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  1. Welcome to the forum πŸ™‚ Maybe this solves your problem. If there are multiple paginations or API calls, you must also set the "start=0" selector so that other page arrays are not paginated. See under "Are there any side effects?".
  2. I can also tell you what bothered her the most, besides the visual component. My customers like to think in folders. They would like to click through a tree and categorize the data into folders. As PW itself is structured. Because the biggest problem here again is laziness itself. If you upload a picture and don't immediately describe and tag it properly, later searching becomes difficult. And my customers are all hectic and have no time for that. πŸ˜„
  3. To be fair, the last version I worked with is 011. Of course there have been some changes with the new version, but optically I see some deficits as well. Apropos: I never received a download link for the update to 012 by mail. Or do I have to buy a new license?
  4. I can only speak for myself. But I feel the same way. I bought the Media Manager, but never used it. Once I used it in a customer project, I had feedback from the customers that the visualization and usability was not good for them. Personally, I'm also a little bothered by that. Why have I never submitted this as a suggestion for improvement? You know: laziness. I always had the hope that others would do it and that there would be an update at some point. πŸ˜„
  5. @lokomotivan @Sergio I have now experimented with many options to solve this problem. However, there is only one way, which covers both behaviors. If you don't want segments to be counted, just enable the option as the behavior is current. But if segments are to be counted as well, the segments MUST be defined in the template configuration. For dynamic segments with RegEx. For this I have inserted a passage in the readme with the link to the PW help. There is currently no other option. The problem is that the Page Hit Counter hooked into the PageNotFound process (But I also tried PageRender, etc.). If URL segments are allowed but not defined, a 404 is never triggered from Processwire. This means that the Page Hit Counter cannot be called. For the tracking of segments, so simply define the segments. πŸ™‚ I also released an update with version 1.2.5, which improves the behavior when tracking 404 errors. All infos and download as always in the first post.
  6. Okay, thanks for the report. I'll take a look next week. Probably going to be hard to combine.
  7. Right, I haven't tested it yet. Can you send me your sample configuration? Or did you just activate the option without defining segments?
  8. PageHitCounter Version 1.2.4 Thanks to @wbmnfktr for reporting the issues. And thanks to @Sergio for the corrections. Both issues have been fixed in version 1.2.4 and the corrections have been applied. Changelog as always updated in the first post. Explanations of the bugs below. The functionality has always been and is correct. The module sends the data to a fictitious endpoint of the current page. Then the module hooked in before a 404 is triggered and writes the data. The problem here was that the module "Jumplinks" had a lower priority than PageHitCounter. Therefore the request was logged as 404, because jumplinks were executed earlier. Now fixed, PageHits are not logged as 404, regular 404s will be. Here was the problem that system templates or pages are excluded in the normal search, without the selector "include=all". This is now included by default. Oh, my gosh, there were a lot of typos in there. So if you have a lot on your mind what you're going to code next, you don't look at the comments. Anyway, many thanks for the corrections! And by the way, I'd love to. Take the code and build something new out of it! πŸ™‚
  9. Hey @ryan, great update! I wonder if the new CacheRender function can also be used for repeaters or repeater matrix items? Like this: foreach($page->repeater_field as $item) { echo $cache->renderFile($item->render(), WireCache::expireSave); } It would be great, especially with a lot of repeater items and outsourced render files the rendering can take a few seconds.
  10. Hey @bartelsmedia, if you mean that you want to copy single items and you use the ProField repeater matrix, I wrote a module for it.
  11. Version Update 1.0.4 The current version has got some improvements, bug fixes and new features. Meanwhile a bit further than just a proof of concept. I would call it a beta version. I now submit it to the PW directory. IMPORTANT for an update from older versions: completely uninstall and delete the old versions! Only then install the new version. All information and downloads are updated in the first post. @kongondo Can you please move this topic under "Modules"? I think the module is out of development. Thanks a lot.
  12. Version Update 1.0.3 The current version 1.0.3 has some minor improvements. Items are inserted at the last position on the target page and set to the status unpublished. Furthermore, the clipboard is synchronized live, so you can jump between browser tabs without reloading the target page, for direct pasting. And the module runs only in the backend in the autoload. > Grap a copy: https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/InputfieldRepeaterMatrixDublicate
  13. Hello apeisa, that's correct. It totals all views. However, you can still display something similar to a function like "most of the week". If the page being tracked has a date field. For example I have a news template with the date field "start_date" and activated tracking. Now you can output the 5 most read news of the last week with the following selector: $startDate = strtotime("-1 week"); $endDate = strtotime("now"); $bestNews = $pages->find("template=news, start_date>={$startDate}, start_date<={$endDate}, sort=-phits, start=0, limit=5");
  14. Exactly. It's just a bit custom CSS. πŸ‘ It might also be an idea for a matrix update that you can configure labels as images. Would be more flexible.
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