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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone I´m creating an AdminTheme based on Semantic UI framework. Here is the beta version. I 'm fixing bugs. Github here Changelog: 0.0.1 --- Fixed background color / image.
  2. I have been searching a while for pre-made UIkit 3 themes that I can download in some form and use. But I have not found much. I work with variables and compile most times, but sometimes I would prefer working with a "finished" theme as a starting point I have found the following resources: https://github.com/zzseba78/Kick-Off https://github.com/uikit/awesome-uikit Do anyone else know of UIkit 3 themes that you could list?
  3. Goodbye jQuery, Hello Slideshow! UIkit 3 Beta 31 released !
  4. Playing around with the UIKit theme this morning and tweaking it. It's called UIKit Classic and it's a nod to the Classic theme. For me the Classic theme always sticks in my mind as being most definitively Processwire-ey because It was my fist intro to PW I thought the colours were quite unique and like the mix of blue, pink and green. They're very distinctive and I'd hate for PW to look like just another WP install. In a crowded CMS marketplace I think it's good to differentiate visually. The two screengrabs are just the same screen. A before and an after. I put this together using the Chrome the web inspect tool so there's no fancy mixins or LESS etc. Actually there's not even any CSS now that I've refreshed the page. I do think there needs to be a detailed comprehensive through tutorial for people wishing to make their own themes. Probably 85% here don't need it and understand the directory structure and how it's all compiled but equally I think there's another 15% here with the design skills but not the tech chops to get this done. If we want designers to design themes then we need the process with screengrabs, list of software (I have CodeKit, Dreamweaver, Sublime etc). Anywho - just my 2€ worth The before shot below...
  5. Can any body help me where to get premium themes, i dont see any themes for processwire like wordpress. is this CMS lacking themes like support. if so why?
  6. Hey all, yesterday evening I started playing with the new uikit admin theme and I have to say I really like the way @ryan has developed it, it's relatively easy to modifiy it further. It took me around 10 minutes to prepare the development pipeline (from installation, setup the build processes and grasp the directory structures), so I highly encourage every designer in here to get their hand dirty and start without any fear I'm going to post in this thread my progresses, since my will is to dedicate every evening 1 hour or so with the purpose to release a visually pleasing and stable admin theme. If you want to post your progresses in this thread too, you're welcome!
  7. Hi everyone, I'd like to start a conversation about your view and practices for profitable web design and development (unless there is already one that I didn't find). I use ProcessWire for most of my sites currently. Wherever I look though I can see plenty of web design freelancers and even larger agencies running exclusively on WordPress and themes. Many people are running "web design" businesses even without any development skills. There are just so many that I started to doubt if that's the way to go. - Do you use Wordpress + themes to cut cost and increase your bottom line? If yes, what is the middle ground? Is it worth to put up with WP? - If not, what alternatives you use for micro/small businesses? - And finally, how do you use ProcessWire to speed up small, basic brochure websites? Clients care more about budget and results than "custom" design. I love working with ProcessWire but only if it doesn't mean lost opportunities. Any opinions are welcome, especially from those of you who are advocates for themes yet are skilled developers.
  8. Is there a somewhat comprehensive guide or tutorial somewhere on theming the PW admin? There's so much untapped potential there I just don't know really where to start to learn my way around it. If not, would anyone care to create one? I know I would greatly appreciate it, as would many more users. There are no admin themes in the modules directory currently that claim to be compatible with 2.5. That would probably change with a solid beginner's guide.
  9. I've customised an admin theme using the minimalist_blue theme as a base. I've near enough got it completed but There is text appearing above submit buttons which I can't seem to get rid of. I would also like to change the colour of the text and background hover from blue to either Green or Brown but can't find where this found. I have circled the text on the attached image. I'm using ProcessWire v2.4.0 if this makes a difference. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. Hello, I wish to know if you can make a site with different themes. Eg. a blog site with a theme for summer, winter, fall and spring So the admin could select the current theme. Like the Admin Theme Module, but for the Front end. Thanks
  11. Can ProcessWire work without Javascript? I'm rebuilding the admin theme from the bottom up and I want to remove all (or as much as I can) of the jQuery UI and use my own. However I noticed that this breaks the homepage where all the templates are loaded. Can someone help me get this working without Javascript? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am web designer and I want to learn PW by create simple e-commerce website. I've been search around to find solution, comparing every option & weight both it's advantage/disadvantage, I think most solutions out there is too complex or they already make lot of assumption, not to mention the more code means heavier page load. That's why I finally get conclusion that PW is the right answer. Well, the solution not answered yet, but I sense PW have the power to be there. Let say example, Ms. Turner is local bakery which have 50 product under 5 category. She don't need complex shipping since order could be pickup at store or using private delivery courier and of course She don't need sophisticated payment system or any other crap feature. Yes, there is customer for that kind solution, but not for Ms. Turner and hundred millions people out there. All she want is just simple website to accept order. I do aware that there's already tutorial out there, but it's just answer for specific solution. Not to mention how hard it's gonna be when this forum already have ton of pages. If You're not mind, I create this thread so everyone could learn from beginning especially for newbie or copy paste guy just like me to feel the power of PW. This thread would be tutorial creating e-commerce from scratch and the final goal is free theme both front page and admin page specially designed for Ms. Turner and hundred millions small business right there. Apeisa already make awesome module for PW and I already tested it, its work so wonderful so let's complement it. For starting point, let's start from designing the homepage. The content would be: Home - Header (logo, cart toolbar, search) Content - 3 Image Main slider - 6 Featured product -Footer - Quick Link - Social Network Link - Twitter Widget - Newsletter Subscribe What is the best practice from code perspective?
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