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Found 13 results

  1. I have a need for users to be able to put in a search term and for Processwire to return a PDF file matching that term. It isn't complicated, if they put in 088 then I need to return a PDF named 088.pdf. My question is, how do I do that in Processwire without having to make a page for every PDF? There will be hundreds of them and they will all be updated each year. Ideally I would like for the file to be served from the file system, not the database. Do I just bypass Processwire for this and use straight PHP? If so, how do I use a processwire template for the look of the site, but use PHP for filesystem access and returning file paths? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am trying to make a download button using <a href="$page->files->sample.pdf" download>download</a>. What am I doing wrong here?
  3. Hi folks, I published "Simple file downloads with ProcessWire tutorial" today which explains how to make a simple download function with ProcessWire (tested with version 3.0+). Basically this is based on my post here in the forums
  4. Hey everbody. I wanted to share something I have been working for quite some time, in total currently three premium Templates or Site-Profiles for ProcessWire 3 including a onepage template, a blog template and a blog+sidebar template. Here are some Quick Facts: Fully responsive Multilanguage support Full SEO support Optional Google Analytics Easily create new pages out of multiple predefined sections Lazyload the sections of a page [Group and update website-information into blogs] (blog, blog+sidebar) [Use tags to tag and group blog entries] (blog, blog+sidebar) [User-comments] (blog, blog+sidebar) [Create each page with or without sidebar] (blog+sidebar) Website-wide search by text or tags Password protect each page individually with sophisticated page-encryption with dummy texts and pixelated images Just go to https://pwtemplates.de to test the demos (e.g. blog-sidebar) and purchase them for a small expense allowance. Hope you like it!
  5. Hi folks, On the website I am working on I do have a form which needs to be filled in (duh) and when the user clicks on download, the data is send with ajax and processed in the same file by using the ProcessWire API with $config->ajax; The data which is provided by the user will be checked with data in my database. If the data is correct I want to push a file download. But this is not working at the moment. It seems like the content of the (.exe) file is pasted in the console instead of pushing the file. My code looks like this: if ($config->ajax){ $serial = $input->post('serial'); $DB = DB(); $query = $DB->prepare("/*My query here*/"); $query->bindParam("comparision", $serial, PDO::PARAM_STR); $query->execute(); $reply = ''; $SN_rows = $query->rowCount(); if (!$SN_rows > 0) { $reply = 'error'; } else { $reply = 'success'; $installer = $page->attachments->eq(1); $filename = "Filename"; $filepath = $installer->filename; $options = array( 'forceDownload' => true, 'exit' => true, 'downloadFilename' => $filename ); wireSendFile($filepath, $options); } echo $reply; exit(); } What am I doing wrong here or is it a bug? Is there another way to do this with the processwire API? Thanks in advance, ~Harmen
  6. On my website, my boss wants to put a catalog file. That isn't the problem. But since we are distributors, our customers want a catalog with their own logo. Is there any module or something like a module which can make that true? Maybe with a small in-file editor too?
  7. Attempting to download AdoptDefaultsFromParents (or any module) in PW3 admin produces the following slew of errors: The site/modules permissions = 755, allow_url_fopen & curl = on. How could this be? Why doesn't the download URL come through properly? I sorely miss the splendid convenience of this capability.
  8. Hi, for a download page i need some links to files, which don't stay together in a "ul". They are distributed all over the page. I was wondering (and hoping) that there's a solution like the one for images: <?php $image = $page->images->eq(0); if($image) echo "<img src='$image->url'>"; ?> But i can't find something about it and a quick test didn't work. It worked for one single download: <?php $file = $page->download_files->eq(0); if($file) echo "<a href='$file->url'>$file->description</a>"; ?> When trying to address the 2nd file in the array with "eq(1)" nothing happens. What can i do to select the a specific file from the array? Mario
  9. Hello! I like to share a project developed using ProcessWire. App-UNIVERSE.net is a modern online service with software database download. We provide access to a rich app database for desktop operating systems based on Windows and Mac OS. Within each category we present both free and commercial apps used by professionals in industries as movie creation, interior design, transportation, creating presentations, coding apps and games, etc. All available apps in App-UNIVERSE contain information like license, name of developer, date of app update, actual description of main features and direct links to files hosted on developers homepage. Site visitors can search for apps not only through the catalog, but also an advanced search engine. Applications can be searched by criteria such as category, developer, name of the application or alternative. Unlike many competing sites we do not offer download of files via download assistant that under the pretext of simplifying the process of installing apps are spying software and are installing in system toolbars and other unnecessary components. We focus primarily on all valuable apps that we can height recommend to our users.
  10. Hi there, I am kinda new to PW but I gave it a try for a current project and I am pretty amazed so far. It really works great and allthough I have pretty much no knowledge about PHP I can wrap my mind around these functions and also get lots of my queries working. My site is almost complete but I also struggeling with a problem which is the following. I am building a website for a music label. They want to provide a dedicated press and download area where press people can download latest press releases, music, artworks and stuff like this. The site structure should be like this: www.domain.com - Page 1 - Page 2 - and so on and the press area which should be www.domain.com/press The link to the press area is not visible on the main website. The page is hidden and should have a simple protection with htaccess. No user or login / member management required. Just a simple htaccess password protection. How can I do that? What I would normally do is just create a folder "press" on my FTP directory where I put the htaccess and thats it but how can I accomplish this in PW? I also provide downloads on that press page. These files for download have been uploaded via the backend and now sit in the assets/file folders. How can I protect them from being downloaded? I want to achieve that once people got access to www.domain.com/press that they are also able to download these files. Maybe its a simple task but I am not sure how to do this properly. Thanks for your help - I really appreciate all that kind support here in the forum! Cheers, Martin
  11. Hi, I am web designer and I want to learn PW by create simple e-commerce website. I've been search around to find solution, comparing every option & weight both it's advantage/disadvantage, I think most solutions out there is too complex or they already make lot of assumption, not to mention the more code means heavier page load. That's why I finally get conclusion that PW is the right answer. Well, the solution not answered yet, but I sense PW have the power to be there. Let say example, Ms. Turner is local bakery which have 50 product under 5 category. She don't need complex shipping since order could be pickup at store or using private delivery courier and of course She don't need sophisticated payment system or any other crap feature. Yes, there is customer for that kind solution, but not for Ms. Turner and hundred millions people out there. All she want is just simple website to accept order. I do aware that there's already tutorial out there, but it's just answer for specific solution. Not to mention how hard it's gonna be when this forum already have ton of pages. If You're not mind, I create this thread so everyone could learn from beginning especially for newbie or copy paste guy just like me to feel the power of PW. This thread would be tutorial creating e-commerce from scratch and the final goal is free theme both front page and admin page specially designed for Ms. Turner and hundred millions small business right there. Apeisa already make awesome module for PW and I already tested it, its work so wonderful so let's complement it. For starting point, let's start from designing the homepage. The content would be: Home - Header (logo, cart toolbar, search) Content - 3 Image Main slider - 6 Featured product -Footer - Quick Link - Social Network Link - Twitter Widget - Newsletter Subscribe What is the best practice from code perspective?
  12. Hi all I am very new to ProcessWire, but have managed to create a content managed site in super quick time! I currently have 2 templates, home and content - that's all I've needed! But now I need to add a new column on the right of my pages that will hold a list of PDF downloads. The list of downloads will be different on each page - some will have a few, some will have none. Each item in the list needs a name, thumbnail image, and document to link to. I was tempted to create a new template for each, but I don't think that's the way to go. Would I do this like a list of news articles? But then I don't know how to specify which 'articles' appear on which page? Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi y'all! Im am trying to force a file download after user submits a form. When user hits submit button POST data are send to a template (sort of "thank you for downloading" page). This template on successful submission redirects to another template through this code <?php $downloadurl = $pages->get('/download/')->url; header('refresh: 0; url='.$downloadurl); ?> Redirection then hits this template code (located in download template): <?php // filename & url of the pdf file $filename = $pages->get('/some-page/')->file->name; $fileurl = $pages->get('/some-page/')->file->url; $filesize = $pages->get('/some-page/')->file->filesize; // force download of the file header('Content-type: application/pdf'); header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename='.$filename); header("Content-Length: ".$filesize); readfile($fileurl); It downloads a file and then redirects back to thank you page. The only problem is that the downloaded file is empty (0KB). When i download a file "the standard way" clicking on a link that directs to $pages->get('/some-page/')->plik->url; everything is ok. Any ideas?
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