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    I have a passion for Jesus and the Church and love great development tools – first of all Processwire.

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  1. Noel Boss

    Would love to, but it's not a priority for me right now and I don't have time. But since I documented how it works, I'm open to implement it if someone finds a way…
  2. Noel Boss

    @bernhard I agree that would be awesome. I thought about this as well but didn't force it because I'm not sure if this would work since the current process of compiling goes trough npm/yarn > webpack – there's probably a lot of magic going on there… Nothing special happened right now, but it's still a great hormone
  3. Noel Boss

    Hello Friends… New Version 0.4.0 released. I try to answe a few questions. How the theme works: The variations & Ryans work: It uses the built in uikit feature to create themes. Theme variations can be defined in uikit/themes.json. In my case, I define 3(+1) themes: black, blue and vibrant blue. These relate to "entry points" found under ./uikit/custom/antrypoint.less » like uikit/custom/pw.less or black.less or vibrant.less Each one of these basically only defines the custom accent colors and include all other general variables and some overrides: // uikit source @import "../src/less/uikit.theme.less"; // main accent color: // pw color @theme-primary-color: #3584EA; @theme-primary-color-rgba: rgba(53, 132, 234, 0.6); // Original Theme @import "../../AdminThemeUikit/pw/_import.less"; // AdminThemeBoss Custom Styles @import "fonts/fonts.less"; @import "theme/main.less"; In the newest Version (0.4.0) I actually grab ryans code (uikit and other custom stuff) and include my own customizations (variables etc) after that, this should ensure that the theme stays as compatible as possible. Of yourse if ryan changes major stuff, this needs to be addressed sperately. The Main File is uikit/custom/theme/main.less Ryans stuff can be found under ./AdminThemeUikit/ – it's a copy of the custom folder of his Module. There is a new ./ that automates that stepp… Compiling the css Compiling is done using npm or yarn using webpack from the uikit folder. It's easy: $ cd uikit # grab node modules: $ yarn # compile $ yarn compile-less # or for development: $ yarn watch Injecting the css: Before 0.3.0 I search and replaced Ryans CSS in the html using a hook. Since 0.3.0 i only set parameters of AdminThemeUikit: cssURL and logoURL So no messing arround with unstable HTML… Why not an actual Theme? Tldr; For compatibility & flexibility reasons Longer Version: Because if I make AdminThemeBoss an actual standalone theme, I lose compatibility with Ryans AdminThemeUikit … By only working on top of his theme, all new features he includes will still (and instantly) be working with AdminThemeBoss without an upgrade because my theme is mostly only css. Also, I can not hook into his functions for example to extend the breadcrumb if I build my theme as a standalone theme. Why these color variations? Now there are 4 » Black: Because I our basic Corporate Design is mostly black and white » Processwire Blue: Because obvious I it would be cool to retain some relation to PW CD » Bright Blue: To have something fresh and because I like it » And a new Happy Pink version because of C43H66N12O12S2
  4. Noel Boss

    Thanks @jmartsch – I am using the theme myself so I should keep it updated… Since the theme just replaces the CSS, this should normaly be no problem… Just released 0.3.0 with uikit 3.0.0-rc.17 and a new way how CSS and the logo is injected (as actual theme config values for AdminThemeUikit instead of rewriting the html output) I will release 0.3.1 soon with the latest AdminThemeUikit Changes incorporated (work in progress)
  5. Noel Boss

    Love it! This just saved my arse… oh man, because of gems like this I love PW so much!
  6. Noel Boss

    Like @flydev said… # php.ini: short_open_tag=On # or .htaccess php_value short_open_tag 1
  7. Noel Boss

    Hey @adrian, amazing Module, works like a charm! May I ask why you use two checkboxes for the consent instead of radios which toggle automatically in relation to each other? Imho radios would be a better fit for they transport the notion of having an OR relation better than checkboxes where the user probably assumes its a AND relation… For anyone not wanting to use a module, check out – pretty easy to integrate, I've included it before as a simple first step, with using page-fields to feed the labels.
  8. Noel Boss

    Any ideas on how to change the behaviour of the wire('sanitizer')->email ?
  9. Noel Boss

    As I said, I have no control over that part… It works in my email client and is what gitlab provides for inbound issues… The one end I can change is my implementation of PW
  10. Noel Boss

    @Rich Torres You can create a new user like this: $u = new Page($templates->get('user'));
  11. Noel Boss

    To create a new gitlab issue, I'd like to send an Email to the following email address using FormBuilder: incoming+account/ unfortunately, the / in the email gets striped by the sanitizer: wire('sanitizer')->email(incoming+account/'); // output: Is there any way to configure the sanitizer? Any other Ideas how to send the mail to this address? Ps.: I can not define the email format as it is defined by gitlab. The format is also kind of "common" and known as email-alias in the form of – gmail uses it to label mails…
  12. Noel Boss

    @tom. I totaly share our feelings torwards PW Just interested: Have you been using CraftCMS 3? What do you like better about PW than CraftCMS (3) Disclaimer: I have looked into Craft 2 before discovering PW but it ultimately liked in regard to flexibility of the backend and multi-langage or Multi-Site support imho… And the documentation of Craft is laking as well imho. And I was afraid to learn Yii2… But then again, NOT using a framework (PW) made me hesitant to use PW at first also. In contrast, I kind of like the "standard" approach oft Craft using twig and a mvc framework… And of course their design, gorgeous.
  13. Noel Boss

    I've also had this problem and opened an issue on github:
  14. Noel Boss

    I'm not sure if this is related, but the search also does not display pages anymore for my searches… Also using Page Label Field extensively… Update: @ryan and @kongondo – I've found the culprit, it's when adding RuntimeMarkup fields to the page search fields:
  15. Noel Boss

    It has not much to do with vue.js specifically and PageQueryBoss. You can make an AJAX request with any librrary, you build your JSON like the the link in medium above: In vue.js, the JSON you get you add to the data of your component. I have not the time at the moment to explain in detail how we did it (apart from using Qusar as a starting point with vuex to store and retrieve data) but maybe this will help you: