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  1. apeisa

    Craft will tackle this issue in their next version (see "Project Config"): https://craftcms.com/blog/craft-3-1-dev-preview-is-here
  2. apeisa

    I have myself moved to use jumplinks module in our projects. This module is not actively maintained, but for some projects this simplicity just works. Feel free to send pr, I might merge it (not sure if that has any unnecessary side effects?) but at least it is there if someone else has same need.
  3. apeisa

    So happy to follow this reborn of Padloper!
  4. apeisa

    Thanks Teppo, looks great! The bugs I reported earlier were not fixed on these updates. That make me look more careful the server setup and the issue was that PW timezone was not the same that server was using - that caused history tab to work inproperly. Interesting thing is that the field specific compare/restore did work nicely even on bad configuration.
  5. apeisa

    Sorry guys, haven't used (or developed) Fredi in years. I have no idea what it takes to fully support it in latest PW versions. First thing to try is to add <?php namespace ProcessWire; as a first line to each php file in the module to prevent PW from compiling the files. Probably the issue @lpa is describing is something to do with new PW features and requires proper debugging though.
  6. Hi guys As a @sforsman's coworker I'll let him know about this. We do use namespaced version of this module ourselves.
  7. I think profields table would be most suitable for your needs. https://processwire.com/api/modules/profields/table/
  8. apeisa

    Hi @teppo Finding out that there is also few more bugs with PW3: revisions don't work - it always shows the latest version (the sliding preview or /setup/version-control/preview/?pages_id=1328&revision=511 urls). I did debug this quite a bit and this SQL generated by PageSnapshot::snapshot always returns Empty set (although there should be data and database seems to been populated fine): SELECT t1.pages_id, t1.id AS revision, t2.fields_id, t2.property, t2.data FROM ( SELECT MAX(t1.id) id, t1.pages_id, t2.fields_id FROM version_control__revisions AS t1, version_control__data AS t2 WHERE t1.id = 513 AND t1.pages_id IN (1328) AND t1.timestamp <= FROM_UNIXTIME(1511771437) AND t2.revisions_id = t1.id GROUP BY t1.pages_id, t2.fields_id, t2.property ) AS t1 INNER JOIN version_control__data AS t2 ON t2.revisions_id = t1.id AND t2.fields_id = t1.fields_id GROUP BY t1.pages_id, t2.fields_id, t2.property In history tab clicking pagination also changes the tab (minor annoyance) I also updated this to PW3 (well, added namespace to each .module file and changed PDO references to \PDO, but that didn't had any affect to these bugs (didn't test the earlier image test though). Here are those attached if you are interested (didn't test that well and took about a minute or so). ProcessVersionControl.zip
  9. Running a little autumn sale, so if you haven't tried or bought Padloper yet, now is good time! https://www.padloper.pw/buy/ 30 day money back (no questions asked) if it doesn't fit your needs.
  10. apeisa

    CMS critic is one website and not even a very popular one. It has done great stuff promoting PW (and many other systems out there), but it is very small amount of visibility. ProcessWire is steadily pushing forward, but it is true that some systems did get more popular in much faster - especially craft. See this https://trends.google.co.uk/trends/explore?date=all&q=processwire,craft cms (I believe they did get most users from dying Expression Engine community where they were popular plugin authors). I think ProcessWire is "old dog" now for most - it isn't "new and interesting" anymore, so all kind of marketing "gimmicks" should be used. New features should be promoted much more (videos, tutorials, blog posts etc). Ryan is doing most of the development, weekly posts and supporting his paid modules, so this is something where community - all of us - could help. Also I believe that this website, docs, tutorials etc are those parts of this project that can be most easily delegated to community. Another one is having official starter themes (site profiles) and admin theme. We have amazing amount of design and development talent here, I wish we could collaborate more easily. We all know Ryan is busy, so do not wait for green light and guidance - if you feel like you could do something for our community - just build it and share it! More people will pick interest and great things will happen!
  11. If there is someone missing access to the support forum, just email or PM me.
  12. Sorry guys. Buried with work currently, but it is getting better. Padloper is alive and kicking!
  13. apeisa

    @teppo have you taken look at this yet?