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  1. Thanks for this Mike. Not sure if 512 is long enough. There isn't any limitations for user agent length (other than server limit for headers) and if request_uri means uri that user were redirected - then few pointers for uri lengths: and https://stackoverflow.com/questions/417142/what-is-the-maximum-length-of-a-url-in-different-browsers So if you want to limit these at the database level, then you should clip values also to that length.
  2. Thanks Mike! unfortunately we jut found another issue like this: Data too long for column 'request_uri' at row 1 So there is similar issue at least with request_uri also (not sure about other fields). Any possibility to get this fixed as well?
  3. Hi @Mike Rockett We are using this module on few client sites and it works great. There is one issue though: varchar 255 is too small for referrer field, we do get occasional: SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column 'referrer' at row 1 (in /site/assets/cache/FileCompiler/site/modules/ProcessJumplinks/ProcessJumplinks.module.php line 532 Any hope to get this fixed? (we will most probably update local databases to text).
  4. Yes, that works great too in that case and others similar cases if there is possibility to tweak markup. I also found that purge failed on rather complex navbar css so I found it easiest to skip purge on my own css. Not a problem since with tailwind I write very little css anyways.
  5. Ah, that meant just for purge css. Things like pagination markup (and css classes it uses by default) comes from core module, so if you want to use those and just style using css, you need to disable purge for that part of css.
  6. Two sites I have build with tailwind and purge css. Other site css file was 3.4kb and other 2.5kb... I also skip purge from my own css, just tailwind goes through it. It is actually very simple. It does "scan" all the files you need. But in case of ProcessWire custom classes can come from many places, so I felt it easiest to purge only tailwind css. And I am pretty happy with the file size results...
  7. To my best knowledge it is still same request and visitor has to wait before actual content is ready to be served. Lazycron is (in my opinion) usable for very quick cleanup type of things only. Much better to use actual cron or other background process to do that kind of stuff. SnipWire looks fantastic! Great that PW will have multiple e-commerce options available!
  8. I kind of like that also, although requires extra step on template code.
  9. Tailwind authors are planning own commercial version of "general components library". High hopes for that.
  10. Thanks Teppo! Added my 2 cents to first issue. Robin's module works great.
  11. Ah, it seems that this module by @Robin S already solves this very issue (and some others)!
  12. Do others get messages, that setting focus point doesn't work - and it is just a browser caching the older image? This seems to be a real issue for us with certain clients. Do you have any tips for this? I am thinking about small module, that would change filename (add suffix or something like that) everytime when focus or zoom is changed.
  13. Very beautiful site! I love the vibrant colors. Same here! It really speed up development time without limiting your possibilities and creativity. I especially like building responsive stuff with tailwind, makes it much more simple.
  14. I use sass with tailwind. Also in my opinion purgecss is must have with tailwind to remove all unnecessary css. This is a good read, it nails just how I have felt about BEM and many other ways to css: https://adamwathan.me/css-utility-classes-and-separation-of-concerns/ I do like vanilla css, but writing scalable, easy to maintain css is very difficult. Tailwind helps me a lot regarding that and doesn't take away css/sass/less when I want it. My first reaction to utility frameworks was that those are worst idea ever. Glad I gave em chance!
  15. Yes, you can have generic btn class and then just tweak it with bg-red and rounded classes for example. But biggest win with tailwind for me is that it is actually design system (scales for colors, margins, heights etc) instead of full design that you tweak/modify (foundation, bootstrap etc) or 100% custom styling, where it is very difficult to be consistent with the all decisions and endless possibilities. First of the sites was designed already (photoshop) and other was me designing with tailwind. I was surprised how well it suited both of those use cases.
  16. I have now used tailwind in two projects and to be honest, I cannot go back to regular frameworks. It is utility framework or just custom css for me currently. You can use only "semantic class names" if you want to with tailwind also, but you will soon notice that "bg-green" is great class name, much better than "success-button".
  17. Totally OK for me. Another module that I haven't had use in about 5 years...
  18. I just have simple edit link somewhere in site. I have found that as best solution for clients. I also never allow front end editing and keep client using admin as much as possible.
  19. Happy to move maintain of this module for @teppoif he is interested? I haven't had use for AdminBar in years. No idea how to transfer this on module director, anyone?
  20. I am currently building first site using Wireframe. I really like it so far. I have almost done with the site (pretty simple one) and I didn't use any controllers... until now when I noticed that homepage shows feed that mixes news and events. Usually nothing too complex (just add both templates to selector), but in this case events are from separate system, pulled from REST API. So this was perfect case where I use controller for: pulling data from external API caching that data, so that we fetch only once in hour merging and sorting it to one PageArray with local news items passing that final PageArray to view file for easy rendering Without Wireframe I would probably build much of that logic into functions, but I really like that there is "documented place where this kind of stuff should live". In future if I (or some other lucky fellow) need to make changes to layout - it is simple and one doesn't have to think about that "wow, all kinds of stuff is happening here", maybe remove that events stuff or add even more sources - I can do it easily without messing with layout. Also this model usually helps to produce clearer code: instead of many ifs (showing little bit different data for events vs. news) while rendering, I have that kind of logic separate from actual markup. One downside is of course that one have to "understand" the mvc-framework and it's logic. You have to know that there might be controller involved and where it lives for example.
  21. I will look into updating the Payment modules to use latest Stripe libraries. Other than that this change shouldn't require any changes for webshops and websites using payment modules, since that authentication is done between stripe and payment processors (banks, cc companies etc).
  22. It is now, thanks @Pete
  23. Could that "Forums" text in breadcrumb be a link to forum frontpage?
  24. Yep, that would do in many cases - if you want to promote fresh articles!
  25. Haven't tested yet, but it seems that it stores only int value of total sum of all time views? So not possible to use for "most viewed pages this week" for example? Other than that it looks like a perfect module for many use cases!
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