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  1. Maybe there is solution to have some help without any visual overhead. Like having darker/different background on mouse hover (I know that wouldn't work on touch devices)?
  2. Visible bg color control is something that over 99% (my estimate) of image fields do not require. It would be poor ui design to have it always visible. That is very edge case scenario you are solving (white transparent images) so it shouldn't cause any overhead to other use cases (or even code) that image fields are used for.
  3. I think darker bg or config setting would be nice. But big no for having visible toggle for this.
  4. http://modules.processwire.com/categories/premium/ I agree, that "one shop to rule them all" would be best for everyone. Even better, if it would be integrated into ProcessWire somehow.
  5. Yep. You just aim between the eyes and that's it
  6. This demonstrates the idea: http://jonom.github.io/jquery-focuspoint/demos/helper/index.html
  7. I have been thinking about what would be the best option for core to handle the frontend variation image cropping. Would simply setting the focus point be enough? That would always be center when cropping (if not explicitly wanted something else). This would require zero configuration, wouldn't contain any design specific information (like image sizes) and would work for both horizontal and vertical images.
  8. Can your describe your setup more clear? Do all sites share same fields and templates? Or are they unique regarding their data structures?
  9. I don't know what quiet save does, but isn't that cache question pretty fast to test?
  10. Thanks Pete for all the hard work! Many of us know how much work (and pain) it requires to upgrade these monoliths, so hats off and I pay for the beer when you visit Finland (it is raining, so you would feel comfortable and just like home here!).
  11. This was helpful debugging one issue. In later PW-versions you have to add findOne into $options array to make it work: $selectors = new Selectors("template=blog-post, limit=5, sort=name"); $pagefinder = new PageFinder(); $options = array('returnVerbose' => true, 'findOne' => false); $sql = $pagefinder->getQuery($selectors, $options)->getQuery();
  12. I have both actually. Though Paytrail is implemented with their merchant channels (myyntikanavamalli), so that one would require minor adjustments to work for simple solo seller. Not yet published, but code is available if you need.
  13. Ryan, big thanks for putting this into core! This is all magic by sforsman. For us use cases are things like looping and sending newsletters, big exports etc. Really a big difference in performance, memory usage and code simplicity when working with more than 10 000 pages.
  14. I think all magazines that write about pw deserves to be bought!
  15. apeisa


    Very impressive (on mobile at least). I loved the "negative color" effect between sections.
  16. Hi Russ I just created very simple weight based shipping module. It is available as pre-release on Padloper forum (you should have access there).
  17. There is no way in core to restrict user edit access based on the values of the users being edited. So you are misunderstanding what the features introduced in 2.6.10 do. To achieve what you are describing can be done with simple module or by using https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/DynamicRoles Update... Sorry, I'm the one that is misunderstanding. Shouldn't read the forum as a first thing in the morning.
  18. Can you describe in more detail what worked better in old UI? I agree that there should be some nice tiled background for transparent images, but is there some other basic needs that are missing? I personally think that this is one of the "wow, that looks easy" moments for customers. Even more than before. Image fields used to take a lot of space in list view and old grid was lacking in features. Great work Tom, Benjamin and Ryan! It is also great to see more and more community effort in ProcessWire core dev!
  19. Padloper supports everything that PW supports. So multilang is as easy as it is with any ProcessWire site. There isn't any multicurrency support in Padloper. But if your need is just to show estimate prices in different currency, then you have many options.
  20. I think that vulnerability is pretty close to saying that <a> tag is problematic, since it can link to malicious website. Gotta agree with google this time.
  21. Just for the information: I have answered and moved questions from here into private Padloper forum (and will continue to do so in the future). There isn't any automation to get access into Padloper forum, so it will always take me some time (day or two usually) to grant access, so it is perfectly fine to ask questions here though.
  22. Peter, do you have multiple wiremail modules installed? How do you send your emails (actual code)?
  23. Hi all. Can you send (pm) me your order numbers or emails you used when buying Padloper and then I grant you access into Padloper support forums.
  24. apeisa


    Fantastic looking site, as always!
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