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  1. Daniel, Padloper uses ProcessWire PaymentModules, which I have open sourced. It is very simple "wrapper" for different kind of payments, which makes it possible to use implemented payment modules in any PW project. More information here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8959-payment-base-class-paymentstripe-paymentpaypal/ How much work depends a lot about how good API klarna supports and how deep integration is needed. I think Stripe took 1-2 hours and PayPal 3-4 hours to implement (Paypal is so messy).
  2. Can you peek to database regarding that row?
  3. What you mean by honoring ProCache?
  4. MuchDev, this looks cool! How about ready presets for most popular css frameworks out there (bootstrap, foundation etc)? Ryan has those in FormBuilder, probably ok to use those in different context too (I have already asked, waiting for answer).
  5. Hi Tom Thanks for the order! I have messed up my email template (you are not first one that missed those). I'll send you download links again when I get to computer. Some of you have thought about customer portal etc. That is definitely possible to do. I have also talked with Ryan about having private forum for Padloper here at the pw-forums. I'll plan to release 1.1 version this month or early January (including one page checkout) and will email all customers then about new release and how to get access to it.
  6. I think the rules have changed: http://blog.twitch.tv/2015/10/introducing-twitch-creative/
  7. apeisa

    New Logo

    Haha, had to update this one. New baby (already 7 months old) and a new car...
  8. Nothing to do with that. Sense product we are building is hosted Saas-application, no code distribution there.
  9. What trends? Google trends? There is always ups and downs, depending on how the releases go. ProcessWire 3.0 is discussed here: https://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwires-roadmap-in-2015/#processwire-roadmap-for-3.0 and the namespaces branch is coming here.
  10. Also usage of wireMail() class instead of mail() function.
  11. apeisa


    Yeah, absolutely amazing work. Bold, refreshing design and dev work.
  12. One happy linoder here too.
  13. If you open the dev tools and look for the network traffic you can see it. Right after setting focus on search input, the app polls for all possible values, so everything is already loaded, then it is simply your browser showing relevant results.
  14. I skipped millenium and vista, now happily using win 10 at home and win 7 at work. Both are excellent systems! I feel so lost when I have to try helping my mom to use her macbook air (good salesman told it is easier than windows...). I have never googled so much in so big frustration... Things just don't work
  15. Many of you have asked about support channels. I want to keep official support at Slack chat and email, because I spent lot of my work hours here in forum, but only access personal email and slack when not working. I have no problem people sharing Padloper questions here and supporting each others, but to keep my work (Avoine) and hobby (Padloper) separated, I must often skip Padloper stuff when surffing these forums.
  16. Hi guys! Padloper is officially released today: https://www.padloper.pw All of you who did purchase it during beta: your license has been upgraded into developer license - big thanks for all the feedback I have got. You can download the latest version from your order confirmation email. If you don't have it anymore, please contact me. Most significant late addition was shipping classes - now it is possible to define different shipping rates based on country/state and/or per product. I have also added tutorial how to use PageTables to handle product variations. PS: there is nice release sale going on. Single site license is 50€ and developer license only 120€.
  17. neophron: looks like you don't have javascript loaded at all. Please confirm you have setup it correctly, especially the scripts part: https://github.com/apeisa/Fredi#installation I hope to get into other issues shortly.
  18. It depends how you define "longterm". We (Avoine) started using ProcessWire 2011 for inhouse projects and 2012 for clients. 6 years soon, and I feel we are just getting started. PW 2.0 was released 2010, but it's roots are in 2003: https://processwire.com/about/background/ So I would say PW is longterm.
  19. I would love the idea to kill symlinks (our current method of keeping inhouse modules up to date) with this (private github repo + processupgrade).
  20. Tom Reno! You should have picked better nick for your second account... Just kidding of course
  21. apeisa

    ProcessWire Day

    2.0 was released 2010. It's different repo though (on mobile now).
  22. You could check by name or id (or any custom field also), but those are properties, not methods. So correct syntax would be: if ($user->name == "Peter") { echo "Hidden content"; } // or if ($user->id == 41) { echo "Hidden content"; } But as I said earlier, checking only by user is a shortcut I wouldn't take even on smallest sites: There is nothing on the admin site to tell the difference that some users are handled differently If you need to add or remove this hidden content from some user, it is only possible through code So I strongly suggest using permission or role for this purpose.
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