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  1. Ok, I got it to work now. The subselectors (https://processwire.com/docs/selectors/#sub-selectors) were exactly what I needed. I got some edge-cases where I need to do some special queries (based on some if statements), but the subselectors are quite powerful and helping me also with this. So, thank you very much! 🙂
  2. Hey thank you so much for your answers. First at all I'm happy that it doesn't seem impossible what I'm trying to do. I will check out, if I can solve my problem with your advices and will write back here with more details when I have solved it. Have a nice weekend!
  3. Dear ProcessWire-community, I have the following "page search" problem: In my processwire website I use some "pages" as "data-containers" (that are not actual pages on the frontend). Let's say I got a data-container that contains many subpages with the template-type "product" thath has the fields "headline", "image", "text" and "price". The products have no detail pages, but many products are added to category-pages by "page reference" in processwire. For each category I chose several "products" from the subpages of the products-data-container, and then I display them on the categories page. Now i want to search for all products that have the word "pencil" in their headline or description. For each result I want to link to all categories that contain this product. But what I get when I do $pages->find("text|headline%=pencil") are not the real pages, but the data-containers. But I want to get the pages that are referencing these products. Does anyone know, how to do this? Thanks in advance! Jonas
  4. Hey, thank you very much for checking and confirming! Yes I'm referring to the paid FormBuilder, but I purchased it already a quite long time ago, so I think my VIP-status there is not valid anymore. I guess I will try to find an alternative solution for now. Thanks for your support!
  5. Hey there! I want to place a simple paragraph (where I can put in content with a rich text editor) between some of my fields in a form that I bulit with the Form Builder - just as an admin in the processwire backend. The final website-user should only see the text with no option to enter something at this place. Is that possible? Sorry if I've overseen a simple solution, but couldn't find one for some time already... :/ Thanks in advance! Jonas
  6. Vue.js 2 book is now available! Become a full stack developer now #angularjs #php #book #code https://t.co/fmlIL4Bfz6 via @vuejsbook

  7. 5 Awesome Laracasts that make you a better Developer https://t.co/4D13hDTDOX via @metricloop

  8. Dieses coole Gadget macht Zeiterfassung fast zum Kinderspiel uns arbeitet mit anderen Apps zusammen!: https://t.co/C9lzSggMtC

  9. To record the S-tool (new band from former Poisonblack frontman and Sentenced vocalist Ville Laihiala) debut album https://t.co/N8KLQ8MYNv

  10. RT @caschy: Google Kalender ist down, es liegt nicht an euren Apps https://t.co/BnuyMfN2Du https://t.co/amWRQVjcSu

  11. Hi teppo, thanks for your reply! I now took the javascript road. With jQuery I search for all links which have 'assets/files' in their href and attach target="_blank" to them.
  12. Hi there! With the module "Page Edit Link" I can make settings so that links to external websites open in a new tab automatically, which is very handy. Now I want to do the same with links that point to files, so that the files (jpgs and pdfs) are opened in a new tab too. It seems not to be possible with "Page Edit Link". Is there another way? I know, the page editors could set the "_blank" value each time manually, but this doesn't seem to be very efficient to me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Jonas
  13. @LostKobrakai: Thank you, works like a charm! @kongondo: I want include hidden but published pages. With find, hidden pages are also excluded.
  14. These are great snippets! But I got one more question: how to exclude sites that are unpublished?
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