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  1. I would use permissions or take a shurtcut and use roles for that. The shortest route is to use user, but I think it is messy even in your situation, since you have at least two users that can see the content ("user X or Y"). - So first create (and publish) new permission, lets call it "view-hidden" - Create new role (or use existing role) and add the new permission to all roles that should be able to view hidden content - Now make sure that user X and Y have roles that have "view-hidden" permission Then on your template code: if ($user->hasPermission("view-hidden")) { echo "This is hidden content block"; } If you took the shortcut with using roles directly, then it would be: if ($user->hasRole("admin")) { echo "This is hidden content block"; }
  2. http://www.markgoldsmith.me/blog/why-i-chose-processwire-over-wordpress-drupal-symphony-and-others/
  3. Template caching won't help, since it is purely for frontend. Are you using select as inputfield for post_root and post_parent? In page fields where you can have very many options (like thousands) you really should use inputfield that doesn't load all pages, like autocomplete. Also editing that value comes easier instead if dropdown with 185999 items
  4. Having used ProcessWire for 5 years and in 50 projects (or so) without drafts, I don't think it's fundamental functionality by any means. Very rarely requested and much more rarely actually needed. For Avoine, I don't see big need for drafts, so having it as pro module is much better for us than sponsoring.
  5. We are using this on at least 10 sites, probably 15. Works very well, and definitely ready for prime time. Teppo, feel free to add to the directory - or should I?
  6. Padloper uses ProcessWire's default WireMail class for sending email. That means that if you don't have any wiremail class (like wiremailsmpt or wiremailswift, there are probably others), it will just use php's mail() function. On most of the local dev machines mail() just doesn't work.
  7. $p is supposed to be page object, in your case most probably your repeater page (not field, but the page inside repeater).
  8. I would say that no need for setting. PageTable is not the easiest one to configure, so let's not make it any more difficult Both are fine solutions, using just "add new" goes well with pw convention used in other places, but it makes it more difficult for new developers to find out that there could be more options. So my vote for "convention over configuration" here. Might be also that I have never figured this could be a problem. I understand that using general "Add new" made it more difficult for Chris to find out that there can be more templates even on basic PageTable, but what kind of situations you have had Teppo? Have those been purely usability preferences?
  9. Do you have the form online somewhere so we can take a look?
  10. Scrolling is turtle here also (Win7 / latest chrome). It's not "lagging", it just scrolls way too little with each scrollwheel movement. Great, beautiful site!
  11. I think situation could be better. Especially for the things like the inputfields.js that LostKobrakai mentioned. So most probably some changes coming at some point.
  12. Image is called "kuva1.jpg", so not a naming problem. And it is definitely image field where I have drag & dropped it. Image uploads just fine, but fails to create thumbnail, and produces that weird error message.
  13. Same error here, after update from 2.4 client has reported problems with image uploads. These are images straight from their mobile phones (Lumia 830) and earlier (PW 2.4) uploading that kind of images has worked nicely. Error in question is: kuva1.0x100.jpg - not a recognized image Clicking the broken thumbnail does show the full image. Memory limit is already 256 and the image is rather small one (554 kb). Opening the image in Photoshop => save for web => reuploading => thumbnail creates just fine. I have the original file available, if someone wants to take a look?
  14. Martin, that is fixed already. I really need to figure out how to distribute upgrades... Can you send me an email and I'll send you latest release back?
  15. Pete, it's free for public repos. It's just another way to view and organize GitHub issues.
  16. I would do it this way: create new page using "checkout" template. Give it name "checkout-invoice". Then edit your /site/templates/checkout.php and change the content of that file to: <?php if ($page->name == "checkout-invoice") { $checkout = $modules->get("PadCheckout"); $checkout->setInvoiceMode(true); $checkout->setShippingModule("ShippingFixed"); $content = $checkout->render(); } else { $checkout = $modules->get("PadCheckout"); $checkout->setPaymentModule("PaymentStripe"); $checkout->setShippingModule("ShippingFixed"); $content = $checkout->render(); } Then edit your /site/templates/cart.php and change it to: <?php $content = $modules->get("PadRender")->editCart(); $checkout = $pages->get("template=checkout, name=checkout"); $checkoutInv = $pages->get("template=checkout, name=checkout-invoice"); $content .= "<p><strong><a href='{$checkout->url}'>" . __("Continue to checkout") . "</a></strong></p>"; $content .= "<p><strong><a href='{$checkoutInv->url}'>" . __("Continue to checkout with invoice") . "</a></strong></p>";
  17. nfil, just removed the link to Padloper site. It's not published yet. Soon, I hope
  18. Skimming it through now. What setting is "nameContentTab"?
  19. Soma and regesh: I am not able to reproduce the "Can't save page .. it has an empty "name" field" error on my test site. What kind of settings you have on template that is edited? I think it might have something to do with family or access settings (or then advanced).
  20. Hi Currently the invoicing mode skips the payment options all together - so you would actually need two different "checkout" pages, other with setInvoiceMode true and other without (using normal payment modules). Then in your cart page you would have the choose between payment and invoice checkout. I am planning to make invoice (and other "postpay" methods) work just like all others, but I have no ETA for that yet.
  21. Jonathan, not sure I know what is not working in your case? Just tested this "echo $fredi->hideTabs('delete|settings')->renderAll();" on my install, and it works just fine (shows just children tab, editing and saving works normal).
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