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  1. Yep! Thanks for letting me know. That hard coded path will be fixed in next release.
  2. Lenno, please check that httpHosts array is correct in your config.php. Just a guess, but that might be the issue.
  3. Last summer we hosted big event website (also very heavy site with lots of big images, videos, embeds ets), that got well over 300 000 visits during weekend. We prepared for that with combination of ProCache + Cloudflare and we didn't get any reports of performance or availability problems (first time ever said the event organizer and it was also first time Avoine hosting the site). We were using the paid plan of Cloudflare though. It saved tons of servers from our side (just like ProCache did also).
  4. Guys, keep it on topic! (it's my favorite topic, otherwise I wouldn't say )
  5. Hantzweb, hard to say, I have never seen that behavior. Let me know if you find a way to reproduce it. Jozsef, you probably need to load Fredi wire("modules")->get("Fredi")
  6. Thanks Adrian, fantastic module and blog post!
  7. I think squeezing them in dropdown would optimize the UI for edge case, instead of the most common ones (1-5 options). That might be nice additional module, but I think current default works better in most cases.
  8. Few things that might be affecting (all from here https://processwire.com/api/multi-language-support/multi-language-fields/#how-language-fields-work). foreach($page->artists as $c) { $c->of(true); // Output formatting needs to be on for multilang $user->language = $languages->get("french"); // replace "french" with some langname you have echo $c->body; echo {$user->language->title}; } Try above and if it works then you might find the problem.
  9. Seems like a bug to me (maybe file a bug report in github?). Also - I would really suggest some container templates / pages to keep pagetree in order. I feel it messy to add all directly under home page. Although I don't know your project or use case there, so take this just as suggestion, not as a blame or critic
  10. Hi Marco InvoiceMode is not available with OnePageCheckout. I am looking forward replacing invoice mode with separate Invoice payment module soon. If you need invoice, then use PadCheckout instead of PadOnePageCheckout module with checkout. Regarding missing template. I had a bug in install routine, which skipped most of the required templates all together. It is easy way to fix that though: just copy contents of /data/fields.json and paste them into Setup => Fields => Import and proceed. Then repeat same for templates: copy contents of /data/templates.json and paste them into Setup => Templates => Import and proceed. I am currently working for a fix on that, if you want to do clean install.
  11. apeisa

    PW IDE

    First web based editor that makes sense to me! Very nice actually!
  12. It has simple stock management that can do just that. Need to update the website when I get to computer - that information is missing there.
  13. Sonia, any hope to get access to the site and server so I could take a look at it? You can pm me credentials.
  14. SQL query changed from joins into using IN and NOT IN syntax.
  15. Speed improvements with subselectors are amazing. Our setup went from timeout into pretty much instant when there were about 10 000 pages in both main and sub selectors.
  16. This is old (2012) but interesting thesis that compares ProcessWire, WordPress and Drupal for building customer support website: http://media.tkk.fi/visualmedia/publications/msc-theses/DI_N_Beilinson_2012.pdf
  17. Hi Gideon. I will look into 3.0 compatibility later when 3.0 is out of alpha and closer to a stable release. I got your email, but my reply bounced: Status: 4.4.1 Diagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; connect to[]:10024: Connection refused
  18. http://code.tutsplus.com/articles/4-reasons-to-choose-processwire-as-your-next-cms--cms-25062 and http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-install-and-setup-processwire-cms--cms-25509 Copied from tuts topic. Great day for pw exposure. Please share these on Twitter, Facebook etc!
  19. How is craft storing it's data, especially in matrix field? Are those easy to query?
  20. apeisa

    Avatar for pwired

    Thanks Willy's mom! That cleared it up. Fantastic vision and implementation!
  21. apeisa

    Avatar for pwired

    I am little afraid of all the hidden meanings of that avatar...
  22. apeisa

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    Thanks Willy! I really like it.
  23. Gotta agree with Ryan here. Most of problems we have faced has been opposite: building different (admin) views for otherwise denied pages and forgetting that find filters results by default.
  24. Are those question marks at the frontend? Then you are probably defining wrong character encoding in you template files or you have saved your template files with wrong encoding.
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