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    I have a passion for Jesus and the Church and love great development tools – first of all Processwire.

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  1. Noel Boss

    Hi @Lance O., yes. This is how I did it; I used the LoginRegister module of Ryan on a Page with a "PageUserProfile" template: // Code on the template PageUserProfile $input->get->profile = 1; $loginRegister = $modules->get('LoginRegister'); $user->of(false); echo $loginRegister->execute(); Then I use my own module and inside the init() function, I add two hooks: <?php /** * © ICF Church – <> */ namespace ProcessWire; class TemplateUser extends WireData implements Module { protected $template = 'user'; public function init() { // handle profile images $this->addHookBefore('Page(template=PageUserProfile)::render', $this, 'profileImageUpload', ['priority' => 6]); $this->addHookAfter('Page(template=PageUserProfile)::render', $this, 'profileImageRemove', ['priority' => 99]); } /** * getModuleInfo is a module required by all modules to tell ProcessWire about them. * * @return array */ public static function getModuleInfo() { return [ 'title' => 'Template User Controller', 'version' => '0.0.1', 'summary' => 'Helps with profile image', 'href' => '', 'singular' => true, 'autoload' => true, 'author' => 'Noël Bossart', 'icon' => 'unlock', ]; } /** * Hock to add profile image to user object. * * @param HookEvent $event */ public function profileImageUpload(HookEvent $event) { $user = wire('user'); $input = wire('input'); if ($input->post->profile_submit) { $upload_path = $user->filesManager->getTempPath(); // name of the inputfield from the LoginRegister Module: $f = new WireUpload('profile_image'); $f->setMaxFiles(1); //$f->setMaxFileSize(1 * 1024 * 1024); $f->setOverwrite(true); $f->setOverwriteFilename('userimage'); $f->setDestinationPath($upload_path); $f->setValidExtensions(['jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'gif']); // remove image… if (strpos(implode(array_keys($_POST)), 'delete_profile_image_') !== false) { $user->of(false); $user->image->removeAll(); $user->save(); } $files = $f->execute(); if ($f->getErrors()) { foreach ($files as $filename) { @unlink($upload_path.$filename); } foreach ($f->getErrors() as $e) { echo $e; } } elseif (is_array($files) && count($files)) { $user->of(false); $user->image->removeAll(); // wirearray (line added by @horst: explanation is three posts beneath) foreach ($files as $file) { $user->image->add($upload_path.$file); } $user->save(); foreach ($files as $file) { @unlink($upload_path.$file); } } } } /** * Hock to remove profile image from user * * @param HookEvent $event */ public function profileImageRemove(HookEvent $event) { // remove image… if (strpos(implode(array_keys($_POST)), 'delete_profile_image_') !== false) { $this->user->of(false); $this->user->image->removeAll(); } } }
  2. Noel Boss

    @flydev I did not use the code as is but changed and extended some of it.
  3. Noel Boss

    Did you miss the readme or did I mess up and should make anything more clear there?
  4. Noel Boss

    @maxf5 - fixing it – is an issue with AOS, release 0.5.3 does fix it. And I've also further refined the login screens: Well, I had designed colourful login screens, but did not really like them. If you still want to look at these and maybe give some feedback, you are welcome:
  5. Noel Boss

    I’ve updated the version number. There is now a shiny new release page where you can subscribe to updates for new releases of AdminThemeBoss!
  6. Noel Boss

    One could use a instance... or docker.
  7. Noel Boss

    Hello everybody, I‘ve just released version 0.5.1 with @Chris Bennett‘s toggle checkboxes. a redesigned login screen and many small imrovements and fixes! Check out more screenshots at github. I hope you like the changes...
  8. Noel Boss

    Thanks @Chris Bennett ! Just integrated it in my latest release: Looks nice!
  9. Thats one aspect I love about how you handle PW and the community! The feeling of beeing left in the dark about the future is common for other nice projects and fules uncertainty about it. The constant high quality updates an Blogposts makes me very comfortable and trustfully in PW! Thanks so much @ryan!!! I totally agree and 100% understand all your explanations above. My hope is that some talented designers and PW enthusiasts can support you on the design an UX side of things like @teppo constantly supports PW with very high quality content trough I myself are not a designer but would love to help in implementing some of the designs and ideas on the frontend side...
  10. Great work @ryan! Especially love the new search!!! I also like the results view of the search alot, clean and with the smart ability to filter by kind. Thanks for listening to our feedback about the skyscraper ornaments. Also, love the API search! What stands out to me is that the screenshots all together (with the exemption of the sites pages) look very uniform – mostly text, headings, lists. Very clean and organised, I like that, but visually there is not much to distinguish. Now I get that you are focusing on the content and structure of the site - so it might just be to early for feedback on this topic: I think that especially on the marketing focused pages, focusing on presenting ProcessWire for new users, stakeholders and designers & marketing departments, more images and specially crafted pages would make sense. But I would even argue that for more developer oriented pages, some images would be helpful. I'm a visual person and nice images for blogs, even modules would go a long way in making the experience on a pleasing and joyful experience. Now I totally understand that you probably need support from a few UX and UI gurus but I guess, there are a lot of us from the community who would be more than happy to stepp in and offer support. A few examples from pages I stumbled across the last couple of days: Well crafted homepage with gimmicks (feature-slider): or Nice visual blog posts: Visually appealing modules directory (with a nice touch for developers, the ability to sell your own modules): Presenting many features visually (nice menu on the left): Blog, module and tutorials directory: The new Laracast website probably has a good middle-ground with nice graphical touches while still not to heavily reliant on custom visuals: One last thought, maybe "features" would be a better title for the "about" page because it's less about an organisation and more about a product. This is by no means negativ criticism, I really like the current progress of our new beloved CMSs home and would only like to offer some inspiration and my thoughts in hope that it helps boost PW. Ps. Sorry for the double post on the blog – from now on I will only post here… did not think about it when reading the blog.
  11. Noel Boss

    Thank you very much for this great Article and Congrats to the new/old site looks fantastic! One question, what do you mean by that; are you talking about a custom checkbox you added on all relevant templates?
  12. Noel Boss

    As @adrian said – that's why AdminThemeBoss is built just as a CSS Layer on replacing the AdminThemeUikit CSS… But the way to go there is pretty difficult – with the current AdminThemeUikit it's hard to find the relevant LESS variables and use these or override stuff... Also hooking into AdminThemeUikit and replacing or extending stuff is not strait forward. Would love to see more in this regard, a Theme that is built with extensibility in mind.
  13. Noel Boss

    Yep, I saw that, but its way more (and somehow less) than I need. I just wish there would be an easy way to copy my current setup to a live system without me needing to code stuff and adding more steps to my workflow… auto export would do this but does not cope with pro fields as of now – but I might just go about trying to fix it one day I appreciate the work of you @LostKobrakai and can see how one can get used to this workflow, but for me it's overkill – and underkill at the same time I know its a complex topic… I wish to find a middle ground.
  14. Noel Boss

    Hi @HMCB – no, we are still on the "old" C9 before it got acuired by Amazon – but now you can do so, never leave the Amazon ecosystem. Currently we push to git and pull on the live server – all directly from the c9 instance via Shell. We use some little scripts together with wireshell to pull data from our live system back to dev. What we still very much miss is a good (native) way to stage and release DB / Shema / Field / Page updates / Templates. Would be interesting how @ryan does it. Thats one of the only drawbacks to PW, that crucial parts of the system are stored in the db. There is a module that stores fields and template settings in json files – but it does not work with repeater matrix…