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  1. Version Update 1.0.3 The current version 1.0.3 has some minor improvements. Items are inserted at the last position on the target page and set to the status unpublished. Furthermore, the clipboard is synchronized live, so you can jump between browser tabs without reloading the target page, for direct pasting. And the module runs only in the backend in the autoload. > Grap a copy: https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/InputfieldRepeaterMatrixDublicate
  2. Hello apeisa, that's correct. It totals all views. However, you can still display something similar to a function like "most of the week". If the page being tracked has a date field. For example I have a news template with the date field "start_date" and activated tracking. Now you can output the 5 most read news of the last week with the following selector: $startDate = strtotime("-1 week"); $endDate = strtotime("now"); $bestNews = $pages->find("template=news, start_date>={$startDate}, start_date<={$endDate}, sort=-phits, start=0, limit=5");
  3. Exactly. It's just a bit custom CSS. It might also be an idea for a matrix update that you can configure labels as images. Would be more flexible.
  4. This is an additional plugin for the CKE. You can download it below and simply configure it as an additional plugin in PW. https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/loremipsum
  5. Thanks to the great Pro module "RepeaterMatrix" I have the possibility to create complex repeater items. With it I have created a quite powerful page builder. Many different content modules, with many more possible design options. The RepeaterMatrix module supports the cloning of items, but only within the same page. Now I often have the case that very design-intensive pages and items are created. If you want to use this module on a different page (e.g. in the same design), you have to rebuild each item manually every time. With this proof of concept I have created a module which adds the feature to copy a repeater item to the clipboard so that you can paste this item to another page with the same repeater field. The module has been developed very rudimentarily so far. It is currently not possible to copy nested items. There is also no check of Min/Max. You can also only copy items that have the same field on different pages. And surely you can solve all this more elegantly with AJAX. But personally I lack the deeper understanding of the repeaters. Also missing on the Javascript side are event triggers for the repeaters, which would make it easier. Like e.g. RepeaterItemInitReady or similar. it would be great if @ryan would implement this functionality in the core of RepeaterMatrix. I think he has better ways to implement this. Or what do you think, Ryan? Everybody is welcome to work on this module and improve it, if it should not be integrated into the matrix core. Therefore I put it for testing and as download on GitHub: https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/InputfieldRepeaterMatrixDublicate You can best see the functionality in the screencast:
  6. Hi @loukote, yes that's right. The tracking and counting of PageViews also works with any form of cache. Because a small Javascript is injected, which tracks the view asnychronously, past the cache, without affecting the cache.
  7. Version 1.2.3 as new master version available All information about the changelog and bug fixings in the first post.
  8. The problem is fixed in the current version 1.2.3. Thanks for the report.
  9. Thanks for the report. This is because your pages or templates don't end with a slash. I will add it as a bug. The "/phcv1" is the request endpoint over which the AJAX requests pass to trigger a counter. In your case the URL should actually be "/produkte/phcv1".
  10. Now also available in the ProcessWire Module directory for direct installation via ProcessWire: https://modules.processwire.com/modules/page-hit-counter/
  11. Version 1.2.2 as new master version available In version 1.2.2 a new option was introduced which allows to send page hits to templates which are not directly viewable or cannot be tracked automatically. This allows you to implement tracking that best fits your environment. An example with jQuery can be found in the first post.
  12. Info: All new features and download link will be updated in the first post.
  13. In version 1.2.1 (Master) it is now possible. Every trackable template has a field called "phits". You can use this field in selectors. Either to sort: template=news, sort=-phits or as a value selector, for example: template=news, phits>=100 For an output in the frontend, simply access the field with: $page->phits This makes it very easy to output "trending topics", for example. Select news with a date field in a certain period and sort by "phits".
  14. This problem has now been fixed in version 1.2.1 (master). Thanks for the report. All in version 1.2.1 (Master) You can now set the session lifetime to 0, which will disable cookies and count each page view Thanks for the bug report, the problem with location.pathname is fixed The problem was in fact the ctype test. Good found, thanks and fixed I have optimized the request a bit, the overhead is reduced I've added an option that lets you hide the counters. By accessing the field "phits" you can make your own output according to your ideas This is correct, only counters are reset which already have a value greater than 0. I have formulated this differently in the descriptions and in the output to make it clearer and more understandable Thanks to @matjazp and @wbmnfktr for testing and reporting.
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