a parent url for adding if( strpos($item['url'],'parent_id') > 0 ) { $url = str_replace('?','',$item['url']); parse_str( $url ); //get page in the bookmark $page = wire('pages')->get($parent_id); //my scheme is for a label format: parentTitle - title $newLabel = "{$page->parent->title} - $page->title"; $item['label'] = $newLabel; $eventReturn['list'][$key] = $item; } } $event->return = $eventReturn; }
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