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  1. Yep, the deprecated paypal module is for the shop-for-pw.
  2. It's very rare to php be a bottleneck regarding most websites and apps. 2 sec pageload contains very little php processing. So huge performance boost there will give very little to overall loading times. Not saying it's bad thing (of course not), but most of the usual website performance is front end.
  3. If padorder template and user template use same fields, then checkout form is pre filled. Full featured shop profile need to wait for a while. Now it's for those that want to build their own.
  4. I have all kind of plans (also coupons and discounts), but limited amount of time. So always plan your projects with the features in use (or by having an idea how to implement those). Adding simple coupon discounts for Padloper should be pretty trivial task.
  5. Have you subscribed for the newsletter? Will send more invites soon.
  6. Set $config->advanced = true and whole new (and dangerous) world opens.
  7. It should redirect to fi.processwire.com, need to check this with Ryan (current error comes from his server) .
  8. There is now "options" fieldtype in core. You can use it instead.
  9. I agree with with BitPoet. There are few methods and classes that would benefit hugely with rewrite where there would be more and simpler methods. For example ProcessPageEdit is pain to hook into... Overall, hooking system is beauty!
  10. I just committed big refactoring to Fredi, which fixes all the known bugs and simplifies a code a lot. I haven't tested this yet on other pw versions than latest dev, so be careful when testing. It "should" work pretty universally, since now it uses ProcessPageEdit instead of own custom processes. So image/file uploads and reordering (tested) and repeaters (not tested...) should work also.
  11. Definitely one of my all time favorites - very clean, polished, nice typography, mobile and desktop both work flawlessly. Great work Macrura!
  12. PageTable or Repeater should be both fine for variations - can you PM me with your issues? And yes, modifiers are per template - they can be variations if just simple case (like size, color or some other option like that and no unique stock qty). Others: hoping to open beta for wider audience in upcoming days - please subscribe at https://www.padloper.pw if you haven't already
  13. Ok, sorry the term "icon" confused me. Teppo is probably already working on a fix.
  14. Context menu opens with right click, not icon in toolbar. Not tested this though, so might be broken in latest versions, where has been quite a lot ckeditor related updates.
  15. images and images:0 all images:1 first
  16. Procache cannot help with multiple requests and slow connection.
  17. You have to do the redirect with javascript (which is run in browser) instead of PHP which is run on server.
  18. I think it would be reasonable simple to add inline editing into PTE blocks case by case, but saving would be simpler as ajaxified, not on regular page save. All inline editing is damn hard to do in general manner when you have markup agnostic system like pw. I have tried on front end when building Fredi, and yes, easy with simple text, difficult with anything else.
  19. I actually believe separate modules is way to go. FieldtypeModules has quite a bit configuration already, bundling fields and templates there would make things complex where they doesn't need to be. Also what would that field be called? FieldtypeNotPageRelation?
  20. PageTableExtended will be superior solution for this. Played with it recently, and it's very nice concept.
  21. I don't believe in donations at all. If you want money from module, make it commercial. Of course there are plenty of possibilities regarding licensing, like making it free for personal usage.
  22. That's new more general payment module. This is for shopping cart module: https://github.com/apeisa/PaymentPaypal-deprecated Please note that I don't support either one of the modules (cart or PayPal module for it). See http://www.padloper.pw
  23. You can't do that (getUnformatted is method of Page object, tableRow doesn't have that), but you can do: $raw = $page->getUnformatted("draw"); var_dump($raw); But in your case it might be easier just to convert your field into timestamp: $timestamp = strtotime("pretty much any date format");
  24. Seems to work great! Only glitch I could find in briefly tests was that in CKeditor cropping did lost the align setting. I had to re-edit after cropping to save the align.
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