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  1. Hey all. This might sound a bit strange but I am looking for a solution to hook into page edit and remove or disable the two save buttons including their dropdown options. I managed to partly remove the buttons, but the dropdowns remained. However, I would prefer a solution with disabled buttons but have no idea how to achieve this. I hope somebody of you can tell me how to remove or disable these buttons. Thanks a lot in advance
  2. Thanks a lot, I'll give it a try !
  3. Hey all. I just came across a potential error in the FieldtypePassword. I have a password field added to some templates to protect the pages. However, whenever I want to save a page, I get the error of "required fiield missing"...that the password field is required and missing. But, the field is not set to required. Can anybody confirm that and/or has a solution? Best, Lukas
  4. Solved it. FYI, I found 'PageImageManipulator', and with a combination of different filters I can achieve the result I want to get. Best!
  5. Hey All. I tried google but couldn't find anything appropriate. My question is, if there is a module out there that I missed, to get images from Image- or CroppableImage-fields in a very blurred or distorted filtered version? Thanks a lot!
  6. Great idea, this should be included (as default) into the module as it would fix almost all issues I had with pagwtables. Thanks!
  7. Ok, fixed it using your RestictTabView module and just removed the two 71: if($this->user->isSuperuser()) return; ... 96: if($this->user->isSuperuser()) return; cases Thanks a lot!!
  8. Smart idea However, this module only works for non-superusers. I want to achieve this behaviour for all users including superuser. I just dont want anybody do mess with these pages. You have a hint for me how to remove/disable this button OR remove the children tab for all users?
  9. Hey. I have a follow up question to this one: Unfortunately, it is still possible for the user, to add pages via the "Children" tab in a page (see screenshot). I want to asure, that the user can create these Section-Pages only via the pagetable and not from somewhere else. Do you know how to hook into this tab and remove/disable the button? Thanks a lot!
  10. Hey all. Thanks a lot for your effort to help! Adrian, your solution works just perfect, thanks a lot!
  11. Hey All. I need some help with a problem relating to users permissions to create pages and selectively remove a "new" button. I have a container page called "Sektionen" to keep Sektions of pages. These sections are created within different pages via a pagetable field. Now I want to change the way new sections can be created in a way that they can ONLY be created via the pagetable-field, not via the "new" button in the pages tree (see screenshot - this button should be removed). I think I can not change this in the templates settings and wanted to ask if anybody of you has an idea how to accomplish that? Thanks a lot!
  12. Sorry, but I have another followup question. As I described above, I have this 'create-poi' page under parent 'API' to create a poi from frontend. I call this with an ajax call. I am wondering why the post-data is only transfered when calling the page including the language in the url. For example, this call with 'en' in the url is successfull. A simple print_r($_POST); in the 'create-poi' returns all data. $.ajax({ url: 'en/api/create-poi/', type: 'POST', data: formData, ... }); However, when I call the the page with the following ajax without 'en', the ajax-call hits the page BUT the POST-data is empty. print_r($_POST); returns an empty array. $.ajax({ url: 'api/create-poi/', type: 'POST', data: formData, ... }); I don't really have to solve this, as it is working with 'en' in the URL, but I am wondering and curious what is happening there...how can the call successfully hit the page but the POST-data get lost?
  13. Thanks LostKobraKai...I think I have to get my eyes checked
  14. A short followup question: Is it possible to set the status of alternate languages to active of existing pages in the admin-backend?
  15. Such a stupid mistake! Thanks soma, I didn't know that I have to set the languages active when creating pages via API Now all works fine, thanks!