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Found 30 results

  1. Admin Theme Boss A light and clear theme based on Uikit 3 Features Three unique color options Beautiful typografy using Roboto Condensed Extended breadcrumb with edit links Extends AdminThemeUikit, you can continue using all AdminThemeUikit features Option to activate theme for all users Color Variants: ProcessWire Blue Vibrant Blue Dark Black Requirements Requires AdminThemeUikit installed and activated. Installation Make sure the above requirements are met Go to “Modules > Site > Add New“ Paste the Module Class Name “AdminThemeBoss“ into the field “Add Module From Directory“ Click “Download And Install“ On the overview, click “Download And Install“ again On the following screen, click “Install Now“ Install manually Make sure the above requirements are met Download the theme files from GitHub or the ProcessWire Modules Repository. Copy all of the files for this module into /site/modules/AdminThemeBoss/ Go to “Modules > Refresh” in your admin Click “Install“ on the “AdminThemeBoss“ Module
  2. So I recently upgraded my sandbox environment to the latest master version from .62(?). I logged in and received the following error: "There appear to be multiple copies of module "AdminThemeUikit" on the file system." Unfortunately, in my haste, I removed the theme from site->modules so it doesnt exist anymore, and the theme has defaulted somewhat to the old theme. Is there a way to restore UIkit as the theme for processwire natively, or do I need to completely re-install?
  3. Hi community, Since googling "free processwire themes" does not bring up results, I release my former website template open source! In the hope that it will help many people to get started with Processwire - or just to simply test it. Download: PW-Featured here: Free Processwire Template Free Processwire Template - built for a web development agency - now open sourced. Demo Online at web archive (some images missing but working): See also folder demos/screenshots. Installation Copy all files to your webserver. Create a database and import the file database/db_import.sql Edit the file wire/config.php and enter your database credentials. Go to and login. Login: admin and Password: herewegocheckitout22 The template you find in site/templates IMPORTANT Copyright of Images by Kai Noack. If you use the template you MUST replace or remove all images of people and organisations. The logos used are also copyright protected. Donate If you like what you received, you can show your appreciation by a donation: Template License The source code of the template is free and open source. Do whatever you like with it.
  4. Lets discuss the new admin theme, there has been very little talk about it, a few questions about its status and some simple designs by a few users. Have you played with it? Do you like it? Do you dislike it? Of course I'm not talking about its design, but the way its structured, how it works and the features it offers so far. ------------------------------ I'm working on a purple color scheme for it and it turned out quite well (imo), but one thing I dislike is the use of iframes. I haven't used iframes before so it might be just me, but I'm struggling with them when it comes to javascript. When iframes are used all scripts are loaded in every frame, which can lead to unexpected results. Javascript is an easy way to add, remove, move etc. elements in the admin, but the iframes complicate things. What are your thoughts? Is it just me? Here's a screenshot of the purple theme:
  5. I like the Reno wrapper for the admin. After looking at UIKit, then switching back to Reno, the back end is all Reno but the basic back end login page /processwire or /whateveryoucallit is displaying the original Default instead of the Reno login. I realize this is a first world problem, but I can't seem to reinstate the Reno login. Tried installing/uninstalling... It's not the same page code and it's not the same style sheets... I can't uninstall the default ...what am I doing wrong?
  6. Hi everybody, I am sorry, I guess this is a damn stupid beginner question but: I got a damn good looking html theme - no pw theme! It´s using basic html, css, sass, etc. Now, I´m wondering how I can transform this into the processwire structure. Is there any guide? Haven´t found any yet ... Would be so kind if you can help me ! Regards!
  7. benbyf

    Hello, Does anyone know whether the is a place detailing the structure your admin theme should take when creating one? e.g. I see UiKit, Reno and Default admin themes all have default.php, init.php, controller.php files, is this a stylisitic choice or a prerequisite for any admin theme module? Thanks!
  8. Hey everbody. I wanted to share something I have been working for quite some time, in total currently three premium Templates or Site-Profiles for ProcessWire 3 including a onepage template, a blog template and a blog+sidebar template. Here are some Quick Facts: Fully responsive Multilanguage support Full SEO support Optional Google Analytics Easily create new pages out of multiple predefined sections Lazyload the sections of a page [Group and update website-information into blogs] (blog, blog+sidebar) [Use tags to tag and group blog entries] (blog, blog+sidebar) [User-comments] (blog, blog+sidebar) [Create each page with or without sidebar] (blog+sidebar) Website-wide search by text or tags Password protect each page individually with sophisticated page-encryption with dummy texts and pixelated images Just go to to test the demos (e.g. blog-sidebar) and purchase them for a small expense allowance. Hope you like it!
  9. Hello. My name is Alexey, I'm a designer. So it turned out that I got carried away by ProcessWire and made several sites (links below the post). I have a desire to make template sites for sale on various markets (where possible), as well as on my own site. I'm clear understand the difference between ProcessWire and WordPress and it's not about templates, but about simple, ready-made solutions that can been easily customized if necessary. I would like to discuss here the possibility of such activities in particular the rights of modules authors. Consider for example a hypothetical site: A simple corporate site in which (commercial and non-commercial) modules are used: AdminTheme BatchChildEditor ClearCacheAdmin EmailNewUser FieldtypeColorPicker FieldtypeMatrix FieldtypeMultiplier FieldtypeRangeSlider FieldtypeRepeaterMatrix FieldtypeSelect FieldtypeTable FieldtypeTextareas FormBuilder ImportPagesCSV InputfieldCKEditor MarkupSimpleNavigation MarkupSitemapXML PageEditPerUser PageTreeAddNewChildsReverse ProcessCustomUploadNames ProcessDatabaseBackups ProcessExportProfile ProcessTemplateEditor ProcessWireUpgrade TextformatterAutoLinks TextformatterVideoEmbed Obviously the use of commercial modules should be discussed with Cramer (or others) personally but can I use non-commercial ones in the similar projects? In general maybe this has already been discussed? —— Some of my works of PW:
  10. regesh

    I have to languages - english and russian. I need russian language to be set as default for admin panel. How to do it? Thanks!
  11. Hi, I know the the templates in processwire are html files. I search it into foleder "site" of standard installation of processwire standard theme (blanck and that blue) but I don't find any html file to modify it by html code. So, I must modify it only by php code? Can I traduct php pages templates in html page?
  12. webhoes

    Hello, I have been working on my first pw site the last view days. Normally I work with Wordpress. I never really had to make a theme myself so this was a nice challange. I took some parts from another theme and added some scripts I found online. The waves on the frontpage are based on repeating field. A text area, background color, wave color and yes/no for the waves. The contact form is made of PHP as I could not get a javaScript solution working. Please share some input to make it better... and please be nice as it is my first attempt at PW.. link is: Sanne
  13. MilenKo

    Greetings to all of you gorgeous people here. I have stumbled across ProcessWire while looking for functionality info on MODx Revo and I felt in love with it. As far as I am not a programmer and have enough books to read and learn throughout my IT job, I was looking for something to be easy (for starting) and that can let me have fun and learn something extra. To make the learning memorable, I am always diving into the matter so following my habit in PW too, I decided to pick up a more complex HTML theme and make it dynamic using PW. Am I a programmer - well, I can read and eventually modify some code, but to write it from scratch - not anywhere close. Am I an HTML guru - not exactly, and that is why I decided to grab a theme I like and play with it. My only requirement was to have a well written and fully validated responsive theme. So I found THIS ONE and plan to work with it (already purchased to support the developer). I am planning to share my approaches and the progress so would appreciate any shared thoughts, advice, and even some criticism if you see me getting into a wrong direction. Having done most of the project under ModX it should not be that difficult for me to have all the bits and pieces in place. Where I am not sure yet how that would be done are the pull up of the latest posts/comments, the categories with listings, search, and some other stuff. What I found great in PW was the fact that it already has a fully working theme that I can dissect, read through a zooming glass and take some code from there. My first question is - which way should I go for the repetitive pieces of code (chunks) - should I create an include folder in site/templates and put all my pieces as or I should just add those in the database as templates with no file assigned to them and set as not searchable etc. I would appreciate if you share your best experience and give some info why that is the better option so that I can understand the approach and turn it into a proper habit. Once I have this cleared out, I would start documenting the process so any corrections or better approaches can be suggested. Wish me luck on that journey and let's make it happen together. Shall we?
  14. Hi, I'm very new to ProcessWire and honestly I don't really know where to start. I keep postponing it. A colleague told me that an existing theme would be a great starting and learning point, but the fact is that I can't find the kind of theme I need. What I want to do is to have my collection of comic books online, but in a responsive way and with the possibility to quickly see which comics are missing (when I'm at a convention for example) or which ones I want in a better condition. There are a lot of things I can think of, but let's start with the basics and that is a theme to display my collection. Anyone see anything like that online? Love to hear from you guys. Thanks. Kind regards, Vincent
  15. Hello, I'm struggling to structure my website, so I thought I could have a little help from you guys. I'm making a doctor/clinic appointment/booking type of website. The website will list several doctors/clinics. The user (front-end) will be able to choose one and make the booking. Each doctor has her own page and offers one or more type of treatment. Each doctor's staff will have their own profile page(back-end) where she can login and update their doctor listing and schedule. The back-end part is my problem. How would you setup that? Regards
  16. think i've got myself into a muddle here but i've got each template as a section in my homepage, when I go to each page they work fine (as they wrap the _main page content after), but on the homepage template I want to get all children and rendren the retun from JUST the template itself i.e. getting all the $content returns. Any way of doing this, not somthing I would normally do, just don't want to basically replicate each template into my homepag template as they may go out of sync. Thanks
  17. Hello, this is a small request, but since a while I develop exclusive in Google Chrome and if I have the developer tools open and try to access the back end, I always get following notification: It seems like the Chrome developer tools are looking for a css map file inside the AdminThemeReno, which is not present. Maybe this doesn't bother anybody and it is rare, that I try to access the back end with the developer tools, but I just wanted to point this out. Regards, Andreas
  18. pmarki

    It's a module that adds extra color variation to Reno admin theme. Maybe someone will find it useful. Features (can be disabled or enabled): Sticky header with action button always visible notices at the bottom fixed sidebar Disabled accordion on Pages and Setup domain name with "open home page in new tab" Not tested with Admin on Steroids. Usable with disabled all option in this module and enabled sticky compact header in AdminOnSteroids. Not everything in every combination play well, but should be ease to set up these modules together. Before install change admin theme to Reno (works best with blue colors but is usable with Reno and classic) and this module will do the rest. The good idea is to change admin theme for guest as well to enjoy matching login screen.
  19. bcartier

    I've been working on a version of the core theme based on some proposals in the forums on a new design. It's entirely derived from the default theme and inspired by ideas around a new ProcessWire look and feel. I wanted something that I'd be proud to show clients, and something that could draw developers to ProcessWire who might have been turned off by the default admin UI. This was created by working from the default theme, and developed organically over time. It's not coded in the most efficient way, but I hope it's useful for some of you. I'd love to see a cleaner look in the default theme. Ryan, if you see anything you like, please steal it! Likewise if you see anything you think could be improved, I'm all ears. -Brent
  20. Hello guys, I am using some nested PageTables and with every PageTable field the user clicks on, a modal window appears. Because every modal window's width & height are not 100%, every nesting step shrinks the window. Does someone have any solution for this problem? Best wishes, steveooo
  21. Hello, since the new Reno Theme for PW 2.7, where can I find the image variations (rendered sizes by API or other modules)? If so and it won't come back: How can I remove all variations of an image with a single click? Thanks!
  22. since everyone is trying to make themes based on their own wishes and needs, I tried to have a view from our clients: what do they really need? how often? what should they see and what not...? so I ended up with a really clean theme. the trash page will not be shown in the page tree. I'll move it in the right bottom corner. some footer informations are not necessary to be visible all the time (eg. pw version, copyright). I want to hide them behind a button. I often see people looking for a "back button" because they don't want to use the browser back button (don't know why - maybe just my view?). some ideas for other features (like custom colors)? let me know what you think. thanks
  23. Just upgraded a site from 2.4 to 2.5.2 and found all my styling going crazy and half teh site being included again. I found the new _main.php files in the templates causing the issue, anyway of turning this file off or by passing it as it works on the old 2.4 themeing way. And is there any information on the use of these new themeing files and why they're there? Thanks
  24. After months of silence on the forum I've decided to speak out and introduce a brand new admin theme for ProcessWire 2.4.x I've made the theme initially for our internal business project and I've decided to share it with you all The theme itself is designed only for ProcessWire 2.4.x and up because it's wrapped as a module (new theming design approach introduced in ProcessWire 2.4) and it also has it's own options you can configure. It has all the bells and whistles as Default Admin Theme of PW 2.4 as well as some of my own You can download it from here: and please let me know of any mistakes you find during your workflow... Changelog: v1.0.1 Added unpublished pages status icon next to username (fires modal window with unpublished pages list that you can edit) Improved PageList (children are more indented with arrows before them, hidden pages have more lighter color and icons have more darker color - by suggestion from Martijn Geerts) Other CSS improvements UPDATE: You can find version compatible with Processwire 2.4.4 and up on dev branch: and also let me know about any mistakes that should be fixed. Dev version isn't updated to v1.0.1 yet because of strange problem with theme not switching right (doesn't activate) - it started to happen from 2.4.5 dev version of PW...) and it seems it happens only in Windows environments...), hopefully we'll fix this soon. To sum it up and let the images do the talking, here we go:
  25. adamspruijt

    Introducing MetroWire, a little theme I've been working on and using in personal projects for which was once inspired by "metro" styling and to which now I can't think of a better name for. DOWNLOAD'>Modules Directory Listing SCREENS!! Login Page Tree Templates Page Customise the colors! (for those of you familiar with less. Change the "@adminAccent" colour variable in "templates-admin/styles/less/vars.less" and compile to customise the main colour to whatever you like!) Hopefully at some point I can integrate the compiling and even give users the ability to choose their colour... fun! Hope you guys enjoy this, thanks for taking a look if you do! I also did a Tweak to the AdminBar to match my theme more closely (hopefully Apeisa doesn't mind), and did some naming changes to solve a conflict I had on a project that used Bootstrap