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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there, Is there anyway in processwire to output the URL of the site, instead of the root. Because the root returns this value: "/" and I need it to return the URL. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys, I would very much appreciate to get your feedback to the following idea: We've created a publishing system for our company that is based on ProcessWire. Currently we are only using it for one publishing page. But it could very well be possible that in the future we are in need of managing additional pages. I'm thinking of something like it is described in the article about Multiple-site support, but with something like a site-core that is included by any site instance. To keep server management simple all the instances could use the same database. Imagine the following folder structure: All the templates, modules and assets from the "site-core" folder are automatically loaded by each other "site-" instance. This would enable other instances to add their own templates but still let them use the "site-core" templates. Also the ProcessWire "wire" folder would remain untouched. Additionally it could be great to restrict module configuration access to only activate the "Site" tab on instances. And being able to create new instances from the "site-core" instance ;-) What do you think? Thanks for your feedback Nik
  3. Hey all. I ran into a strange problem. I am using the module Export Site Profile to migrate from one server to another. I did this before and everything worked fine. With this page, I had a strange problem. The installation with the site-profile worked fine (except that I had to uncomment the "RewriteBase /" in htaccess to get to admin). The installed site modules (I installed most of them using ModulesManager) have been missing at first but got installed after refreshing the modules (Navbar: Modules -> Refresh). But once the modules are installed, I can not edit the Home-Page (page id=1, so root of pagetree) anymore. In firefox I get a blank page, Chrome at least shows a 500 Error. All other pages are editable as before, only Home stopped working. Does anyone of you has an idea what is happening there? Thanks a lot!!
  4. Hi One of my VPS had a meltdown at the weekend. The host suggested I FTP into a partition where my sites are temporarily located. I have 4 PW sites on this server and all of them seem intact in terms of the directory structure etc. 1 site in particular though has an empty /site/ directory Normally I'd expect to find assets, templates and files etc in there Does this signify a bad backup on the hosts behalf or some corruption or maybe a hack? I've never heard of it before and it seems very odd.
  5. Hi guys, just finished new portfolio site. My friend Piter did the design, i did all the coding. In portfolio you can see couple of our sites, all build on processwire. Site is still in tests, so there might be some bugs . Cheers. http://avenueagency.eu/
  6. Is it possible to change the name of the default 'site' folder? Like change it to 'mywebsitename'? There is no real technical reason for me to want to do this. I am just afraid that the inconspicuous 'site' will get lost on the server, that I or someone else will end up deleting at some point.
  7. Hi guys I try to create a custom login page. So i read a lot in the forum about this, but i don't understand how i have to implement it. The login page was no problem, i use the code from ryan here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/107-custom-login/?hl=%2Blogin+%2Bcustom And customize my login page. At the moment is this site my default admin page: /admin. So my first idea was..I create a new site called "login" and add my custom Login site as template to this site. This worked fine, but now i have two more problems: First, when the user logout via the custom logout links, he gets back to the old default login site "/admin". I've tried to change this in the admin template, without success. I use the Default admin theme. Second: The created page "login" is visible in the site tree, but it should be hidden for non admin user, so i move the "login" site below the admin site, but now the non admin user cannot access the site anymore. I also tied to customize the template access, but the site are still visible. Can anyone explaine me a better solution for this? Greats
  8. tuxy

    My first PW site

    This is my first site I made for a client with PW: http://www.springbeestjes.be It is a simple online shop used (for the moment) PayPal. It is expandable for the future. Modules: - Maintenance module http://modules.processwire.com/modules/maintenance-mode/ I want to thank all the PW-people who helped me learning and understanding PW, also for the fast and good support. I like this CMS!!! Now I preparing the next project Regards, Christophe
  9. Hello, I exported a profile of a running live site (PW 2.5.2) with ProcessExportProfile module. Then cloned latest stable branch 2.5.3 to my local vagrant box dev server, copied the exported profile folder into PW root and installed. Everything went smoothly so far. All my templates, fields, modules and template files are there. I can access all but one specific page of my site. That page always throws a 404 error. The page sits under /profile and has template userprofile assigned. It is published and not hidden. The template file site/templates/userprofile.php is there. Only difference to the working pages is that this /profile page requires login before it can be accessed. After successful login the user is redirected to the /profile page with if($user->isLoggedin()) $session->redirect($pages->get('/profile')->url); But also if I enter the URL path manually, I get the 404 error. On the live site /profile only throws a 404 if you enter the URL path manually and are not logged in. So on my local install the /profile page acts as if the user was not logged in even if the user is logged in. I checked that the user really is logged in with if($user->isLoggedin()) echo "LOGGEDIN"; and has the correct roles with if($user->isLoggedin()) echo $user->roles; I haven't made any changes to my userprofile.php or any other files in the fresh install. And the code in there is working perfectly fine on the live site and on a copy of the live site that runs in the same dev environment as the site I'm having problems with. Now I'm really lost and don't know which steps to take for debugging this (debug is set to true in config.php - no messages or errors). Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: I also installed the site on a different non local server to be able to rule out server environment issues. But same behaviour. Still get 404 for profile site
  10. perhaps this is the wrong subforum, perhaps there are better waays to do this, but I wanted to share some thoughts regarding multi sites together with multiple robots.txt If you are running multiple sites with one PW setup you can't place multiple robots.txt files into your root. As long as all robots.txt files are identical there is no problem with it. You can stop reading right here. In my robots.txt I wanted to include a link to the current sitemap, e.g. Sitemap: http://www.domain.com/sitemap.xml I put each robots.txt into the "site-" directories. Search engines expect the robots.txt file directly in the root so I added some lines to my htaccess file (for each domain you have to do this) # domain 1 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /robots\.txt RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} www\.domain\. [NC] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /site-domain/robots.txt [L] # domain 2 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /robots\.txt RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} www\.domain\-2\. [NC] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /site-domain-2/robots.txt [L] Another possible approach: create a PW page within each site
  11. Hello, Today a client told me he want a site similar to this http://thecoffeekit.com/ Yes, my first option is PW of course. but I'm wondering what tools can be used. For those who don't speak spanish the site is a subscription based service that brings you coffee to your home or office. so they have this page http://thecoffeekit.com/orders/802BA39F/pricing?plan=PLAN-500G when you select how much coffee you want, get the price and then select your product. anyone knows a jquery plugin, or share some suggestions or thoughs? I would really appreciate it thanks
  12. Dear all I have created a website for a local newspaper and I am trying to make its search field to work using as input greek words (letters) but in vain. I tried to figure out what is going on and even to borrow any idea from the recent multilingual profile which is optional during new installations...but also on this one I tried to search english or suomi or deutsch words but neither it, was functioning.... I would much appreciated your kind assistance and support
  13. Hello, I wish to know if you can make a site with different themes. Eg. a blog site with a theme for summer, winter, fall and spring So the admin could select the current theme. Like the Admin Theme Module, but for the Front end. Thanks
  14. Hi all, here it is the site we made for an european project with processwire! http://smartenergyproject.eu The project will continue for 2 years, and maybe will have 3 languages (EN, ITA, DEU), many editors, and maybe a linkedin integration so is a good start point to test all features of processwire! Alessio
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