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  1. There are already good guides on the internet on how to update ProcessWire! Look here: How to upgrade ProcessWire to the latest version or here ProcessWire Upgrade (ProcessWireUpgrade) - ProcessWire Module
  2. Hello everyone! A update to the new ProcessWire version 3.0.184 and the new PHP version solved the issue for me. Thanks again! 😁
  3. Hello Wanze! I cannot find the module in the ProcessWire Modules directory nor Githup anymore? Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks in advance"
  4. Hi johnnydoe! I adjusted my file permissions, but it still shows the same message!
  5. Since I updated to the version ProcessWire 3.0.165 installing modules from URL, directory and Upload won't work anymore. I have already added $config->moduleInstall('download', true); to my /site/config.php file, but it still doesnt work. Has anyone a solution for this?
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