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  1. I absolutely agree. Currently the synchronisation is in development and testing. The database (or better said, the distributors API) only provides a very narrow set of interrogations. And has some strange data field types also (e.g. row modified is delivered, but internaly stored as a string type in a unusal format). So the create/delete of pages every import is just for testing purposes. If all is set and stable (and i can rely on the DB modified field), your approach is definitely the way to go. The questions (page ID limitation? Reset...) came up while testing. And i was curious about it 😉 Thx for you answer (also to @rick) Olaf
  2. Hi, in my current project i synchronize a thirdparty database (job advertisments) with my PW Instance every night. To reflect all possibly modified/added/deleted data sets it is mandatory to delete the whole set of related pages (page <=> database row) and rebuild all pages again every sync. So the page IDs increases constantly every run. I wonder if this could get me into trouble in long term. Is there any restriction of page ID values? That leads me to a related question. When i build pages through the PW API, is it possible/meaningful to maybe reallocate a (temporarily saved) ID of the deleted pages to the new build pages? To avoid the incrementation... Thanks for your thoughts in advance. Olaf
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