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  1. WOW!! Really awesome! Cant wait to see it in action... @kongondo when do you think it will be released?
  2. I'm having the same problem, and i bought it two weeks ago, Can I have access please, thank you!
  3. Hello, I'm planning to buy a license for using padloper, but i can't find any demo or site using it in english, could you please provide me with a demo account so i can check with it? Thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot for your answer Got what you Got before going bigger (iHope), things collected! The thing i asked for demos is that i didn't saw the licence types, my first look got the high rates... But these modules are magic, and i Love them.
  5. Thank you mr-fan and sorry if I made it hard for you guys to read. I've also specified BLUES why did you read the rest? hm? I just wanted to get your attention that newbies like me finds it really hard to read PHP codes instead. We can focus on SEO too, at least when starting a topic.
  6. HAHAHA Thanks mate! I'm Glad I'm here KEEP IT UP!
  7. Hello EveryPWdy! You look awesome today =) - my questions regarding Processwire Modules in blue! - Its my first post here and I would like to tell you guys; This is one of the best things i saw since I learned my little knowledge in PHP development! but i guess ill learn no more now with the power and simplicity of ProcessWire, the most advanced and simple CMS/-UFJJSWOHD or whatever each one of us call it My name is Socrates, I'm from Jordan. I'm now trying to Build cool Web and Mobile Applications using Process Wire.. I'm considering to Buy Modules from (PW) ProcessWire Store! Today I went to the bank, Just to fund my VISA and buy some modules here, but still don't know which one... Here is BLUE Can I Buy one or two modules, and try also the others on my local host as DEMO? Any Discount or Coupon for me if I buy 2 items or more? Today I've downloaded Many Awesome FREE PHP Scripts & Modules from ProcessWire FREE store. I Also Like those Advanced CMS Modules created by Ryan and ProcessWire Team as Web and Mobile applications when Converted into a very nice Native Web View with a Wonderful Responsive Template/Theme Built with the Best Web/Mob CMS called Processwire <- Looks better than "PW" in the eye of strangers ProcessWire Modules are a MUST BUY in my opinion, Unless you are a PHP guru developer with magic touches while Building PHP Modules on Process Wire. I want to buy some modules from Process Wire Store, but I'm still confused with which one to start. Each of ProcessWire Modules/Plugins written in PHP for newbies & beginners are getting my attention, and whats getting my attention more is Each Feature on each Best of the Best Process Wire CMS. Thank you Ryan! - (Founder of one of the Best CMS / Frameworks -> (Process Wire). "PW" -> ProcessWire -> a VS. Winner SEO Tool - Where everything is done automatically when looking on each page in details, after having some automatic CMS work with Processwire admin Dashboard. Processwire converts complicate into simplicity!
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