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  1. Ryan: sounds like a plan to me. If you provide me blank module and details about right hooks, I will turn this into real module. And I have to agree about inline editing. It could be difficult to understand that when you make changes inline it could show up in many different places, not just the one you are "inline editing". Current way is more like content management, not just editing a web page.
  2. Thanks guys! It would be great to see this to becoming a real module. I haven't looked modules at all yet, so I have no idea how to go with it. So any help/collaboration is appreciated. I have more ideas like creating a new page from adminbar and seeing what roles have access/edit rights for current page. I also had wild idea of inline editing the fields (I found http://www.aloha-editor.org/ and got idea from there). So you could click "Edit page" and that puts small edit icons on top of each editable field. Then you click on fields and you could edit those right on the page. And after you have made changes there is big "Save" button that you need to click. It would be pretty nice way to edit & preview at the same time. What you guys think? Would it be better, good alternative or just not so great idea? UI & JS side of things is something I could easily handle, but the I'm not so familiar with the API to say if this could be easily done? I see there some problems already: we need to tell in templates which fields are editable and what their field-name is. It probably makes template files (which are now very easy and flexible) a bit messier.
  3. I have something simply to show if you guys are interested in this. Very simple stuff, three files: adminbar.inc adminbar.css adminbar.js [removed broken screenshots] There was already this modal variable on admin theme that stripped all the unnecessary stuff out, so I think something like this have been in thoughts before? Only bad thing is that after "Save Page" the modal state doesn't stay and it shows the navigation. I will keep improving this and it would be great to hear some comments & ideas.
  4. Adam: Sure, sounds interesting and I am more than happy if I can help. Ryan: Thanks.
  5. It is true that you can achieve all the same results with pages & templates, but I think most important thing here is to make it easier for editors to create and manage the data. You can see the difference here: (That little plus sign on the bottom is important -> You add more "rows" easily when editing the page) But I also do not like that there is 2 very different ways to create same end result. So that is why I think that it would be better to allow creating & editing of other pages inside parent page.
  6. As far as I remember Matrix is more like "repeatable set of fields". So you could have template like "Football game" (soccer, not American ) There you could have Matrix for different events: [table] [tr] [td]Minutes played[/td] [td]Event type[/td] [td]Player[/td] [td]Team[/td] [td]Details[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]12 min[/td] [td]Goal[/td] [td]A. Peisa[/td] [td]Chelsea[/td] [td]Chelsea leads 1-0[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]35 min[/td] [td]Goal[/td] [td]J. Litmanen[/td] [td]Ajax[/td] [td]1-1[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]72 min[/td] [td]Red Card[/td] [td]A. Peisa[/td] [td]Chelsea[/td] [td]Peisa is out of the game[/td] [/tr] [tr] [td]88 min[/td] [td]Goal[/td] [td]J. Litmanen[/td] [td]Ajax[/td] [td]Ajax leads 1-2[/td] [/tr] [/table] And those fields (or cells) are not only text, but also images, files, links, relations, dates etc... This is ideal for situations where these are relevant data mainly for this template, they have to be easily updated etc. It would be really slow to create 1-20 different pages for every event for each game. I'm not sure if this is best example, but hope it makes this idea clearer. I actually think that it would be better (and maybe easier module and more in line with current way of building sites), if we could add/edit/remove other pages through editing other page. I mean if I have two templates: soccer_game & soccer_game_event. Soccer game template has page reference field for multiple game events. This reference field could have some pretty ajax magic that it would allow creating new soccer game events right on soccer game page. It would be so nice
  7. According to this short Q&A from Stack Overflow http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4558663/add-html-when-rewriting-url-in-htaccess there might be some very little "bonus" in some scenarios when adding .html. On the other hand: shorter urls are always better and urls without .file are also much cleaner for humans.
  8. And the docs are already there, big thanks Ryan! I am building a small "admin bar" to take further the idea of "EDIT" link. I hope it turns out something useful. If not, I hope I learn something useful
  9. Is there any way to see information like: a) is the current user logged in or guest b) which roles he/she has c) what is the username of current user There is $session variable, but I couldn't find that information from there. It would be great if we would have global variable $user.
  10. Thank you Adam! I tried Google (as always), but as non native English speaker I have sometimes difficulties to find right queries when it comes to special characters. Google tends to ignore single characters like { and &
  11. I am reading through source code and there is some syntax that is unfamiliar to me. First in templates there is line like these: echo "<li><a$class href='{$child->url}'>{$child->title}</a></li>"; Why there is {} around properties? Does it have any function or does it only make code cleaner? And then at ProcessPageList.js there is lines like this: if(child.status & 1024) $li.addClass('PageListStatusHidden secondary'); What does & at that line? I have a good guess, but I have never seen that syntax before so better ask than assume This probably isn't best forum for such a general programming questions, but it would really help me to understand what is happening under the hood (and of course learn some new programming at the same time).
  12. I created simple "Related pages" reference on default site. I noticed that if I choose something on Parent of selectable page(s) option, I cannot revert back to empty (which allows all pages with selected template to be chosen). If I choose "Home" then (rightly so) only first level pages are available. There is screenshot to make this easier understand. I think there should be "Reset to default" or something like that.[/img]
  13. Is there any solutions to support multiple languages in admin site?
  14. Great to hear, thank you Ryan. I bet you have few other ideas under you list already
  15. Thank for your replies. I am using Chrome (webkit), so this explains the differences. And yes, I think I should have ability to say thing like: "Bodytext field on my Basic Page template shouldn't allow images larger than 500 pixels" It's not nice to scale huge images smaller and huge images also tend to break layouts. Usually I never want to allow larger images than the width I have on my css.
  16. Ok, I got the resizing working: I can resize right after choosing an image, but not after I have inserted image to the editor. I would still love to have "max width" for textarea
  17. Hi Just installed ProcessWire on localhost and it seems to be very clean and polished! I remember that in demo video you showed easy resizing of images, but I cannot repeat that? I would be great if we could give maximum width for images (dunno which would be right place: image field or textarea field? Probably latter, since you could use same images in bodycontent and sidebar...), and ProcessWire would automatically process (hehe) images to right size. I tried to see if there is that kind of functionality already in place, but I didn't find anything. But so far I have been very impressed and I will probably try using this on some personal project as soon as possible.
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