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  1. After some debug it looks like the image field is the problem, cloning the page without any image assigned works as expected, very strange
  2. no, just the title, which is by default.
  3. Hello, I have a template with 32 fields, one repeater and images and I added a function to clone a page via API. It worked since today when suddenly is throwing an sql error, never seen before: Error: Exception: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1116 Too many tables; MariaDB can only use 61 tables in a join and from now on, the clone function doens't work anymore. Any idea? Thsi si my clone function function clonePlate($plate){ $pages = wire('pages'); $copy = $pages->clone($plate); $copy->setAndSave('title', $copy->title.' (copy)'); }
  4. Hello, I'm having some trouble using the module inside another module. It looks like it can't process the "to" email, I'm always getting "Error in hnsmtp::send : it were not specified any valid recipients". I simply call the module as I call it inside a template $m = wireMail(); $m->to($email); $m->subject('my subject'); $m->bodyHTML($body); $numSent = $m->send(); I tried to change the call to $this->modules->get('WireMailSmtp') with no success...what I'm doing wrong? Edit: I solved it. Maybe it could be helpful for someone else...the send email address in the general setting of the module was wrong (different domain from the one set in the smpt) and somehow it didn't show any error when Wiremail sends an email from a template..
  5. mmm....I tried to update the module with no luck, at this point I don't know what it is...I also tried to deactivate some modules...anyway I will do some more test and let you know, thanks for now.
  6. I've been using WireMailSmtp since ages and for some clients we have microsoft exchange 365 emails. Recently Microsoft annouced they are deprecating basic stmp authentication in favor of OAuth 2.0...is there a way to configure WireMailSmtp with this method?
  7. Hi, I maybe just found a very strange bug. I'm using Processwire with a React front end and I setup it in a subdomain like so https://api.mydomain.com/ so just to avoid using api twice i changed the API endpoint into "v" using versions so my base api endpoint is https://api.mydomain.com/v/1/ Now, everything works fine except when I call a route with a GET parameter starting with "v", it cuts out the v from the slug, for example if I call https://api.mydomain.com/v/1/category/variety the get parameter I get it's "ariety" and this happens on all characters I put in the api endpoint, not just for one character This is the route I'm using 'category' => [ ['OPTIONS', '{slug:\S+}', ['GET']], ['GET', '{slug:\S+}', Blog::class, 'getCategory',['application' => 1]], ], and this is the function which receives the parameter public static function getCategory($data) { $data = AppApiHelper::checkAndSanitizeRequiredParameters($data, ['slug|pageName']); ... // $data->slug returns "ariety"
  8. So I got it...just removing "namespace Processwire" on top of the module
  9. Hello, I'm trying to get to work a getstream.io library inside a module. Since I'd like to avoid using composer I downloaded the library from php-download.com which makes it possible just to include the autoloader.php file and using the library directly. I tested it inside a template and it works well but I can't inside a module. This is what I wrote so far inside template: <?php require_once('./vendor/autoload.php'); $client = new GetStream\Stream\Client($key, $secret); Inside module I get error: class GetStream\Stream\Client not found <?php namespace ProcessWire; class ProcessSocial extends WireData implements Module, ConfigurableModule { ... public function init() { $file = __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php'; if (file_exists($file)) { require_once $file; } } protected function testFeed($user){ $client = new GetStream\Stream\Client($api, $key); $feed = $client->feed('User', $user); return $feed->getActivities(); } }
  10. Hello, I'm trying to put a watermark text on top of my image but I got strange result as you can see...any idea why the font is rendered like that? I'm using a simple Roboto font. Thanks
  11. Hello, I'm having a strange issue with the page autocomplete asmselect of a page reference field. Out of a sudden is returning a 403 forbidden error when I type something. From the console I find out the system doesn't like the %= operator, it's the only operator which isn't working, I tried others and the select works. Any idea why? Thanks
  12. I often duplicate a template in my projects and I spend a lot of time to edit all the field positions and sizes, I'd like to keep this settings when a template is cloned, if possible.
  13. I have this problem and I can confirm is the translation of the module the issue, it happens even in the default language, I tried to change the 2 main files for having the datepicker translated and it's not saving anything
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