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    I have a passion for Jesus and the Church and love great development tools – first of all Processwire.

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  1. Noel Boss

    @tom. I totaly share our feelings torwards PW Just interested: Have you been using CraftCMS 3? What do you like better about PW than CraftCMS (3) Disclaimer: I have looked into Craft 2 before discovering PW but it ultimately liked in regard to flexibility of the backend and multi-langage or Multi-Site support imho… And the documentation of Craft is laking as well imho. And I was afraid to learn Yii2… But then again, NOT using a framework (PW) made me hesitant to use PW at first also. In contrast, I kind of like the "standard" approach oft Craft using twig and a mvc framework… And of course their design, gorgeous.
  2. Noel Boss

    I've also had this problem and opened an issue on github:
  3. Noel Boss

    I'm not sure if this is related, but the search also does not display pages anymore for my searches… Also using Page Label Field extensively… Update: @ryan and @kongondo – I've found the culprit, it's when adding RuntimeMarkup fields to the page search fields:
  4. Noel Boss

    It has not much to do with vue.js specifically and PageQueryBoss. You can make an AJAX request with any librrary, you build your JSON like the the link in medium above: In vue.js, the JSON you get you add to the data of your component. I have not the time at the moment to explain in detail how we did it (apart from using Qusar as a starting point with vuex to store and retrieve data) but maybe this will help you:
  5. Noel Boss

    Please again consider this change. It would also allow you to add a dropdown for the children of the currently edited page (the one I suggested to remove ). You could add a slight delay for the hover – this way one gets not distracted. To add visual clarity to the behaviour one could turn the angle down – if preferred, one can keep the click target to these angles:
  6. Noel Boss

    Just released 0.2.4 of AdminThemeBoss with compatibility:
  7. Noel Boss

    Just my suggestion: Display the dropdown on hover over the elements … consistent behaviour like the top menu, then you don't even need the triangles anymore and also not the last item…
  8. Noel Boss

    Great module! I'm working on compatibility with AdminThemeBoss. I'd suggest adding the following css, because the default theme has a font-size on <a> inside the breadcrumb: .uk-breadcrumb >li { font-size: .875rem; } I personally would not even include the title because it's there twice with the page title… Also, I get an error when clicking on the arrow after the tree and then the root page:
  9. Noel Boss

    @bernhard I felt my post is not qualified for a tutorial with »step-by-step instructions on how to do things in ProcessWire« – and since the description for API & Templates contains »answers and support on the API and template development« I thought it would better fit in there. I was actually looking for a hooks / snippet / recipe section in the forum – but that does not exists. I know, there is but it just feels to cumbersome to add one
  10. Noel Boss

    I truly would love to have the repeatermatrix interface for children, that would be amazing. If I understand you correct @tpr, i could use feel in the backend, but then I would have to build my own input-field or use RuntimeMarkup. Thats what I use currently, a page-table field with prefilled children:
  11. I use a PageTable field to make edits to children of pages more intuitive… To register the hooks, insert the following Snippet inside your init function in your module (or add it to your init.php file): /** * Initialize the module. * * ProcessWire calls this when the module is loaded. For 'autoload' modules, this will be called * when ProcessWire's API is ready. As a result, this is a good place to attach hooks. */ public function init() { // Prefill pageTable field $this->wire()->addHookBefore('InputfieldPageTable::render', $this, 'addChildrenToPageTableFieldsHook'); $this->wire()->addHookBefore('InputfieldPageTableAjax::checkAjax', $this, 'addChildrenToPageTableFieldsHook'); } Then, add this hook method: /** * Fill pagetable fields with children before editing…. * * @param HookEvent $event */ public function addChildrenToPageTableFieldsHook(HookEvent $event) { $field = $event->object; // on ajax, the first hook has no fieldname if (!$field->name) { return; } // get the edited backend page $editID = $this->wire('input')->get->int('id'); if (!$editID && $this->wire('process') instanceof WirePageEditor) { $editID = $this->wire('process')->getPage()->id; } $page = wire('pages')->get($editID); // disable output formating – without this, the ajax request will not populate the field $page->of(false); // you could also insert a check to only do this with sepcific field names… // $page->set($field->name, $page->children('template=DesiredTemplate')); // just specific templates $page->set($field->name, $page->children); } Now whenever there is a page-table field on your page, it gets populated with the children
  12. Noel Boss

    It's a fantastic module and I see its huge benefits for batch editing many children, when it's used in this context – But there are also some drawbacks for just using it as a intuitive interface to administrated some children: – Adding new items is a multi stepp process: Add, add title, save, edit – Backend interface is single language only (configurable using files that are not multi language) – Columns are not configurable. I don't want to display technical infos like Template and Name to the editor at this place
  13. Noel Boss

    I did note find a screenshot of Spotlight no the Mac, there it does not cover everything but just an extension below the search field – more or less exactly linke it is now, as a dropdown when you type the help command – as a first row of results. But before the actual results appear and you type anythin. Hmmm... Duckduckgo did not find anything, google does:
  14. Noel Boss

    Instead of a command, i'd simply include a ? Icon somewhere in the ui where you can click and get the infos… via tool-tip or toggeling a accodion section or any other form… Or, you could display the help info when clicking into the box right away, the same way spotlight does it:
  15. Noel Boss

    Your module does not work with my installation, am I correct that I need ProFields: Page Table installed? Using the Uikit Theme, but there is no markup for your Icons…