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  1. I am still experiencing this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this?
  2. Ryan, I grabbed your code from this discussion. It has worked great in two areas of my site, but for some reason its not working in a third area!
  3. I'm still experiencing this problem and can't make any headway on it. Ovi, did you find a solution? Screenshot:
  4. Check it out this page with useful jquery plugins. Might help you!
  5. I'm using the latest version of PW 2.3. And I'm experiencing this problem with the module that you created for extra description fields for images. I'm using this same module in too other areas of my site with no problems at all. I did move from a local installation to the actual web server host and then tried to implement this third use of the module. But I don't think this should be a problem. I have also deleted the cache after moving. Isn't there any reasons to delete the session files? I'm pretty baffled.
  6. I'm having the exact same problem. I have image fields in two other areas of a site that are behaving as expected. But when I use elsewhere the field data is not saving to the database. I have the same set up as my other areas. This is very perplexing. I don't even know where to begin debugging! I have debug on and no errors show. In the error log nothing is being displayed that is related. There are no javascript errors being reported. I am using a custom image field module. But like I said I am using it in other areas and it is functioning as intended. Anyone else experiencing this?!
  7. Yes that is correct. There aren't any known issues installing PW inside WP, right?
  8. Luis, now I am calling the redirect before my html. The redirect works but it is still not logging the user out.
  9. Processwire I also have this right after my call to logout: <?php if($input->get->logout == 1) { $session->logout(); $session->redirect("/login/"); } ?>
  10. I'm developing a site for a client in a private directory on my web host that is running wordpress. In the clients site, I have a members section that requires a login. I'm having trouble with the logout url which when called will go to the wordpress logout screen when called. This is what I have for code: <div class="login-message">Hello <?php echo $page->title; ?>. Welcome back. <a class="logout" href="?logout=1">Logout?</a></div> I know that it will be fine in a live site but I need to show this functioning as intended for the client. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on how to resolve this?
  11. I finally checked into this with my host and they claimed that I wasn't "closing the connections". Also apparently the account has enough SQL connections to support the traffic. I don't understand. I'm not experiencing this on other hosts. The only way I'm aware if this problem is through a service (binary canary) that tells me if the site is down. Could it be that their constant pings are pushing the connections over the limit?
  12. Ahh no. I was calling it afterwards. Thanks diogo!
  13. Apeisa, I have tried to installing this module but I am getting: Notice: Undefined variable: fredi in ......./header.inc on line 31 Fatal error: Call to a member function renderScript() on a non-object in ....../header.inc on line 31 I have this before the close of the head tag: <?php echo $fredi->renderScript(); ?> I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Thoughts?
  14. apeisa, you are my hero! A client was looking for this option just today. I will try it out and thanks for all your hard work!
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