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  1. Module

    Hi Teppo Tested this on latest ProcessWire (ver 3.0.62). Seems to work very well, except Image/File fields. In both of those it is possible to recover removed files, but when doing so, it loses the current files. These screenshots probably shows it best: First I have 2 images: Then we remove the other one: Now we only have the city photo there: Then I can go back time and find the Desert also: This preview works pretty nicely (although file names are hashed). But then after saving the page disaster happens: Desert is saved, but the city has gone 0 bytes. Any idea what might be causing this? I thought it might be image field related, but the very same happens with file fields also.
  2. Are you talking about this? https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/about
  3. The world is a vampire. (and an earworm for all you smashing pumpkins lovers/haters. You are welcome).
  4. Your users actually live in page tree: Admin => Access => Users => User So you can just create your users like that. Instead of $p = new Page(), just use $u = new User(); and you are good to go. No need to define template and parent in that case also, if I remember correctly. PW also has possibilities to use different templates than user for users. That is usable if you really need different fields for different kind of users or you need them to live on other place at pagetree. More information about that from here: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-2.5.14/#multiple-templates-or-parents-for-users
  5. Looks great! It would be nice to have admin demo updated, so lazy ones like myself can try it too
  6. Unfortunately no. It only works with this on extra allowed content: p(*)[*]{*} a(*)[*]{*} div(*)[*]{*} Which is no go for me. I am switching to this one probably: http://modules.processwire.com/modules/textformatter-oembed/
  7. I hear what Teppo is saying, but choosing templates would pretty much nail that concern. Developer has chosen to show those templates through API, so leaves no place for confusion in my opinion. I will definitely give this one a good ride.
  8. Looks super cool! Does it add some public endpoint to fetch data or how does it work outside the "console" example shown on the videos?
  9. What means adding meta in this context?
  10. Great blog post Ryan, thank you! Great year behind and even better coming! What comes weekly news, I think maybe @teppo and PW Weekly could report interesting new stuff from dev branch - instead of full blog post by @ryan each week? Also I think what would really help PW as a community project is that modularity would be more easily seen from code repositories also. I mean separation of /wire/ from rest of the stuff, keeping admin as own project and making several core modules as their own projects (although they could be "essentials" that would always be installed with ProcessWIre). What comes to Avoine, I hope I found time to write case story about how we use ProcessWire as backend solution to our member register platform Avoine Sense. Sense was released early 2016 and it already hosts about 10 member registers that together hold about 150 000 members. Feature-wise Sense already has newsletters, custom reporting tool, invoicing, model based templates/fields, background jobs, client specific procedures build by chaining actions (ie. create excel, connect ftp, deliver file and finally send sms to admin), full read/write REST API with Oauth2 authentication, mobile application, embeddable login/edit forms etc... ProcessWire has been amazing platform for our application development (currently we have 4-5 developers working on it). I strongly encourage that you all consider ProcessWire as a viable alternative for serious application development also. It is perfect platform for building dynamic websites, but it is also pretty brilliant platform for application development!
  11. I'd say that if your small business can afford week or more development time (high quality and/or unique look and feel, some custom processes, integrations or just big site), then ProcessWire is excellent option. If they just need lot's of bells and whistles out of the box, then some high quality WordPress themes or SaaS offerings (wix, squarespace etc) would be best. Due the nature of ProcessWire, it is actually also very nice for pretty static websites, where only few places are editable (maybe news, menu or price lists etc).
  12. Padloper works now with PW 3.0. Planning for next release on Christmas time.
  13. Sorry guys, I have been laughing five minutes alone here for your vagina monologues vs avengers debate It was indeed our link spam protection plan (that actually worked pretty well). So @fbg13 no worries about any virus, just poor humor from moderators.
  14. Hi Apeisa, 

    Does Padloper still require a dev release, is it compatible with the current stable version of PW? 

    I'm not getting any responses in the forum thread so thought I'd come here. 


  15. Congratulations on release Ryan! Yesterday I spent some time to browse the API Explorer on demo site and I have to agree that ProcessWire documentation is top notch! Huge improvements over what we used to have and way ahead of most projects.