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  1. David Karich

    All right. I'll take a look and check.
  2. David Karich

    Do I understand this correctly: A counter is displayed and tracked for your homepage template even though you have not configured the template? Or do you use a template for your homepage which is also used for other pages? Also a quick update: Version 1.2.0 with Sortable selector Version 1.2.0 is now available on the Dev-Branch, which makes it possible to sort the pages by hits. Please check the upgrade for test environments first, because the DB structure will be changed. Previously tracked data will be taken over, a new fieldtype will be installed. Simply replace all files and trigger a module refresh in the PW. Infos and download: https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/PageHitCounter/tree/dev
  3. David Karich

    Good suggestions. Both functionalities are implemented in the current Dev branch. You can test them here: https://github.com/FlipZoomMedia/PageHitCounter/tree/dev
  4. David Karich

    I was just considering this approach, but it did not meet the requirements in my case. It should be live data, due to quick reactions at hot topics of the editors. And since some templates of the page in the ProCache have lifetimes of more than a week or more, an update of pages with a daily CronJob would also delete the cache unnecessarily. But as you already say, many approaches for very special requirements.
  5. David Karich

    Thank you. Not yet, because the data is stored in an extra table. But I will write the possibility for a future version on the ToDo-List.
  6. The Page Hit Counter module implements a simple page view counter in backend. Page views of visitors are automatically tracked on defined templates, with monitoring of multiple page views. This gives you a quick overview of how many visitors have read a news or a blog post, for example, without first having to open complex tools such as Google Analytics. This module quickly provides simple information, e.g. for editors. Works with ProCache and AdBockers. With a lightweight tracking code of only 490 bytes (gzipped). And no code changes necessary! In addition GDPR compliant, since no personal data or IP addresses are stored. Only session cookies are stored without information. In addition, there are some options, for example filtering IP addresses (for CronJobs) and filtering bots, spiders and crawlers. You can also configure the lifetime of the session cookies. Repeated page views are not counted during this period. Background: This module is the result of a customer requirement, where the editors are overwhelmed with analytics or no tracking tools were allowed to be used. However, a way had to be found to at least count page views in a simple form for evaluations. Furthermore, by using ProCache, a way had to be found to count views of a page without clearing the cache. Therefore, data could not be stored directly in a page field, because otherwise, depending on the configuration, the cache maintenance was triggered after the save() event. Pros Automatic PageView Tracking Lightweight tracking code, only 490 bytes (gzipped) No code or frontend changes necessary Works with ProCache! Even if no PHP is executed on the cached page, the tracking works Works with browser AdBlockers GDPR compliant, session-based cookie only, no personal information Filtering of IPs and bots possible Works with all admin themes When the module is uninstalled, the counter data is preserved Counter database is created as write-optimized InnoDB No dependencies on Librarys, pure VanillaJS Works in all modern browsers Cons Only for Processwire version 3.0.80 or higher (Requires wireCount()) Only for PHP version 5.6.x or higher No support for Internet Explorer version 6-9 No historical data, just simple summation (Because of GDPR) Planned Features API access for formatted frontend output Permissions for backend (Who is allowed to see the counter) Possibility of sorting by number of hits _____________________________________________________________________ Download (Version 1.0.0) – GitHub: Processwire Page Hit Counter PW Module Directory: – soon –
  7. David Karich

    @adrian I have no more problems with the upgrade module under PHP 7.0 and 7.1. However, I had a problem with PHP 7.2 some time ago. However, I can' t remember the exact error message. It was something with "Can't parse JSON from Github". Had then switched back to PHP 7.1 and it worked. I'm trying to reproduce that again.
  8. David Karich

    The cloning is in the scrolling event, because PW also clones the buttons at the page load (for the head area). If I clone the original savebuttons during pageload, they will also be duplicated in the head. However, it is ensured that this event is only executed once during scrolling as soon as the top threshold is reached. If a page is not long enough, no button needs to be cloned. The position storage is also intercepted with a debounce. The position is not saved until 250 milliseconds after the end of the scrolling event. It may look like this in the code, but any manipulation of the DOM is done only once.
  9. I have opened a ticket on GitHub, in which I present a modification respectively a proof of concept, which significantly improves the editing of pages, especially with long contents. The save buttons are always in view with this modification, and the scroll position when editing and saving is saved and restored after saving. You can also find a screencast and code extensions on GitHub. What do you think of that? Link: https://github.com/processwire/processwire-requests/issues/177
  10. David Karich

    After a long back and forth and many tests, the problem persists. But it could break down on a module. Ryan's update module. The Web server only hangs up when this module is called. After consulting the system administrator, he assured me that the server-side configuration is absolutely identical to the PHP 7.0 configuration. All modules, settings, paths, timeouts (60 seconds) are absolutely the same. Also the right PHP handlers are used. Only the PHP module "ioncubeloader" is not yet available for 7.1, is, according to my knowledge, but not required. However, there is no useful information in the PHP log. I'm pretty much on the hose and do not get the problem solved. Without the update module, everything runs smoothly. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is?
  11. David Karich

    Hm, okay. Thanks for your feedback. Then I have to go into detail in the search. Actually, I used the same configuration as PHP7. The error occurred only since I have cleared the cache of ProCache and then went to the upgrade module. Since then, the error has occurred.
  12. David Karich

    Hi, I have changed today a productive site with a PW installation in version 3.0.37 on PHP 7.1. Unfortunately, the system does not seem to run anymore. The page loads and loads and loads until the timeout (both: frontend and backend). The following error is only logged in the Error Log: - Premature end of script headers: index.php, referer: https://www.höhle-der-löwen.com/ - 9563#0: *21784 upstream timed out (110: Connection timed out) while reading response header from upstream - 9563#0: *21901 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream Does anybody have the same Problem? With PHP 7.0, everything runs smoothly.
  13. David Karich

    I have found a strange bug in Jumplinks module, whereby entries can not be edited. I have opened a ticket on Github, with video and solution. https://github.com/rockettpw/jumplinks/issues/11
  14. David Karich

    Damn it. You were faster. I had the same module on my to-do. Thanks for the module. Very helpful! I have three more points as a feature on my idea list: empty the ProCache and AIOM+ cache when they are installed. Remove all image variations and a short-cut to clear everything at once.
  15. David Karich

    CloudFlare helps us additionally in the defense against DDoS attacks. We have a few projects of customers who like to be the focus of attackers and often attempt to paralyze the servers. With CloudFlare, we have this blocked quickly. The service blocks the attacks, but leaves the real visitors through.