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  1. johnnydoe

    Hey, thank you very much for checking and confirming! Yes I'm referring to the paid FormBuilder, but I purchased it already a quite long time ago, so I think my VIP-status there is not valid anymore. I guess I will try to find an alternative solution for now. Thanks for your support!
  2. Hey there! I want to place a simple paragraph (where I can put in content with a rich text editor) between some of my fields in a form that I bulit with the Form Builder - just as an admin in the processwire backend. The final website-user should only see the text with no option to enter something at this place. Is that possible? Sorry if I've overseen a simple solution, but couldn't find one for some time already... :/ Thanks in advance! Jonas
  3. Vue.js 2 book is now available! Become a full stack developer now #angularjs #php #book #code via @vuejsbook

  4. 5 Awesome Laracasts that make you a better Developer via @metricloop

  5. Dieses coole Gadget macht Zeiterfassung fast zum Kinderspiel uns arbeitet mit anderen Apps zusammen!:

  6. To record the S-tool (new band from former Poisonblack frontman and Sentenced vocalist Ville Laihiala) debut album

  7. RT @caschy: Google Kalender ist down, es liegt nicht an euren Apps

  8. johnnydoe

    Hi teppo, thanks for your reply! I now took the javascript road. With jQuery I search for all links which have 'assets/files' in their href and attach target="_blank" to them.
  9. Hi there! With the module "Page Edit Link" I can make settings so that links to external websites open in a new tab automatically, which is very handy. Now I want to do the same with links that point to files, so that the files (jpgs and pdfs) are opened in a new tab too. It seems not to be possible with "Page Edit Link". Is there another way? I know, the page editors could set the "_blank" value each time manually, but this doesn't seem to be very efficient to me. Any ideas? Thanks in advance! Jonas
  10. #TTIP-Handelsabkommen ebnet den Weg für #Gentechnik #Fracking #ACTA. Fordere den Verhandlungsstopp: via @campact

  11. johnnydoe

    Thank you, I overlooked this one ^^ My other question (search several fields) is also finished... I turned out that I didn't have a field "body" at all. If it exists, there is no error.
  12. Don't let the #PanamaPapers get swept under the rug. Join the call to shut down the tax havens then RT: